Renewable Energy - Solar Financial Modeling


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Recommended Prep Courses

These preparatory courses are optional, but we recommend you to complete the stated prep course(s) or possess the equivalent knowledge prior to enrolling in this course:

  1. Excel Crash Course
  2. Building a 3 Statement Financial Model
  3. Business Valuation Modeling

Renewable Energy - Solar Financial Modeling Course Overview

This Renewable Energy - Solar Financial Modeling course covers the most critical concepts in evaluating a renewable energy project. This advanced course will guide you through a case study on a solar energy project. You'll be given a confidential information memorandum (CIM) which contains all the project details and financials that you will need to build a financial model and analyze the return to investors.

Renewable Energy Course Objectives

By completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Learn the definition of renewable energy and important terms used in the industry.
  • Understand the development timeline and funding structure of a solar project.
  • Construct a robust financial model for a solar project based on the provided assumptions.
  • Calculate the key return metrics (NPV, IRR, credit metrics, cash flow, and payback) and capital stack to assess the profitability of the project.

Why Take This Renewable Energy Course

This Renewable Energy - Solar Financial Modeling course is built around a comprehensive solar energy case study. Upon completing this course, you'll be able to construct an industry-specific financial model to evaluate the profitability of a renewable energy project. 

By taking this course, you'll apply the knowledge and skills you've learnt throughout the FMVA® program. You'll learn step-by-step how professionals build solar financial model from scratch.

Who Should Take this Renewable Energy Course

This renewable energy financial modeling course is designed for finance professionals who are looking to develop advanced financial modeling skills, or want to learn how to build a financial model for a renewable energy project.

This course counts as one of the elective requirements for CFI's Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® certification.

What You'll Learn

Financial Model – Layout and Structure

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Renewable Energy - Solar Financial Modeling is part of the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® certification, which includes 30 courses.

Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® Certification
  • Skills Learned Financial Modeling and Valuation, Sensitivity Analysis, Strategy
  • Career Prep Investment Banking and Equity Research, FP&A, Corporate Development

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What Our Students Say

Very good course, however more details on Financing assumptions sections could have helped students equip with more knowledge.

Harikishan Mandalapu

Amr Mohamed Ismail Ahmed Badawy
Excellent Course.

Amr Mohamed Ismail Ahmed Badawy

Very Advance Course
This course covers many information about modeling renewable energy project, very advance for most people. Make sure to have strong basic understanding on excel modeling and valuation prior taking this course.

Hendra Rakhmawan

Vital Knowledge
This course is exceptionally vital for today's finance professionals as we are moving towards green energy. It creates opportunities in the energy sector. It was exciting, and new skills developed.

Moses Kargbo

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