Reading Financial Statements Course

Learn how to read financial statements. In this 2-part free course, we use a company's financial statements and annual report to understand the financial strength of a company and help us make informed decisions.

Reading Financial Statements Course

Reading & Understanding the Balance Sheet

In this first module, we learn how to read the balance sheet and its related notes using a company case study, Espresso Software. This will help us understand the financial strength of the company and help us make informed decisions. By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of the specific accounts in a typical balance sheet and the related notes to the financial statements.

  • Navigate successfully through the notes to the financial statements.
  • Read and interpret the various items in a published balance sheet.
  • Understand complex balance sheet concepts (e.g. deferred taxes, goodwill, investments, etc.)

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Reading & Understanding the Income Statement and Cash Flow

In this second module of this free course, we continue reading Espresso Software's financial statements. We look at the company's income statement and statement of cash flows and conclude by covering the key contents of an annual report. By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of a typical income statement, statement of cash flows and annual report.

  • Understand the different ways to present an income statement and cash flow statement.
  • Read and interpret the various items in a published income statement.
  • Identify the operating, financing, and investing activities of a company.
  • Determine what is contained in an annual report and where to find it.

How to read financial statements free course

More About this Free Financial Statements Course

This accounting course is highly interactive with many different applied exercises and case studies. Sophisticated search and navigation tools allow you to go at your own pace while pop quizzes test what you have learned. The reading financial statements course also includes two PDF reference guides – a financial statements glossary and an accounting factsheet. These can be used while taking the course and downloaded to your computer for future reference.

