Excel Crash Course Description

In this free Excel tutorial, you will learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas you need to be an Excel power user. This free Excel course is designed specifically for spreadsheet users who are already performing professional financial analysis and financial modeling or are looking to prep for a wall street career. Take CFI's Excel Crash Course now to advance your career!

Build a strong foundation in Excel for careers in:

  • Investment banking
  • Private equity
  • Corporate development
  • Equity research
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Free Excel Crash Course

Excel tutorial on best practices

Learn industry-leading best practices. This free Excel course is based on real investment banking training programs at global banks. The quality of instruction you receive in this course will have you just as sharp as if you took an expensive, live Wall Street course.

Free Excel Course and training Online (screenshot)

Excel tutorial & training details

This free spreadsheet training course starts with the Excel basics and quickly progresses to a more advanced level where even experts will learn something new. We believe it is important to start at the bottom and build a solid base, which is why we review all the foundational skills you need before building more advanced spreadsheets. In this Excel tutorial, you will learn to leave behind the mouse and use keyboard shortcuts to dramatically improve and speed up your spreadsheet building skills.

In the second half of the Excel crash course, you'll notice that the functions and formulas get more sophisticated and the quality of financial analysis and financial modeling become much higher. This half of the course focuses on finance-specific formulas that you would use as an analyst performing financial analysis on the job.

Excel Tutorial and lessons

What am I going to get from this free Excel course?

  • Learn everything you need to know about Excel spreadsheets for a career in corporate finance and investment banking
  • Master keyboard shortcuts, functions, and formulas to save time and speed up your modeling skills
  • Follow industry-leading best practices; simulate on-the-job analyst training
  • Stand out in an interview or move up the ladder at work by dramatically boosting your MS Excel skills and confidence
  • Get an Excel Crash course certificate of completion

Excel course for finance professionals

Who should take this free Excel tutorial?

This free Excel tutorial is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced users.  The tutorial starts off with the very basics, but the training quickly advances so even power users will learn something new and have a great refresher. Start the Excel Crash Course now!

What You'll Learn


Free Excel Crash Course - Spreadsheet Tutorial for Finance

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Approx 3.5 hrs to complete


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Prerequisite Courses

5 courses from beginner to intermediate level.


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9 courses from beginner to intermediate level.


Elective Courses

Take 3 out of 9 courses at an advanced level.


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FMVA® Financial Analyst Certification courses are offered 100% online, allowing you the flexibility to start the financial analyst program anytime and learn when it’s most convenient for you.
Students must complete all core and elective courses (12 in total) and demonstrate mastery of the topics through successful completion of course materials, quizzes, and assessments.
Within 48 hours of program completion, your Blockchain Verified FMVA Certification will be emailed to you.

What Our Students Say

Joyce Njoh
Good title well dealt with
I had a nice time learning and I've gave so much insight. Thank you CFI
Bonojit Ukil
Excellent Course during COVID-19 Lock-down
Brushed up my skills, learned so many excel short cuts, not used till now. A good course both for beginners and skilled users
Md Rijvee
Excellence Teaching
Easy to understand and also a good work out . And this will help me a lot in future I wanna thank all the team members and specially the ceo of this website.
Sendhil Kumar

