Recommended Prep Courses

These preparatory courses are optional, but we recommend you to complete the stated prep course(s) or possess the equivalent knowledge prior to enrolling in this course:

  1. Accounting Fundamentals
  2. Financial Analysis Fundamentals
  3. Excel Crash Course

Financial modeling course description

This step-by-step financial modeling course has been taught to thousands of finance professionals at top financial institutions around the world by Scott Powell. In this course, you will learn to build a financial model from scratch by working in Excel and following along with the video. Upon successfully completing the course and all quizzes, you will obtain your Financial Modeling Certificate from the Corporate Finance Institute and be on your way to breaking into wall street.

Financial modeling course introduction

A structured approach to financial modeling

In this section of the course, we cover the importance of designing a well-structured model and incorporating financial modeling best practices.  Specifically, you will learn to:
  • Apply a structured approach to financial modeling in Excel
  • Outline the hallmarks of good financial models
  • Explain the importance of planning as well as prep your model structure
  • Build from operating revenues down to operating profit

Step 1 in financial modeling course

Forecasting the income statement and balance sheet

In this section of the financial modeling course, you will learn to start building the model in Excel by completing the following steps:

  • Forecast property, plant and equipment and other operating assets
  • Forecast the various components of working capital:
    • Accounts receivable
    • Inventories
    • Accounts payable

financial modeling training class 3

Debt and financing schedules

In this section, the tutorials focus on how to build the debt and financing sections including interest calculations and the capital structure of the business. Specific learning objectives include:
  • Forecast debt financing and related interest costs
  • Forecast equity financing and dividends
  • Use an iterative analytical approach to managing circular references

tutorial how to build a financial model in excel

Building a free cash flow statement

Once all of the above steps are complete we can move to link the cash flow statement and complete the three statement model.  This section of the course will teach you to:
  • Understand the importance of error checking
  • Derive a forecast cash flow statement based on a forecast income statement and balance sheet
  • Derive a free cash flow statement that can be used for equity valuation

free cash flow and valuation modeling

DCF Modeling

This course includes a pre-populated DCF model, as the focus of the course is on linking a three statement model.  CFI's Business Valuation Course focuses on DCF Modeling in Excel in detail. 

Who should take this financial modeling course?

The course provides essential prep for wall street careers in investment banking, FP&A, corporate development, and other areas of corporate finance. Earn our certification and set yourself apart.

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Financial modeling & financial analyst training

From beginner to advanced, this Excel modeling course is designed to teach you how to be a complete financial analyst. 

This class is one of the 9 required "Core" courses for CFI's financial analyst training program, which grants the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) accreditation.

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Building a 3 Statement Financial Model