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What You'll Learn


How to Read Financial Statements - Free Course

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What Our Students Say

Dans Jurcāns
Great introduction to financial statements for beginners
Covers all the key aspects and contents of the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, as well as provides a deep dive into financial statement notes and management reports and discussion of an annual report.
Ntokozo Zo Moyo
Well made content
This is good content even for beginners. It is precise and digestible.
Gerard Beck
Good refresher course
The course did a great job of clearly presenting the contents of a set of financial statements and of an annual report. It provided basic examples to support the items presented. I recommend this course as a basic introduction or as a refresher in the skill of reading financial statements and reports.
Dany Gebran
Excellent content!
This course, in parallel with the "Accounting Fundamentals", taught me how to read and interpret financial statements. The instructor was clear, and the information was detailed.
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MD Mozammel Hoque
This course gives an insight into how to read the financial statements and annual report of a company. The course has given a precise explanation for the items appearing in the financial statements and also the fundamental information that appeared in the annual report. This is a must for those who want to understand the financial statements and annual report clearly.
Sarangan Venugopalan
This course very clearly elaborated on the importance of the Financial statements and how to read it. I have a greater understanding now.
Doyinsola Kazeem
The course enables a beginner to grasp financial concepts quickly. The course is self-paced so each person can learn at their convenience. Overall an enjoyable experience. A+++
Lebogang Monamesi
I am honesty enjoying these courses. i feel like a professional already
Ajisebiolowo Samson
The course covered what I expected of it and more. The lectures were engaging and delivered in an easy-to-understand manner even if you've never read a financial statement before or are not too familiar with accounting terms. Great job!
Macdonald Ossuetta
The course was delivered in a concise and relevant manner. Skills that I was lacking in were taught.
Elaine Chaw
Perfect basic accounting knowledge. Good refresher with clear and accurate explanations.
Ava Thompson
This course has made reading of financial statements very enlightening and rather interesting. It is a necessary tool to understand, especially if you have an interest in purchasing stocks or even owning your business. This course has been made so simple and easy that the lay person can understand it. Thank you.
Michael Nitto
Reading Financial Statements is a very good course. The instructions, notes, exercises and all around presentation are amazing and very helpful. Highly recommend.
Mickey Srivastav
nicely built with all the basic information as preparatory to build a strong foundation for the intermediate and advanced level.
Adeniyi Samuel
This is the best way to learn and catch up with International standards in Finance and Accounting. As a Nigerian this is a wonderful experience for me. Great stuff guys.
Manu Gupta
This course met my expectations and gave me thorough insights of the financial statements.
Biswadeep Ghosh
Reading Financial Statements is not a typical course where students are taught about how to prepare financial statements but how to present them. Its important to present and evaluate financial statements in a proper manner otherwise important managerial decisions cannot be formulated as it is difficult to derive financial ratios and cash flow analysis from an inappropriately prepared financial statement of a company. Financial Statements provide essential information to potential investors, customers and even candidates seeking a job in a company as companies operations are visible through the various accounts presented in a financial statement.
Agabala Aleskerov
It was a very good decision in taking this course which is very informative and very helpful for all professionals who intend to extend their career paths thru financial analysts tracks.
Rupom Hazarika
It was a worth investment to brush up my basic financial knowledge with this course for the upcoming FMVA course of FCI.
Ronnett Cummings Malcolm
The course has made the complex simple. Scott is very effective in getting the knowledge across in a short time. It was indeed an excellent refresher and the practice materials were extremely relevant.
Smriti Tomar
The course contains data for all . It starts with very basic and gradually the level increases . A very good learning opportunity . I ll recommend this course to all the enthusiasts eager to make their career in finance.
Deepak Mittal
This course is good and covers almost all aspects. I recommend this course to accounting students.
kelvin ahn
Even though I had no knowledge of the subjects, the instructor had explained in a clear and precise manner. Short and sweet. Right to the point. Awesome job !!!!
Joshua Marcius
Very informative and understandable
Muhammad Faizan
Its a good basic course for accountancy students or it can be viewed as a good refresher course for accountants.
Sara Vázquez Rico
This course covers everything you are going to need to know about the financial statements perfectly. Also it is very engaging the way this course is mapped out. Truly loved it!
Protim Changkakoti
i would strongly suggest CFI to tie up with top business universities and business schools so that the certifications gets recognized. The level of the course programs are so very professional. The instructor is a cherry on the top, he makes things so simple to understand.
Mohammad Haroon Zubair
An excellent course to gain insight of the company's financial position. A course with substantial depth for investors seeking to get returns on investment. Moreover, a good course for finance beginners.
Isaac Kofi Mensah
CFI makes accounting practical and real. Without prior knowledge in accounting, the practicality of the module will help you grasp the basic understanding of accounting. Thank you CFI