Good! I am happy in learning
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Nadjib Cherif
I have never seen course like that in excel , I love this course because it is straight forward, sublime course .
Ashutosh Kukreti
The course was very well delivered and the content is amazing.The only think I would like to add is that it is easier to use 'Ctrl + Alt + V' shortcut of paste special than the one mentioned in the course. Also,Ctrl + G opens the Go To dialog box on both Mac and PC.
Fonville Atiagaga
Wealth of instruction at your fingertips to help you get more familiar with Excel
Busai Blessings Sithole
It was an eye opening course.
Margaret Robertson
A great course for those trying to learn the fundamentals of excel.
Luiz Salomon
Clear and concise. Right on the spot. All the lessons were given in a calm manner and a steady pace. All the excel operations were done in a step-by-step manner. Couldn't be better taught.
Kingsley Ugochukwu
Essential for every Excel user
Natasha de Bruyn
This course helped me so much, the course throughout was very good, I enjoyed the study material and all was well explained and understandable.
Cheu Chansopanhar
It's such a good program that allow all the candidates can improve their excel skill with good introduction and shortcut key in the excel. It is useful for our tasks with the excel and we can enjoy with many shortcut keys instead of mouse. Thank for this free online course and I already completed it.
Attiya Sajjad
It helped me a lot in refreshing my excel skills. Thanks
Mphatso Mwale
What I can say is nothing other than thanking you for this free opportunity. The course is excellent as it is giving me a solid foundation to work with excel as I am preparing to do financial analysis and modelling in the near future.
Gayatri Kiranmayi V
This is an excellent crash course. It's easy to understand and practice.
Rajesh Sindhu
Content is great and delivery is superb.
Oumaima Karim
Effective course to catch up quickly with all preprequisites to develop financial models. The course is well paced and the explanations are very clean. I recommend !
horace holm
Shan Mandal
This course is give a primary knowledge of how to do valuation of finance and i am very happy to part of this course and complete this course.
Nkosilathi Ncube
The course is of paramount importance to the evolving finance world and renders diverse learning models which equip one with necessary skills to perform financial modelling
William Ong
This course was done perfectly with step by step videos to follow. This course would have helped me when I was starting out using Excel at work. Very thorough and definitely necessary as a prerequisite. Thank you for the great course I am looking forward to the others.
Mariia Yukalo
I've been looking for high-quality excel courses for a long time, and this one is exactly one of them. Well-structured course will guide you through all important Excel functions and shortcuts, including real practice which really helps to memorise and use new skills afterwards. Many thanks to Corporate Finance Institute!
Juna Avarachen
very good . easy to understand and detailed. Good job.
Christine Pogoy
This is very helpful for me as a beginner. I have learned a lot for free. It's fun too. I really love this course.
Ankita Kumari
I was searching for excel WhatsApp group and somehow I get into CFI site ,and what ever I learnt here is just just amazing... I am in middle of this course but ,I thought to rate this commerce,thank you so much... It's very interesting and I am just loving it..and thanks for the free courses. I want that you also provide free certificate for financial modeling 😅 with such great knowledge. I am from India can I get to know how much I would have to pay for financial modeling course.? It would make me clear , to pay right amount.
Mohammed Amjan
can learn lot from this course and gain fastest way to shortcuts in excel. loved it.
Barbara Kenny
This was a fantastic course. I am so pleased I have learnt so much. The programme is so easy to navigate, and the downloads to follow and learn. I think it is great, that CFI are encouraging those to learn, who perhaps may not be able to afford expensive courses. I will absolutely recommend to people. I actually already have. There are so many programmes to choose from, and another incentive is that if you are not entirely sure which career you want to work towards, these short free courses are a taster, to see if they are suitable for you. Thank you CFI. Kind regards Barbara Kenny
Nischal Tuladhar, ACCA
It was really fun learning from this course. Much needed
Ashish Gupta
The course is well structure and formatted in easy to go way, it is very easy to navigate course content and progress. Thank you!
Helen Du
Hart Chukwuemeka
The Excel Crash Course is an eye opener to so many functions that makes work much easy and swift without using the mouse. I really enjoyed the course,I have gained a lot knowledge. Great One.
Bolajoko Adah
Simply amazing. Anyone who uses Excel should take this course!
Alvaro Zambrano
Very Good, Excellent course.
sarath gopinath
