Free Excel Crash Course - Spreadsheet Formulas for Finance

Free Excel course on shortcuts, functions, and formulas for financial modeling | taught by Tim Vipond
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Course description

Course Description

Learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas you need to be an Excel power user. This free course is designed specifically for Excel spreadsheet users who are already performing professional financial analysis and financial modeling, or are looking to prep for a wall street career.

Build a strong foundation in Excel for careers in:

  • Investment banking
  • Private equity
  • Corporate development
  • Equity research
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Learn industry leading best practices. This free Excel course is based on first-hand investment banking training programs at global banks. The quality of instruction you receive in this course will have you just as sharp as if you took an expensive, live Wall Street course.

Content and Overview This free spreadsheet training course starts with the Excel basics and quickly progresses to a more advanced level where even experts will learn something new. We think it's important to start at the bottom and build a solid base, which is why we review all the foundational skills you need before building more advanced spreadsheets. You'll learn to ditch the mouse and use only keyboard shortcuts to dramatically improve your spreadsheet building skills.

In the second half of the course you'll notice the functions and formulas getting more sophisticated and the quality of financial analysis and financial modeling becoming much higher. This half of the class focuses on finance-specific formulas that you'd use an an analyst performing financial analysis on the job.

What am I going to get from this free Excel course?

  • Learn everything you need to know about Excel spreadsheets for a career in corporate finance
  • Master keyboard shortcuts, functions, and formulas to save time speed up your modeling skills
  • Follow industry leading best practices; simulates on-the-job analyst training
  • Stand out in an interview or move up the ladder at work by dramatically boosting your MS Excel skills and confidence

Excel Crash Course

Excel Course Online Free

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Tim Vipond
Tim Vipond
Senior Instructor, Principal, Mathers Pacific Capital

Since 2005 Tim has been an active participant in capital markets across a wide range of industries and transactions including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital raising totaling more than $3 billion in aggregate value.

Tim has a broad range of experience that includes:

  • Investment banking
  • Wealth management
  • Corporate development
  • Strategy
  • Investor relations
  • Financial planning & analysis (FP&A)

In 2014 Tim founded Mathers Pacific Capital to bridge the gap between theory and practice by offering financial modeling and valuation courses to undergraduate and MBA students. Mathers Pacific also offers transaction advisory services to mid-market private companies and has advised on several M&A transactions, management buyouts, and capital raises.

Tim has an M.B.A. from the Sauder School of Business and a B.A. from Dartmouth College.

Reviews (66)

Great Refresher

by Dakia Dillworth
This was a great refresher course that is explained very clearly and in detail!!

Excel Crash Course

by butler conduah
What a great teacher ! Excellent class !

Excellent for Finance analysis

by Rajesh Kumar
This course is very helpful for those working in Finance and reducing their work a lot…!


by Zakir Adam
Helped me a lot
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Great Refresher

by Dakia Dillworth
This was a great refresher course that is explained very clearly and in detail!!

Excel Crash Course

by butler conduah
What a great teacher ! Excellent class !

by Md Mehedi Monwar Jim

by brian millen

by Shivanagaraju bavisetti

Excellent for Finance analysis

by Rajesh Kumar
This course is very helpful for those working in Finance and reducing their work a lot…!

by Kishore Adharsh


by Zakir Adam
Helped me a lot

Nothing can be better than this course for beginners for Financial Modeling

by Nisarg Suthar

Crash Course for Financial Modelling for Corporate Finance

by Njabulo Vincent Hadebe
A great course, very simple and well taught. All free, I really enjoyed this. More interested to learn more just not fortunate enough to be able to afford it. I am a junior analyst and learning on the job and do not have access to funds in order to develop myself. The search for another video which is free to teach continues. Well done on the layout as well its really easy to follow and hard to forget. The lesson planner in this regard is very good.

Very clear explaination

by Maria adi susanti
this course has very clear explanation

by Kaiyan Chen

by morlan reddock
Tim does an excellent job explaining the various concepts. I'm actually interested in taking the advanced course!

Predominant course to enhance excel skill

by chandra prakash
This course is amazing i would highly recommend it for those who want to start a career in finance. This course is excellent for the working professionals to enhance excel skill. Thanks a lot Corporate finance institute Team.

by Nas Alejeyan

Really nice

by Rama Krishna
It's an awesome website​

Excel Crash Course - Spreadsheet Formulas for Corporate Finance

by Valentin Faye
A great presentation - Easy to follow - Very useful

by Anthony Ofori Akotey

by Elena Mirchevska
The Course was really good and helpful! Good to follow every step and easy to understand! I really recommend this course to everyone who wants to get more familiar with the basic functions in Excel for Corporate Finance and Business Modeling! Thank you Corporate Finance Institute!

Must watch

by Kajal Poddar
Worth the time! Very helpful :)

by Karthik Kunapareddy

by Jurgita Montvydaite

by moshood aliyu
I thought a lot in this course, and am very happy participating in it. May almighty God enrich you. And more strength to your elbow .

Excel Crash Course

by Todd Lincoln
Excellent resource for learning keyboard shortcuts vs using the mouse, as well as some modeling tricks.