Mehreen Arsal
Thank u CFI for the course. I have learned a lot and it definitely cleared my all the concepts and will enroll in other courses as well . I hope the other courses are also covered all the things and concepts which a student is looking for.
Yewande Oludimu
I love this course and very useful to all accounting students
Ghina Widya Ningsih
Clearly, easy and important to know this. But maybe should addition of modules
Priya Taneja
The Course content is explained in a very simple language and it has really made my concepts clear. Must go for this course if you want a good knowledge about basic financial statements.
Ken Gachoki Njuguna
This course will impart all the necessary skills needed to ace that finance interview .
Saiyam Hota
Quite an informative and fruitful course. I would definitely recommend this course to all finance enthusiasts! Every financial statement has a story to tell.
Abhishek Kumar
A must do prerequisite course which helps to strengthen the fundamentals of reading the financial statements.
Very useful and attractive explanations.
Prachi Arya
Very beneficial for all financial statements and for students like ca ca cma.
kadri srinivas
Very good for both commerce and non commerce students
Don Ussery
This was great going through each section concerning financial statements.
Noura Alsugaih
it gives you the basic understanding about the reading financial statements: - income statement - balance sheet - Cash flow statement
Kavya Krishna Murthy
The course was very easy to understand and thorough. The interactive exercises helped alot to understand the fundamentals
Veena Khandagley
Siddharth Mehrotra
Good course for those who are beginners and wants to know about the terms used in financial statements
Korey Cook
As I am running through this course, it is really easy to understand and video work rather than reading makes things so much easier to digest.
Ansar CP
The course trying to deliver their best to a student in a simple way. especially for a beginner. It is recommended if you could add more area of Income statement, it would be more grateful. Thank you;
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Abolfotoh Ramadan
This course is impressive for a couple of reasons: the materials are well prepared, the quality of videos is great and the instructor voice is clear and has a simple way of delivering the information.
Akash Bhandari
The course has given me a great recap on reading the Financial statements
David Matthews
love it
Wayne Sakwah
I have studied the course and it is well done.
Gaye-Leon Williams
I did the course in about 3 hours. It was easy to follow through and very practical. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about finance and or investments/investing.
This is a course i will recommend for a financial accountant as a refresher training. So engaging and well-packaged analysis .
Shiza baig
It really helps me
Romaric Christian Tuwindpulongo Yougbaré
Very interesting and intuitive course which will really help in the future ! Thank you so much
Vinay Gupta
It's good Course to get an basic understanding of FS
Maneeza Hasan
This course is exactly what i was looking for. The explanation is so clear and easily understood.
Alvin k. Johnson
Well, I am indeed overwhelmed by what i was thought in this course. I am an accountant but what I have learned during this course was so wonderful. I can boost of analyzing financial statements given to me . This course has made men more prepared for my CPA Exams.
Marchetty Pavan Sai
Content is helpful in understanding the terminology and for basics. Thank you
Shiela Anne Gaerlan
This is my second time finishing a course here and all I can say is that CFI really helped me to understand a lot of things related to Accounting. I am very much happy knowing that I will be taking ABM as my SHS strand. All of my learnings in here will serve as a guide as I pave my way through Accountancy. Thank you for the free courses, CFI:)
Md Mobashir Alam
complex course presented in a lucid manner
Ahmed Said Khafagy
very valuable course
Aditi Bhadani
Everything is good but the problem is that when giving exams we dont get to know which answer is correct and which is not which takes a lot of time.
Nikhil Kumar Saini
Loved it ❤️
Swetha Manne
Ridhima Arora
Very helpful course
moses osekita
This course helped me in my financial skills and I really recommend it to other users... Thanks CFI
Srishti Goyal
The course is really good.
Vicky Shah
it is a good course to learn and read the financial statements like Balance sheet, Income Statement and Cash flow statement. it also helps us to know the various content of financials statement like contingencies, commitments, accured liability , deferred Income tax Payable etc.
Chauhan Arpit
I find this course excellent.I revised all my concepts of FS.
Saurabh Salgia Jain
Can be made more Analytical.
Amparo Masson
I did this as a refresher and found it very helpful.
Maram Alshareef
The course was very wonderful
it is very good course thank all the group work on this
Ronaldo Taylor
This course provides sufficient introductory insight into any existing or budding finance professional at all levels.
Ketan Kamble
Richa Nigam
Explained each thing in a brief way, at the same time in a clear way.
Muhammad Aftab Uddin Bhuiyan
I have learnt many more things from this Course before training my junior fellow(s).
gangesh kumar
I have learnd all about how to read financial statement. And now i am very confident about this. This learning is very useful for me. And the way you teach is very good. All the videos and text notes are very well explained. Test between study is very useful to check what you have learned. Videos are not too long neither too short. I am very satisfied after completing this course. You can also get certificate after course completion after giving test, that too will be not so hard. Thank you.
Nikhil Deshmukh
This course is excellent, informative, engaging and interactive. Basics of Financial Statements are covered in detail.
Annalize Swartz
This course was very informative and designed in such a way that it is easy to grasp. I love all the practical examples and videos. The interactive assessments are useful in testing one's knowledge of the materials. Thank you!
