Rocky Mountain Holdings Limited Case Study


Approx 5h to complete

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Rocky Mountain Holdings Limited Case Study

In this guided-learning case study, you will step into the role of a credit analyst and work with a prospect who’s looking for indicative commercial mortgage terms for a proposed office property acquisition. 

You will review the components of the due diligence package including documents such as a Purchase & Sale Agreement, an Offer to Lease, a rent roll, a restricted-use appraisal report, and the vendor’s historical financial statements. We’ll also work through some assessment tools to support your analysis of the credit request, including a rent roll summary, commercial mortgage calculator, and a risk rating and profitability model.

Recommended Prerequisites

We recommend you complete the following courses before taking this case study:

This Case Study is a Required Part of CFI's Commercial Real Estate Finance Bundle

The Commercial Real Estate Finance Bundle is a series of 9 courses and 1 comprehensive, commercial mortgage case study. 

Who Should Take This Case Study?

This case study is perfect for any aspiring credit analyst working in real estate, underwriting, commercial lending, corporate credit analysis, and other areas of credit evaluation. 

What Our Students Say

The case study presented a real-life credit analysis scenario. Working through the case allowed the opportunity to reinforce the learnings from the respective course modules.


Extremely informative
Just to appreciate the course, it has been very useful for me. I would like to highlight the dynamic of the modules, very active, interesting, and well organized and great to share experiences. Many thanks!

Eid A.Mordy Moawad Mostafa

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