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What Our Students Say

Michael Nitto
Great Course
Learning to Build a 3 statement financial model was very helpful. The course is insightful and provides a practical and easy approach to understanding how to build a financial model and interpret the results. Practice is important as well. But with the tools this course provided I feel 100x more confident on my ability to build a forecasting model. This course is more on the management side of modeling but looking forward to the other modeling types as I progress through this program. Highly recommend this course. Wish my college courses were structured such as this one.
Matome Tsholetsa Malema
Financial Statement Modelling
This is a brilliant coverage of FSM and I particularly liked how the tutor takes us on the modeling journey from clarity on the requirements of the stakeholders and their business objectives, to planning and structuring the model, auditing and validating it and finally testing it for integrity. Inspirational stuff.
Macdonald Ossuetta
Financial modelling
I have always wanted to improve my financial modelling skills. This course has provided me with the knowledge and skills required to build my capability in building financial models. Highly recommended.
Gulshat Uspanova
Building a 3 statement financial model
Nice and easy to follow, and very informative course! Thank you :-)
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Yu Peng
Excellent Refresher Course for Building a 3 Statement Financial Model
Aaron VanDyke
This is one of many fantastic courses by Corporate Finance Institute. The information is practical and is taught with the intent of mastery. Well done CFI!!!
Olga Nielsen, MBA
Very detailed explanation, plenty of quizzes and exercises to practice new skills.
Lei Xu
Really like the course, it shows step by step on how to make 3 financial statements and what' the relationships between each item within 3 statements are. Very easy to follow and understand.
Zeshan Sheikh
This course really helped me understanding financial modeling concepts and now I can go forward with much confidence studying complex models. The course is highly recommended for those who are bit early in their journey of Corporate Finance.
Jayesh Desai
This course was indeed very insightful. The model building process was made look simple and taught very effectively. The additional case study was great practice and increased my confidence multi-fold in building robust 3-statement models. Much appreciated!
Ronnett Cummings Malcolm
The course was very on point in delivering on its objects in a very short time. Kudos for making the complex simple. Tim and Team scores again.
Hendra Rakhmawan
the course is very detailed and structured, easy to follow... recommended
Ahmed Abuhlaiqh
I highly recommend this course to any finance or accounting professional. It will definitely sharpen your skills in building 3 statements financial model.
This modeling course is one of the best courses in financial modeling I have ever taken. It is practical and very carefully put together. It teaches you about the real application of best practices in financial modeling.
Agbor Brunu Enow
If you are looking to start a career in Financial modelling and Analysing financial statement, I strongly recommend you take this course. I'm a Chartered Accountant and still learned a lot from this course beyond my expectation. Kudos to the CFI Team
Oluwasegun Sunday Oni
As challenging as this course was, it was worth it! I feel even more confident
Sivakumar Periyasamy
This course is really useful for my professional work, well explained with detailed examples. Amazing course to refresh and improve your professional knowledge.
It was really enjoying course looking to have another case study with more complex and doable as well.
salman ahmad
Financial model is very clear i.e. how to start with assumptions then P&L, Balance sheet, and cash flow with how to prepare the schedule to support your model, finally charts to summarize the things.
Akinjide Sosanya
The methodology adopted by the instructor was very simple to follow and understand. The course was very helpful and immediately upon completing this course, one can build 3 statement financial models immediately.
Jose Olmedo
Excellent Course
very detailed financial modelling course.
Content and delivery is very good. The assessment questions should be more, atleast 25. More questions should have been added related to the excel usage in model building.
Excellent course! God bless! All the best!
Syed danish Ali
This course has got all the essence which you are looking for. Believe me you won't regret taking this course and the teacher's voice makes it more engaging and no doubt he has got some serious command on this course. Every basic aspect is covered. Thank you.
Ismaila Tijani
This course is quite informative and transformative. It was quite ease to follow and yet positively engaging. I was able to grasp the concept and application of the three statement financial model effectively, thanks to the real-life scenario example provided.
Angel Puente Reyes
The course it’s clear and straight forward. It builds up the basics and also prepares the students to develop their knowledge accordingly. I strongly recommend it
Sanjoy Pal
The course is excellent to understand. The speech was clear too. But, a lot of particulars are to be incorporated. Here, only the simple approach is discussed, complex model of 3 statement financial model are keeping out of touch. But, above all, the course is nice to get preliminary idea of financial modeling.
Rahul Biswas
Just finished this course and this gives the near to actual experience of building such model in reality; this fills up the void that I had in the implementation of valuation and modeling that I had in me prior to taking this course. Really helpful!
Abdellatif A. E. Ibrahim
Thanks you very much for the outstanding course
I hereby recommend this course to anyone interested in corporate finance, financial modelling and valuation. It's taught by well experienced tutors with superb delivery
Ntombikayise Cleopatra Mashimbye