The title speaks for itself. The course is exactly what the title describes for the student.

by David Anthony
This is a great course! It's a very technical course, but, if one really wants to get started learning the latest in Excel financial modeling, this is the course to take. And, it's Free! I especially enjoyed the way Mr. Vipond presented the material. He is a first-class instructor who knows how to explain and simplify the technical matters of Excel and the complex matters of finance. I only wish CFI offered more Free courses! Thanks, Dave


by efsi hayati

Very straightforward - KISS

by Robertson Abraham
The instructor kept it simple ;) and it was easy to follow. It was also useful to work out the examples along with the lessons. I'm very satisfied.

by Willow H


by Bairapaga John
Awesome Experience in learning. I learned well by practicing. I also learned how to use the only keyboard for Excel functions. Thank you.

by Alexandra Elena

Great Excel overview

by Robert Harriman
I had a pretty good functional knowledge of Excel already, but the review was certainly worth my time and with Excel it seems there are always new shortcuts and tips to learn. Great course!

by Mohamed Kanneh
Challenging and interesting and what really makes it meaningful is the fact that you can also use the course to give a full lesson in Excel.

Excellent course!

by Joanne Wang
This course is for Excel professionals who are familiar with Excel and shortcuts. The most impressive points are the professional format of the financial report and the shortcuts. You can get rid of the mouse after you can memorize and use the keyboard shortcuts you have learned from this course. Thank you CFI!

by Olga Filatova
It is very useful for daily work as it takes a wide range of Excel functions. Never thought before that Macro is so simple.

by mwitelela ilishebo
Very helpful and informative

Great Course

by martin bissette
This course was very educational and although it is entitled "Excel Crash Course" it provided a wealth of information and practical examples. Excellent free course!

Excellent primer

by John Lau
Learned a lot in a short time.

Excel Crash Course

by Claudio Sevilla Medina
This is an awesome course. I learned very important tools, tricks and Formulas to have a better use of Excel. Great for financial modelling!!!

by Olumuyiwa Fabunmi
very interactive

Very practical course i learned so much in just a few minutes.

Extremely helpful

by Norah Nyange
An excellent course by far

by Julia Xiao

Excellent Course

by David Sams
A complete introduction to Excel 2016. I liked the focus on using keyboard shortcuts as an alternative to the mouse

by Alexander Matyushkin

The best one!

by Santiago Lanza
I've gone through many other websites, trying to find the easiest one. Then I found this one, it's perfect because the explanation is easy and you can clearly hear the voice of the man talking on the video in high resolution.

Best course ever

by Saqib Sohail
I am in the accounting sector for 15 years, but this is the best financial and Excel course ever i've seen on any online site

by Chada Tania Molosiwa
It was refreshing and very good to study. I would recommend my family as well. Amazing course indeed ...

Very comprehensive yet easy to follow

by Abdulbariy Karimov
I found this the most useful and productive course I have ever taken. The course made me feel more confident about my knowledge of financial modelling and learnt a lot of new things which I could not have by myself or with any other method! Thanks CFI!

by S. M. Abdul Awal Pavel
This was an excellent learning session for me. The mentor was so good. That's why I have learnt so quickly and in a easy manner. Thank you so much!

by Marko Grudic


by Yves Seybel
Guys, I believed I was pretty good at Excel, and I still do (I actually teach it - lol). However, your work with keyboard shortcuts only and introducing a bunch of data analysis very early in the game was awesome! I'm very impressed so far and look forward to the rest of your tutorials

by Humera Mhyn


by Bimbashree K.G
I Think this the best free Excel course I have ever attended and I am enjoying learning from it, Thanks

Simple and thorough

by Ajay Mangal
This is the best and most concise course on Excel I have come across. For people in a finance profession, it is necessary to understand and learn excel spreadsheets thoroughly, which is an indispensable tool. I thank the team at CFI for having created this course. Thank you.

Review of Excel Crash Course

by Przemyslaw Janus
This course clearly and perfectly presents approach to financial model setup and analysis. During the course, a participant is led through best practices in model building and often hints how to do things easier in Excel. In my view, models built with these guidelines in mind will not only look more professional but also will be easier for others to follow and manage onwards. I will definitely take the opportunity to participate in other CFI courses as the material is presented in such an easy and digestive way that even those with very basic skills will immensely benefit from the training. I highly recommend Excel Crash Course - and I am sure that others will share my experience and take other courses as well.

by CA Ami Dhabalia


by Dimitar Drumev
Amazing Job Tim Vipond! Keep up the good work!

by Marina Miroshnychenko

Great Job

by Nilesh shingote
Best course ever seen

Great course!

by Kardo Anwar
Excellent course to learn/sharpen the basics of Excel. Even with a masters degree in Finance I still learned a lot

by Diogo Marques - Procuramos CFO


by Abdul-Raheem Alli-Oluwafuyi
It is a very nice and worthwhile course, I recommend for anyone and everybody.....

by Tyler Hummel

Title is good

by Daleen Spangenberg
Thank you, everything was excellent


by Aarav Singh
Very helpful guide for financial analysts this course delivers a lot of good tips