I would really like to thank CFI for making such a course. For a beginner like me, this course was really helpful and insightful. I really appreciate the time and effort you guys have put. I am very much interested in purchasing the advanced course. However, I am yet to receive the certificate. I hope I receive that soon. Thank you so much!!
Aynul Bashar Amit
This is an excellent beginner course for Financial Modelling and Excel. Hope to see more advanced courses on Financial Modelling in the future as well.
Lalit Mohan
The explanation was very good and i was able to understand everything in the first go.
Idriss Malike Ngari Ontsilambissa
I have been looking for such courses online and today I thank God that I came across CFI. CFI is the best. It is simply flawless. I rate this course 5 stars.
Neeraj Rawat
Prefect content with amazing execution and examples.
Thanks CFI. The course was great showed me the really the nice part about modeling in the future, I love it, I got my Excel certificate, I proceed.
Nariman Abd el-Aziz
Thank you very much
Akshay Kumar J
When I have came to know about this I was very happy. It is very useful for me Thank you
Vithu Borkar
This is one of the crucial course(s) for the finance professionals to know the basic excel functions for the purpose knowing the initial step and a glance as to how the financial modeling works. - Thanks CFI!
Amaravadhi Karthik
I really had a great experience to have a excel crash course to get certified by CFI thank you for giving us this type of opportunity.
Zeeshan Hashmi
Well managed. Presentation is excellent. Learn and relearn good information. Wish to enroll for advance courses to.
varsha bang
Farhan Tajik
Very helpful energetic instructor.
Best excel crash course. Easy to understand.
Anthony Licata
Great intro course. I'm an advanced Excel user and this even taught me some things I never knew from an analysis and audit perspective.
john wanyutu
i love it the instructor was clear and precise. thanks
hlengiwe dhlakafu
Thank you so much you have absolutely increased my knowledge and I have gained a lot, I'll rate it ten out of ten
very useful to beginners
This free Excel tutorial is very usefull to beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. By learning this Excel Crach Cource you can enhance skills and knowledge in Finance for quick results.
very well presented and most insightful
Louis Rodrigue Fouda
This is a good place to start if you are feeling rusty with excel. This course taught me everything I needed to really dive directly into the program, it boosted my confidence level tremendously. The instructor was very clear in explaining every concept. I am really looking forward to the next class. I am very excited!
Alun Rees
The course was great but i would have question the narrator for going TOO fast at times and it was difficult to catch up and I had to restart several times when I lost the plot, so to speak!!
Rudolf Lobo
Good info and clear teaching
Siobhan McGilloway
An excellent course. Well presented and easy to follow. Difficult concepts made look easy in an organised manner. Really enjoyed the course and look forward to practicing my new skills. Many thanks
Vipin Rastogi
i am a non financial person. i wanted to learn financial skills and how to develop a financial adjustments by using the excel software. this training is excellent and helped me exactly in the same way i wanted to know. now i am sure i have acquired the skill for doing better in the field of finance. thank you very much. i rate this 5/5.
Nike Okeyoyin
Excellent! It was a good start for me. Thank you
Emiliya Woodman
Very good examples. I enjoyed the class and learned a few new things.
Jecory Ellis
As a senior engineer for a large utility company and also currently enrolled in an executive MBA program at a local state institution I am no stranger to MS Excel. However, this course rejogged my very limited memory of a bunch of helpful hot keys, shortcuts, and functions that I find useful in my professional and academic career. It also taught me some new tricks that will definitely help to streamline my everyday job functions that require heavy Excel computations. This was an awesome course and I highly recommend for new, novice and even moderate users of MS Excel software. For those advanced users, I still recommend it with the addition of their advanced Excel course. I have not taken it, but if this course is any indication of whats in store - you will NOT be disappointed. Kudos CFI!
Chantelle Galea
It was very interesting.
Carlos Fernandez
Excellent course, I learned a lot about Excel and how it is used for financial modeling! One note, the template spreadsheet needs to have the named references removed. Thank you! Carlos
Muhammad Ashraf
The excel crash course is well-designed and a constructive tool. I have learnt a lot about key board shortcuts and formulas. For sure it would be an effective supplement in my computer applications performance & excel skills. I would recommend this course to the personnel especially whom are working in accounting and finance field.
Joy Nwankwo
It taught me financial analysis and financial modelling and formulas. this course will teach you the basic skill set you need to become a professional. I would gladly recommend CFI Excel crash course to anybody that would want to advance their career. Thank you CFI Team for this free learning platform. I am happy and grateful.
Mahao Rantho