Rutuja Zagade
Very nice course. This course gives basic information about financial statements which is helpful to understand in detail about financial statements
Omoshewa Adebisi
I learnt three key financial statement which are profit & loss account, statement of financial position &statement of cash flow. I have always wanted to know difference between accounting income and taxable income which I have learnt from this course.
Emilia Abia
This course was so helpful and enlightening!
Souhityo Gupta
This is my first course with CFI and this course is bodacious. I personally feel that I have invested a valuable time by selecting this course. All the topics are widely covered and understandable as the topics are clearly itemized with important key words.
Rhythm Arora
Nice initiative
Mahima Sonalkar
This course is amazing for the ones who needed to learn more about the Company's performance and Financial Statement analysis. I will definitely recommend this to give it a try.
Isaac Anowuo
The content of the financial statement is in detail and good for this level.
Moses Kargbo
The course summarised an understanding of all the components within each of the three financial statements.
Oluwaseun Adedayomi
Taking this course is nice. I could not just get it better elsewhere.
Erik Goepner
Professional, informative, engaging, and free--it's everything you can ask for.
Amanda Collins
engaging and very informative
course was fully satisfying. Thank you.
Arvind Jugraj Jain
Very informative course to have complete understanding of Financial Statements and its various parts
Konchada Sameera
Chinnari Priyatam
Over-all good
Simranjeet kaur
I really understood all the basics of financial statements and with much ease.
This was really helpful for increasing my knowledge in cash flow statement
Abdur Rahman Muhammad
The CFI team has designed this course for public with efforts. The learning is so easy. There is no word like perfect to me. According to me, after having the full course you will be able to read and understand the financial statements. Moreover, any accountant can easily work with the financial statements but without analysis course this you may not be able to understand the financials. This course clears much about the financial statements. Once again thanks to the entire team.
Hemang Tomar
It's very new and innovative idea to learn the things
Sathyamurthy Subramanian
It is a good program and make user to learn the basic
Am at happy moment adding value to myself in the field of finance becuade all the aspect I didn't known was been explained in this course and I was able to have a clear understanding of them all including the one I am not aware of. It is a good moment attempting this course
Edwin Ruburika
The course was both practical and entertaining. I enjoyed refreshing my knowledge.
Alaa Aloush
Annalita Tandog
The course on reading financial statements feels like I am taking a refresher course in Accounting. It discusses about the basics of Financial Statements while giving an in depth understanding of an actual annual report and F/S. It has satisfactorily targeted the topics that are mostly critical and valuable in a real business situation. I am already excited to move on to my next course.
Anmol Garg
Sagar Devani
one of the best online course to understand the financial statement.
Nitin Kashyap
Indeed this course meant for those who are in the business of financial analysis and statement. I pleased to mention here that I will become more stronger and better after having this fabulous session from CFI. Love to enroll more in practice session Thank you so much CFI... Keep Rocking
Bidyarthi Saraswati Swain
It's very helpful both the commerce and non commerce students.
Priya Dubey
The course contains all the useful topics as well as exercises. I would highly recommend this course.
Amrita Sinha
I consider it an innovative and creative way of delivering knowledge. The slides were very informative and interesting. Fundamentals were very clear and understandable. These fundamentals are important to know being a finance student.
Deepali Pal
This level is really informative as the learning is on practical data. Very helpful. Interaction is impressive.
Bashiru Olatunde Ligali
Excellent! the course touches all key aspects required to understand and analyze a financial report in a brief and engaging manner.
Jose Olmedo
Pankaj Mhatre
It helped me to increase my knowledge
Ami Htike
Thank you very much for the sweet and short course for all fundenmendals. Learning this was fun to refreshing the basic accountings knowledge.
Anurag Singh Yadav
jai ho
Wayne Makwata
The context and explanation was well done..coherent and of great importance
Benedict Nor
100% achievement and well done to CFI Development
Mohit Summy
The course is essential for being a good and perfectionist in Financial Analyst , So going with it and keep remember that your honesty and potential with these courses help you to made a good financial analyst definitely.
Lloyd Campbell
Me completing this course will greatly assist in my investing.
I attained great understanding of the course through the materials and instructor. This learning platform is awesome.
Yazeed Alkhuwaiter
Thank you and really great course
Pallavi Chikkanna
The course contents are tailored with fundamentals that are MUST before reading the financial statements. Annual report used during the course, was really helpful bridging straight with real-time contents and course contents. Thanks, CFI.
gulisha vijayvergia
The course was very easy and helpful for beginers. It was very interesting with the help of graphics.
Zeeshan Muhammad Aslam
Absolutely worthy, comprehensive and beneficial course. I would suggest and recommend all finance professionals should get this certification.
Md Aariz Jamal
It's a great course to build basics of Account and make sure you are able to read and interpret financial statements.
Gerald McKoy
This course is highly recommended among the host of free and paid courses offered by CFI.
Anne Akinyi
i can comfortably read and analyze a company's financial statement with ease. Excellent course in deed.
