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  1. Accounting Fundamentals

Excel modeling fundamentals course overview

Learn the fundamentals of Excel modeling online from professional Wall Street trainers. This four-part Excel fundamentals course provides tips and tricks for Excel model builders, gives advice on how to audit your financial models, demonstrates how to use better formulas, and shows you how to monitor and handle uncertainty using scenarios planning.

Financial modeling fundamentals course excel

Excel tips and tricks

1 - Learn how to speed up your Excel modeling skills by using keystroke navigation
2 - Significantly improve how you can edit your worksheet by learning how to use editing shortcuts in Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010
3 - Develop the skills every model builder needs to edit and model your spreadsheet in mere minutes

financial modeling for beginners

Better formulas for financial modeling

1 - Build flexibility into financial forecasts
2 - Break down complex calculations
3 - Minimize errors in Excel models
4 - Understand Excel function syntax

Excel modeling course

Catering for uncertainty in the model

1 - Learn how to perform sensitivity analysis
2 - Understand how data tables and goal seek can facilitate your model building process
3 - Learn how to measure the impact of future uncertainty on cash flows and profit with scenario planning
4 - Learn how to use scenario and solver tools to see how certain inputs can impact your model

basics of how to build a model

Auditing a financial model

1 - Learn how to quickly and easily find errors and audit a spreadsheet
2 - Understand how the auditing toolbar can help make your spreadsheet error-free
3 - Learn how to use test data to uncover errors

Excel skills course for financial modeling

Included in this module is a PDF – Excel Shortcuts Reference Guide for both PC and Mac – that can be used while taking the course and downloaded to your computer for future reference.

More about the Excel financial modeling fundamentals course

This Excel modeling fundamentals course is designed for professionals working in equity research, investment banking, corporate development, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and other areas of finance and accounting.

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Note: This course does not offer a certificate. It is an optional prep for the Building a Financial Model in Excel course which will allow you to earn our Financial Modeling Certificate.

What You'll Learn


Excel Modeling Fundamentals

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Approx 2.0 hrs to complete

What Our Students Say

Camila Thais Higa Lopes

very good
Marco Pelser
This was helpful
I have been trying to create more professional appearing documents for a while, and feel confident that now I have sealed the deal on it and the best practices that go with it. I love the truly decent amount of helpful tidbits given, and it is really great value for money.
Dorian Hill
Minor problems with exercise/instruction/solution excel sheets
Hi, I've just completed the "Excel Modelling Fundamentals" course. During the course, while completing the exercises I noticed that the instructions given often refer to cells that are out by 1 or 2 rows (maybe due to header rows being added after the content?). Most of the time I could compensate, but I could imagine someone less experienced with excel might get lost. The Tensel exercises were most affected by this, the other ones I've listed below were just slightly mis-aligned cell references (ie instructions said "C3 :C5" when the data was in C4:C6). Tensel Names NPV Goal Seek Data Tables Scenario It's just a small thing but I figured you guys would want to fix it as everything else you have done is so spot-on! By the way, the course is great . Thanks, Dorian.
Ashish Godse
great course but one small suggestion.
Hi, The course was wonderful and I certainly learned alot of new topics which will help me. Just one suggestion - like prior courses, have few more practice sections for this course too. Auditing did not have any practice module. Other than the above suggestion the course overall was wonderful like other courses I have done till now. Regards, Ashish Godse
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wow its so amazing how I am feeling feet towards becoming a financial model analyst, the course in financial modeling fundamentals, its so beautiful in a way that I am now able to use Data tables, scenario goal seek and more keys without the mouse use, the precedence and dependents I now understand and action upon towards the fun in financial models, I can do it the way I wished in financial modeling now, let me proceed to the next course, CFI love mncwaa!
Myrian Cristina Fabra Leyton
This is a very practical course for people who want to understand the art of FP&A. Good tips are explained here.
Ziad Qasqas
It is the easiest way to link all the related issues in well structured way
Bienvenido Jesus B. Castro Jr., CPA, FMVA
Highly recommended for those who are just new to financial modeling, clear-cut guidelines from A to Z, thanks CFI team !!
Mustafa Mustansir
It's a must for anybody engaged in building financial models on an ongoing basis. Very well designed and taught. I learned a lot!
Yembondame Dahmtaré LARE
I learned a lot from this course. Thanks
Rustom Rupand
Good for beginners and great to review all the "best practices"
Yasser Alshahrani
I loved how simple and easy to follow instruction. Totally worth every penny! Many thanks Scott
Ron T
If you want to get into investment banking, equity research, of a good finance position you definitely have to take courses like this. Unfortunately university doesn't teach you most of this stuff so you have to take it from professional training companies, and I can say, having taken several of them that this is one of the best. Highly recommend.
Chris Wang
The material i've learned exceeded my expectations going into the course. This course is very valuable for my career

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