Unbelievably educative and comprehensive for an online course. Visuality and audibility excellent.
Eric Parsons
Great refresher course. Learned alot too.
Gerhard Maritz
The course covers a basic level. The issue is that the manager of supervisor will not do complete the basic calculations and therefor require more analysis and more audit and well as protection of information.
Diwakar C Sharma
Its great to learn the Basic and Advance Analysis on new boundary of skills...
ashish pandey
nice course
Vignesh Anandan
Helped a lot to start out my journey in this field... thank u for putting up such quality content
Shivakumaran Srinivasan
Dear Sir, This was really an eye opener for persons like me who is managing a business. lot of tips as how to make the work faster and easier. Have asked my accountants to see this web site and make use of this. The way he has explained and the examples taken to explain was extra ordinary. Thanks a lot for giving me and my organization an opportunity to learn this.
Aniekan Ekeruke
The video is amazingly helpful, lots of shortcuts that are helpful and difficult at first to use but greatly important. Love this course and will recommend to all
Georgina Martin
Very good course -
Peggie Colbourn
Thank you for offering this course online. I am a basic Excel student and this really helped me learn more advanced tools and functions of Excel that I need to know for my position.
reynato agapito
For a starter like me and a non business guy. I find the subject very helpful, very educational - easy to understand. Thanks a lot and God bless.
Quang Pham
I dont know much about short cut keyboard and formulas but this course is just so helpful. I am practicing and hope one day i can use all the short cut easily. Thank you very much.
Sheku Alim Cawray
The course was intense,I've learn a lot of new short cut in excel which I believe will make me more flexible in dealing with excel. I really do enjoy every bit of the course and hope to continue more in building my career.
Sonam Uppal
really awsome way of teaching....
Kaushik Agarwal
The course is both a refresher and an extension to the already established knowledge of Excel. The concepts have been defined and explained in a very detailed and precise manner. Fantasmagaria to say in one word.
Sumeet Jain
Amazing and very helpful for building knowledge of the Excel but can be better by adding some more advanced formulas
Keshav Kumar
Very Very Important Course for Excel Users. Thank You so much for your initiative towards free courses. I learnt many things which are very important to me. Thanks a Lot.
Ivaylo Gerdzhikov
Excellent work by the people of CFI! Very well explained and comprehensible!! If you're looking to start on the journey to becoming and Excel power user, this is a great place to begin!
Hilda Henriquez
The course was easy to follow and showed me lots of simple tricks! I’m starting to use more keyboard commands instead of relying only on my mouse and it’s helping!
Moses Bwire
The course instructor was clear and concise in his explanation. The course is also well structured making it easy to follow and understand while moving through each level
Joel Bundo
The course has been extremely helpful and I have learnt a lot. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to advance their excel skills.
Karen Johnston
I've worked with EXCEL a lot in my career, but the course showed me things that I've never known and also very helpful with providing shortcuts to eliminate mouse work. I will definitely be taking the next level in December.
Stanley Ijegbulem
It's very nice and well explained. The only problem is that I don't have a laptop for practice but the knowledge I have acquired through this tutorial is very powerful and enlightening. Thanks for free teaching spirit and my certificate will boost both my job hunting and personal motivation to delve deeper into financial analysis. Thanks again.
Ronnel James
Very Practical and Informative. Keep up the good work.
Ganesh Anand.V. Rao
Its a Great Explanation and in detailed, i understood all the concepts of Corporate Finance Practically... Thank you Very much CFI & Thanks to Sir also.
sarti Amunyela
Thank you very much this has been an eye opener for me, great job
Sk. Azim Hasan
This course helped me to learn lots of new operations and motivated me to learn more.
Harish Pathak
Thanks A lot I learned more than I knew, Its going to Improve My Excel Skills
Hrishabh Kanthed
This is fantastic course provide by cfi . I very appreciate that this is good course with example and very easy to understand.
Rodgers Mutale
very interest have learnt things i didnt learn in my full time as a student this is real staff to study which makes excel and finance seem so easy i love it.
Lenuta Andreea Apostol
Excelent Course!
John Fokos
I loved this course. It helped me brush up my current skills and remind me some of my old ones. I highly recommend this course to everyone that looks for something practical and easy to understand. The materials provided are also excellent! Thanks much!
Mitko Ganchev
Very detail and well put together course. I enjoyed the fact that you can practice as you go!
Hemant Prasad
I found the course very useful and have increased my skills with several shortcuts and formulas to draw the financial model.