Raju Ramadhar Mishra
This course is awsome to understand all aspects of financial statements. It clears all concept and help to understand the subject matter.
iulian Cojocaru
Very useful, all important areas were pointed
s Farhana
Excellent course and easy to understand 👍😊
Nand Kishore Prasad
Very informative way of teaching
Gurdeep singh
Harshit Gautam
Quite informative subjects covered.
Pratheeksha G
Very Helpful
Lochomin Akuut Calvin
the lecture is explained to its best line of fit to the leaner its precise and direct to the point
Ajibodu Olukunle
Its been a wonderful moment taking the course
Md. Rashel Siddique
This course is so helpful for finance person.
Aiush kumar agarwalla
very clear instructions
Strongly recommended to everyone doing the course. its such an excellent refresher, enjoyed doing it. very precise and informative. thumps up
Tanishk Sharma
This course must be completed by everyone who's done the Accounting Fundamentals course. It's the perfect refresher course for in-depth learning into the financial statements of a company.
A.Z.M Sheikh Nazmus Saqib
sandesh paul
Helped me to recall all the knowledge i gained in my Graduation days .
Meshal Althobaiti
I think this course is a good course foe accounting student
Reema Almukhlifi
I have refreshed my memory on the basics of accounting and been introduced to new components and information that helped me to understand the financial statements better. However, some of the case studies questions were not cleared and needed more explanation which i could not ask for. Otherwise, it is a great course I highly recommend it.
Winnie Ngomba
Introduction to reading Financial Statements covers all the basics and is quite informative. Personally, it was an ideal refresher course for me with excellent visualization and summary content.
Susilo Prasojo
Very refreshing
Shahzad Javed
course is good
Bommanin Franck Aristide Gnonteme
i really had a great time studying this topic with CFI. The course objectives, notes and exercises where very engaging, interesting and passionating. thanks to this course and the good explanations from the lecturer I understand better what it means to actually read financial statements and I can easily read them now. Thanks, CFI. I look forward to taking more courses with you.
Daniel Orefuwa
The explanation of the deferred tax was Apt. Thank you
Divya Laddha
Divya sanu
It's very useful for accounting and finance carrier.
pratiksha varale
it is most informative and beautifull cource. thank you so much taking the knowledge in this cource.
Saif Ansari
I am fortunate to attend such informative and knowledgeable course provided by CFI it help to understand Financial statement of any Company very well and analyse deeply. Thanks
Aditya Rajesh
I would definitely recommend to opt this course!
Dzhonsulton Kargasova
Beginners' Guide to Financial Statement. This course will help you to read Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements in a small period of time. Very informative and great way to use you time for your own benefit.
Manchester Macgyver
Amazing content, it was totally worth my time and a little refresher wouldn't hurt. I will strongly recommend this to anyone who has no, to a little knowledge on accounting and finance.
Ayub Olanrewaju
I'm glad to take this course, it really helps and sincerely its impactful.
Rajeev Chowdhry
A very helpful and informative course that give a high level overview of the complex financial statements issued by major listed companies. It covers all the fundamentals required to read financials and also very good tests to help understand how and where to look for information on Annual Reports which include the Financial Statements.
Prutha Shah Shah
Very insightful
I am really satisfied with this course. the topics were covered in full detail and were really interactive and informative. i would recommend everyone to take this course.
This is a very informative course. Help me to enrich my knowledge. one should do this course who belongs to finance backgroung.
Altaf Ismail
The course in summary teaches financial accounting to non finance people with goods depths.
Maria Elkess Youssef Elhomy
this course is very efficiently and helpful, I want to thanks all team members who prepared this course
jinal solanki
it was amazing to learn this course
Its after this course that I really took the time and the knowledge to read my Company's Annual Financial Reports to my satisfaction.
Maximilian Seibel
So far, I have only done the prerequirements for the FMVA course. They are all very well-explained and provide a lot of insightful information in the topics a financial analyst should know. I am looking froward to dive deeper into the more advanced and elective courses.
Koustav Mukherjee
a good course . all the basics have been taught nicely.
Samuel Agbadzidah Yayra
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge in Accounting
Efe Bakare
The course was explained thoroughly for understanding!
Beatrice Kariuki
...Work well done,precision was key to delivery.
good to learn with you. thank you extremely helpful to us.
Wamundila Kabubi
The course is engaging and informative. Excellent delivery of the course contents.
Philip Le
Very good course to help all business leaders to read financial statements
Jorge Da Silva
Having a basic knowledge gives you a good grasp of the content and gives more insights of how financial statements work.
Tirtha Raj Saha
They are just awsome. A huge chunk divided into portion with detailed explanation, highly recommended.
Ashwini V
A course designed to give an overview of the components in a financial statements for beginners. The exercises attached is useful
Jitesh Singh
Nice content and certificate
mohamed elsherif
Perfect instructor and contents
Maria Indriyanti
Good material and add insight
Fady Fathy
The course content is too very simple. Also too many little exercises in comparison to the 1st course.
Pulkit Gandhi
It was a nice learning
Shah afzal Raza
awsome corse for those who wants to know about financial statement and how to read ' and also i am giving 5 stats of this course
Megersa Hirpha
I would like thanks more, because i can get more knowledge and skills from your training and also i says thank very much
