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Profitable Lead Generation Course Overview

This Profitable Lead Generation course dives into business development and the lead generation process and explores how to source new business. By breaking down the lead generation process, this course shows you how to identify a target market, sell your personal brand, and sell your product to a prospective client.

This course enables client-facing finance professionals like you to find and attract new business through existing networks and by expanding these networks. We teach the skills and tools required to be successful in business development.

Profitable Lead Generation Course Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the business development process and where lead generation fits in the process
  • Identify your target market, who you should target, and why it is important to be aware of what your competitors are doing
  • Find where to source new business and understand the importance of growing both your internal and external networks
  • Develop your unique selling proposition and your own personal capability statement
  • Build your social media presence to help gain recognition and build credibility
  • Undertake targeted calling by developing scripts, getting past gatekeepers, and handling objections

Profitable Lead Generation is an Elective Course of CFI's CBCA® Program

CFI's Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)™ Program offers skills including credit evaluation, documentation, and review procedures. From beginners to advanced users, the CBCA® program is designed to help you become a world-class commercial banker or credit analyst.

Who Should Take This CBCA® Course?

This Profitable Lead Generation course is designed for current and aspiring commercial bankers, credit analysts, and other client-facing finance professionals. It is important for anyone in these roles to know how to brand themselves and sell a product. This course provides the tools needed to grow internal and external networks, source new business, and communicate with prospective clients.

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Profitable Lead Generation is part of the Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)™ certification, which includes 35 courses.

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