Cihan Aktaş
ıt looks excellent course for beginners. And also quite understandable materials and easy follow up all videos and also clear English speaking. I highly recommend this course to all who needs this kind of training. Best regards, Cihan AKTAŞ CFO @ Oto Plan Turkey
This course is very very very good but for me, the one time is not enough to listen, I need to take more time to make practical applications so you give me more time to understand thank you Samir
Parth Tanna
I liked the method used for teaching. It was so easy to understand and learn. Examples provided are quite useful.
Kamil Jebe
This is absolutely on point. How I wish I can come over to your office and see the instructors face to face. keep it up.
Varma Kanteti
This course gave me the knowledge of Excel from beginning to intermediate level. I will proceed with the paid courses in future. Thank you CFI
Farah Rasheed
The course was excellent. I liked how the instruction voice was not rushed. Concepts focused on were relevant to finance and examples used were as well.
Himanshu Bansal
nice content,
Chuck Carr
The videos were short and to the point with useful information. This course was free, but I would see more exercises/examples that you can practice.
Syed Haseeb
Already had the raw learning but. This course helped me a lot with the formatting and presentation
this course was really helpful to me, i feel am a hero already looking forward for more
denis ndonga
I appreciate the availability of this course I improved on what I already know. Thank you Regards Denis
Danna Hunter
CFI i must tell you many thanks for this course. Things that i never knew in EXCEL i have learnt in this course. BIG BIG THANKS!!!! This is a must take people......
Rangga Kresna
In my opinion, the course was great for people who never deal with Excel because the materials are very basic. Yet the explanation is clear and easy to follow.
roxanne singh
amazingly simple and easy to understand . love the flow of learning modules .
It was very helpful for me, i tried to update my knowledge around excel techniques. For sure i am going to follow another excel course.
Christian Murphy
I had learned a lot of this in school but hadn't used it in a long time, get way to get reacquainted with some advanced Excel features.
Sophia Haoses
Excellent course, I will recommend it to anyone. Clear step by step instructions and the good thing is you can redo session until you are confident.
ashutosh singh
Very well designed and a very good course.
Emmanuel Umoru
I wish I had taken this course earlier before I went for an interview. The excel review skills were very useful and truly refreshing. I have learned a lot from this course, more than I have in a lifetime working with Excel. thanks
Izabela Velkova
The Excel crash course is very helpful to brush up on different techniques for modelling. I highly recommend to professionals working in financial analysis or data analysis.
Camille Adams
This course was great! Of course I would think so since I am not a Excel super user. The best part was learning the short cuts. Some are a bit cumbersome but well worth learning. During the course many light bulbs turned on for me and will make spreadsheets very workable for me in the future. One down side for me with the course is that I would have liked to see how Tim would teach v lookup and pivot tables. Tim has the ability to not stumble over his words, is a clear speaker and never tires no matter how many times I hit the rewind button. :) Great job! When I can afford it I would like to take more classes.
Lavender Fettes
Hope to use this again as a reference to touch basics! Thank you!
Francis Valdez
I liked the course a lot, it was exactly what i needed to improve my skills and to remember what i learn in collage.
geoffrey collyer
Overall outstanding. Only marginal criticisms were that I didn't know you would get the spreadsheet with the full answers at the end sop had to keep going back to check formula. Also the tutor was very clear, but a little fast at times over the detail. Working on an Apple Mac makes the use of Microsoft short cuts difficult but I got over it.
salwa bamakhrama
great info's and tips
simon senu
This course has established a strong foundation for me looking to enter into career as a financial analyst.
Saroj Kumar
What a explanation from scratch .
Notago Narib
Super! Good for refreshing and polishing your skills.
I found this crash course to be extremely helpful. I haven't used Excel that often, but I'm familiar with the basics and some formulas. The course found a good balance of simple, step-by-step instruction that is interesting for users of different skills. In some instances, I find using keyboard shortcuts a lot more cumbersome than a simple click, but I get what the instructor was trying to do... Thanks a lot!
judy onyango
Simple and easy to understand.
Fernando Marquez
I liked this excel supporting course. It has many interesting tips and ideas to master the excel skills even if you have previous knowledge. Very didactic and practical.
mithun hegde
Very nice Presentation and Script. Easy to understand and a simple way of explanation.
Janani K.P