Kishore Srinivasan
Basics neatly explained! Kudos to CFI team
Balaji R
Please include more examples to understand the financial statements concepts
CA Priya Chaturvedi
A beneficial course to gain understanding of Financial Statements.
get well knowledge and clear concept after doing that course excellent
CA Israil Ansari
Elaborated Course
Ricardo Samatelo Fernandez
This was my first free virtual financial course, and even than the concepts were well known for me, the methodology and sequence made me feel comfortable and involved from the beginning until the end; the examples and explanations well chosen.
Naresh Bambhaniya
Again thanks for sharing
Emad Alotainan
you have the option of instantly streaming the video. amazing series of lectures .
Olivia Li
This course provides an easy way of explaining what financial statements are consist of and the detailed items that can be included. Both videos and exercises are quick and interactive.
raju singh
this course is refreshing for me and very knowledgable
kunal Solanki
CA CISA(Certified) Pankaj Kumar Choudhary
Very good course for beginners and nice refresher for working professionals.
Lakshmiraj Muniraj
I was very much happy to start the course as I had got to learn many things from other courses from the Bundle. once after I started the course I was very much disappointed, the first reason being the instructor is very fast, where had to play the video 'n' number of times to listen and understand. second of all the course content, materials could have been much better. I have rated 2 stars for the effort, but not happy with the overall content. though it is not must try for FMVA professional, but I assume one must know to read the financial statements no matter what.
saikat chandra Debnath
I am very happy to complete course
Muhammad Azim
A very simple way to explain how to read a complicated public company financial statements. Thank you.
Diwakar R
I am studying financial course first time. Its useful
Jim Howard
I got a lot out of the course. My only criticism is that when I took the course the second time the segments advanced without my selecting them as I was working my way through the module. Is there a way to take the courses multiple times without having to change the check box for each segment to to reflect that it hasn't been taken?
Leena Palav
The text slide disappears too quickly once the audio is completed. There is no time to read and absorb. It can stay until the reader presses next. There is no value to keep going back to the screen with the list of the 60 different videos per chapter in order to press Next. The whole chapter can be just one sequence. Also your software does not work with Microsoft Edge
I Wayan Subagia
No Need to review because Easy to understand.
Gerald Mulongosha
It has given me a good insight in beginning the accounts course, I hope to take more lessons.
Nam Nguyen
Overall a very good pre-requisite and foundation course, however sections such as Deferred tax income could've been explained more thoroughly in terms of material flow and clear distinction between time/temporary difference and permanent difference to enhance comprehensibility.
Elaine Tor
Can't seem to link the answers properly. Got it right however due to system error, can't detect the puzzle to the correct answer.
During my MBA program, certain aspects were not clearly understood, which gave me less confidence & after much research, I came across CFI and I sincerely commend the Institute for coming up with a well defined method to reading and understanding the financial statements. The course content is outstanding and thoroughly planned with unique explanations and tests. The platform is easy to use & navigate, which makes learning interesting. My confidence has greatly increased in this areas and all thanks to Corporate Finance Institute. I recommend CFI to anyone who wants to build a career in finance. Great job CFI.
Nadjib Cherif
Thank you very much instructor and Corporate finance institute for this Course.
Anjoo Navalkar
A most recommended course on significance of Financial statements in a nutshell for non-finance professionals. Wonderful exercises and expalnation of key concepts.
Jacinta Njuguna
The course is very informative, I learnt a lot and the descriptions are very easy to understand.
Ayush Mangal
Good Overall
Bello, Olalekan Asodiq
This course has been an amazing and inspiring course to me because it has tremendously added value to my knowledge and make me gain confidence as regards reading, preparation and presentation of financial statements.
George Cracan
Excellent information, excellent documentation, excellent explanations for a beginner like me !
Syed Khurram Haider
Pha Pha Nguyen Ngoc
It is such a nice course to update my knowledge!!!
Ali Zahoor
Its is best for improve the skills, easy to understand. Great team work of CFI Regards Ali Zahoor
Very articulate and elaborate. Job well done by the instructors.
The course was very useful for me. It is well organized and gives u a lot of information regarding the financial statements.
Rizwan Karim
I would to thanks team CFI for providing such a great platform for Finance professionals to grow and take the next career step. I am very much satisfied with CFI's efforts.
Andriette le Grange
This course guides you where to look for information and how information can be used to make various decisions.
Excellent! All the best! God bless!
Dr. Melina Reisenberg
I don't have a finance background, however work in a position requiring financial knowledge. I hoped this course would help me to really get my head around the ins and outs of financial statements...ant it simply hasn't. It gives an ok overview and can be seen as a starting point.
James Gwan
Speaks too fast and needs to explain in more detail! These are not not well prepared lectures at all!
James Rwagasana
I recommend any one to take this course.
Lúcio Carlos de Pinho Filho
It is an excellent course!
syed haider zaidi
A good course for Revision.
Bhushan Pathak
For anyone who does or does not know basics of a business financial statements, it is productive.
Marco Pelser
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