Taking this course was the best decision I have ever made
Fredy Samson Kuja
The Building a 3 Statement Financial Model is an excellent course with in-depth techniques of building a sound and credible financials. I recommend this course to all aspired financial analysts.
Mark Morse
Really great tutorial. This will increase my income!
Ali Hedayati
great course with a lot of details and very easy to follow, thanks
Mohamed Eldesouky
Amazing course with detailed explanation how to build a financial statements model. Easy to follow and understand.
Geat course and i recommend for anyone interested in financial modelling as this is the basis for financial model and valuation.
Thinga Bartin Mtawali
I have learnt to build a model. My first model ever and i am so excited about it
David Eduardo Avalos Barrios
An extremely practical course, especially in conjunction with multi-modal training and helpful study cases.
Bruna Mendes Vieira
I am so glad to have completed the Building a Statement Financial Model. The course is very well organised, explained and practical which is something I was looking for. I feel more confident to embrace the career as a Financial Analyst after I have taken this course. I can´t wait to start the FMVA course. Well done, CFI.
Mangala Srirangam
Good reading and follows narration - it captures the salient points for review
Nagaraju Tallapelly
The method used for explaining will definitely change your view on Financial modeling .... awesome... it's a worthy course!
Marco Pelser
I refer back to my rating of the previous course. The previous course does a lot to equip a person with the right approach going forward into more complicated materials. The interesting thing is, it's not so complicated once you understand it. We tend to think about learning in terms of "P = Q" where "P" is our knowledge and "Q" is the thing we are studying. But the brain actually works best at learning things faster when given "P = Q vs R" where "R" is something that contrasts with "Q" in enough ways for us to understand both better. The same way we understand what the turqoise color is, given an entire color spectrum wavelengths and frequencies to compare. CFI brings it all right infront of you. Instead of reading a 'boring' book, you get to see the broader scope. It really makes it easy to follow and I can see the reason why we are moving into a VR world of education, especially in the future where ergonomic insights are turning working environments into multi-dimensional working environments; where 1 empty desk has the power of 1000 desktops, perhaps even 100 000. I can definitely see CFI heading in that bold new direction, if or when the time is right. CFI is by far a world-class leader.
Siddhartha Sen
This course is excellent. Well paced and gives a clear understanding of what is being done and why. Wish this was available before. A great starting point for anyone interested in finance and modeling.
Zahid Sameer
With the easy step-by-step instructions and learning exercises, the course has taught me how to effectively build a financial model by myself and even taught us how to look at financial modelling from different perspectives and adapt to different scenarios.
Xiao Hua (Viviane) MA
The content and the notes are great! The video when showing moving up and down an excel sheet was intermittent and hard to follow.
Salil Hillary
All things you can do with Excel, it is better than any ERP solutions like SAP FICO.
Kaushik Agarwal
The course content was impeccable in design, and obviously did satisfy the claims made before the onset of the course. The material could be judged with no less than certain high standards, though in the last module, the instructor did seem to rush things a bit, but again that's an opinionated version. Overall, it's flawless !
Deolindo Matumba
I usually do not leave comments. But I must say honestly that this course is the best ever seen online. It is very practical. I whish I knew it a few years ago!
Constantine Burrell
This is a great course that I would highly recommend to any Manager
Ziad Qasqas
This is the way to easily demonstrate building a financial model. Thank you
Rakan Alsharif
couldve had more examples on excel
Laura Piccinato
Step-by-step guided course on how to build a balance sheet and cash flow statement forecast model using Excel. Would have appreciated a final exercise to recap all the concepts. All the rest was simply perfect.
Yves Seybel
Again, great presentation and pace. Downloads easy to follow. I love the segmentation between the short videos; the examples are well done and relevant. The quizzes really help. The math takes a little to get used to (that's the learning!)
Abdulbariy Karimov
So far I found it quite easy to follow, I want to try all courses as soon as possible
Richard Hastings
logical, concise, and interesting
Rustom Rupand
I like how this course goes step-by-step through how to build a financial model from the bottom up. Really helpful
Sophie Ngo
James Valentine mentioned in his book "Best practices for Equity Research Analysts" that simplicity trumps complexity in the investment process. The more complicated the model, the greater the likelihood that something will go wrong. This course provides a powerful tool to build a simplified and robust model. It is well-structured with step-by-step and high-quality video instructions that are easy to follow. What I like the most are the downloadable files accompanied with the video instruction. The files are organized based on each exercise and allow me to practice the concept immediately. The quiz at the end is a perfect recap for the concept learned throughout in the course.
Rajat Kumar
The topics of financial modelling are well explained and easy to follow. Alternation between video lectures and step-by-step instructions is really helpful to complete the model on your own.
Sarah Lawson
I've taken several finance courses in undergrad but never one that gave such a complete picture of how to build a financial model. This course really helped me connect the dots from many of my B-Comm courses. It's great to go at your own pace, pause, and re-watch chapters.

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