The teaching of the basics lesson is very nice and this will help us to understand each and every concept in detail. One suggestion from my side is to give the shortcut keys separately after the lessons so that it helps the basic learners to understand still more precisely.
deeksha nigam
This was an awesome course. Crisp and precise. The trainer showed the techniques hands-on rather than just focusing on the theory part.
Mamta Sahu
I like this course at the time of learning. I had also joined some other online courses but were not too effective. Their material and teaching was confusing. Your way of explaining each and every thing was great.
Stanley Saldanha
The course is excellent and well designed. Although I am well versed with Excel functions, appropriate use of these functions in designing financial models was something new. Thanks.
Jacob Nyarwati
Very helpful and has given me a chance to interact with Excel; I will use it more and more to be an expert
It was very well directed and excellent session.
Dan-Jethro Cordero
In this course, you will learn the excel skills that are fundamental to pursuing a career in Corporate Finance. Use of excel functions and settings are demonstrated clearly and systematically.
Dr Keyurkumar Nayak
Feras Khan
Simplified and relevant to basic financial analysis through excel. Highly recommended
Ziad Qasqas
Wrap up your scattered knowledge in Excel with easy and structured way.
Kelvin Ambunya
The course was very informative and I look forward to doing others too. However in the introduction part, the tutor was to talk about the developer feature found in the excel ribbon. Kindly look into it and keep up the good spirit.
Hayat Aladwan
Thank you for providing this training for free . It is valuable
Saroj Kumar
Great learning .keep the good work up.
Janice Saeger
This was easy to follow, and I learned some new tricks! Thanks for a great on-line program.
Abdukadir Mohamed
this course is great for beginners as it carry all the necessary technique and skills of excel with amazing explanation of CFI team, you can pursue any data analysis courses if you acquire this course.
Paritosh Singh
This course provided me with certain knowledge related to MS excel .
Zuly Martinez
It was very easy to follow every step of the course, good content, tips and formulas. It is presented in a simple but interesting way. I didn't feel bored or tired during any of the sections. Teaches key advance Excel techniques that are very useful, for those who are developing a Corporate Finance career. I worked performing due diligence in the past 3 years and I wish I had done this course earlier. Highly recommended!
Ezekiel Robert
Best! awesome crash course. I have learned so much in less time. thanks
Mohamed Bakri
Extremely helpful & structured course for improving modeling courses!
Patrick Irurhe
The course is very good but I will suggest you allow easy review of work already done. I have benefited immensely
Deolindo Matumba
Honestly, this is simply the best and most straightforward Excel course ever seen! Thanks a lot.
Teka Derick Tikum
Worth more value than a normal training in Excel. It links Excel concepts to not only Finance but entire Business Fields. Good for beginners to make your financial modeling and valuation techniques superior. Greatly helped me out
Terra DuPree
The CFI Excel Crash Course enhanced my skill set giving me the confidence level I needed to pursue a position as a Financial Analyst.
muhammad salman
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete this course
Dakia Dillworth
This was a great refresher course that is explained very clearly and in detail!!
butler conduah
What a great teacher ! Excellent class !
Rajesh Kumar
This course is very helpful for those working in Finance and reducing their work a lot…!
Zakir Adam
Helped me a lot
Njabulo Vincent Hadebe
A great course, very simple and well taught. All free, I really enjoyed this. More interested to learn more just not fortunate enough to be able to afford it. I am a junior analyst and learning on the job and do not have access to funds in order to develop myself. The search for another video which is free to teach continues. Well done on the layout as well its really easy to follow and hard to forget. The lesson planner in this regard is very good.
Maria adi susanti
this course has very clear explanation
morlan reddock
Tim does an excellent job explaining the various concepts. I'm actually interested in taking the advanced course!
chandra prakash
This course is amazing i would highly recommend it for those who want to start a career in finance. This course is excellent for the working professionals to enhance excel skill. Thanks a lot Corporate finance institute Team.
Rama Krishna
It's an awesome website​
Valentin Faye
A great presentation - Easy to follow - Very useful
Elena Mirchevska
The Course was really good and helpful! Good to follow every step and easy to understand! I really recommend this course to everyone who wants to get more familiar with the basic functions in Excel for Corporate Finance and Business Modeling! Thank you Corporate Finance Institute!
Kajal Poddar
Worth the time! Very helpful :)
moshood aliyu
I thought a lot in this course, and am very happy participating in it. May almighty God enrich you. And more strength to your elbow .
Todd Lincoln
Excellent resource for learning keyboard shortcuts vs using the mouse, as well as some modeling tricks.
David Anthony
This is a great course! It's a very technical course, but, if one really wants to get started learning the latest in Excel financial modeling, this is the course to take. And, it's Free! I especially enjoyed the way Mr. Vipond presented the material. He is a first-class instructor who knows how to explain and simplify the technical matters of Excel and the complex matters of finance. I only wish CFI offered more Free courses! Thanks, Dave
Robertson Abraham
The instructor kept it simple ;) and it was easy to follow. It was also useful to work out the examples along with the lessons. I'm very satisfied.
Bairapaga John
Awesome Experience in learning. I learned well by practicing. I also learned how to use the only keyboard for Excel functions. Thank you.
Robert Harriman
I had a pretty good functional knowledge of Excel already, but the review was certainly worth my time and with Excel it seems there are always new shortcuts and tips to learn. Great course!
Mohamed Kanneh
Challenging and interesting and what really makes it meaningful is the fact that you can also use the course to give a full lesson in Excel.
Joanne Wang
This course is for Excel professionals who are familiar with Excel and shortcuts. The most impressive points are the professional format of the financial report and the shortcuts. You can get rid of the mouse after you can memorize and use the keyboard shortcuts you have learned from this course. Thank you CFI!
Olga Filatova
It is very useful for daily work as it takes a wide range of Excel functions. Never thought before that Macro is so simple.
mwitelela ilishebo
Very helpful and informative
martin bissette
This course was very educational and although it is entitled "Excel Crash Course" it provided a wealth of information and practical examples. Excellent free course!
John Lau
Learned a lot in a short time.
Claudio Sevilla Medina
This is an awesome course. I learned very important tools, tricks and Formulas to have a better use of Excel. Great for financial modelling!!!
Olumuyiwa Fabunmi
very interactive
Very practical course i learned so much in just a few minutes.
Norah Nyange
An excellent course by far
David Sams
A complete introduction to Excel 2016. I liked the focus on using keyboard shortcuts as an alternative to the mouse
Santiago Lanza
I've gone through many other websites, trying to find the easiest one. Then I found this one, it's perfect because the explanation is easy and you can clearly hear the voice of the man talking on the video in high resolution.
Saqib Sohail
I am in the accounting sector for 15 years, but this is the best financial and Excel course ever i've seen on any online site
Chada Tania Molosiwa
It was refreshing and very good to study. I would recommend my family as well. Amazing course indeed ...
Abdulbariy Karimov
I found this the most useful and productive course I have ever taken. The course made me feel more confident about my knowledge of financial modelling and learnt a lot of new things which I could not have by myself or with any other method! Thanks CFI!
S. M. Abdul Awal Pavel
This was an excellent learning session for me. The mentor was so good. That's why I have learnt so quickly and in a easy manner. Thank you so much!
Yves Seybel
Guys, I believed I was pretty good at Excel, and I still do (I actually teach it - lol). However, your work with keyboard shortcuts only and introducing a bunch of data analysis very early in the game was awesome! I'm very impressed so far and look forward to the rest of your tutorials
Bimbashree K.G
I Think this the best free Excel course I have ever attended and I am enjoying learning from it, Thanks
Ajay Mangal
This is the best and most concise course on Excel I have come across. For people in a finance profession, it is necessary to understand and learn excel spreadsheets thoroughly, which is an indispensable tool. I thank the team at CFI for having created this course. Thank you.
Przemyslaw Janus
This course clearly and perfectly presents approach to financial model setup and analysis. During the course, a participant is led through best practices in model building and often hints how to do things easier in Excel. In my view, models built with these guidelines in mind will not only look more professional but also will be easier for others to follow and manage onwards. I will definitely take the opportunity to participate in other CFI courses as the material is presented in such an easy and digestive way that even those with very basic skills will immensely benefit from the training. I highly recommend Excel Crash Course - and I am sure that others will share my experience and take other courses as well.
Dimitar Drumev
Amazing Job Tim Vipond! Keep up the good work!
Nilesh shingote
Best course ever seen
Kardo Anwar
Excellent course to learn/sharpen the basics of Excel. Even with a masters degree in Finance I still learned a lot
Abdul-Raheem Alli-Oluwafuyi
It is a very nice and worthwhile course, I recommend for anyone and everybody.....
Daleen Spangenberg
Thank you, everything was excellent
Aarav Singh
Very helpful guide for financial analysts this course delivers a lot of good tips

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