Financial Modeling Fundamentals

[Level 1] Learn best practices to build a financial model in Excel with tips and tricks, better formulas, and scenarios planning. | taught by Scott Powell
  • 4 Quizzes
  • 2 Surveys
  • 4 Multimedia
  • 4.0 hrs
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Course description

Learn the fundamentals of financial modeling online from professional Wall Street trainers. This four part series provides tips and tricks for Excel model builders, gives advice on how to audit your financial models, demonstrates how to use better formulas, and shows you how to monitor and handle uncertainty using scenarios planning.

Part 1 - Excel tips and tricks

1 - Learn how to speed up your Excel modelling skills by using keystroke navigation
2 - Significantly improve how you can edit your worksheet by learning how to use editing shortcuts on Excel 2003 & 2007
3 - Develop the skill every model builder needs in editing and modelling your spreadsheet in mere minutes

Part 2 - Better formulas

1 - Build flexibility into financial forecasts
2 - Break down complex calculations
3 - Minimize errors in Excel models
4 - Understand Excel function syntax

Part 3 - Catering for uncertainty

1 - Learn how to perform sensitivity analysis
2 - Understand how data tables and goal seek can facilitate your model building process
3 - Learn how to measure impact of future uncertainty on cash flows and profit with scenario planning
4 - Learn how to use scenario and solver tools to see how certain inputs can impact your model

Part 4 - Auditing a model

1 - Learn how to quickly and easily find errors and audit a spreadsheet
2 - Understand how the auditing toolbar can help make your spreadsheet error-free
3 - Learn how to use test data to uncover errors

Included in this module is a PDF – Excel Shortcuts Reference Guide for both PC and MAC - that can be used while taking the course and downloaded to your computer for future reference.

Learn financial modelling online course

financial modeling excel

Financial modeling course

financial modelling course

Note: This course does not offer a certificate. It is an optional prerequisite for the Building a Financial Model in Excel course which will allow you to earn our Financial Modeling Certificate.

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Scott Powell
Scott Powell
Head Instructor, Managing Director, MDA Training

Scott has over 15 years experience designing and delivering Wall Street training programs for bulge bracket investment banks.

As Managing Director, MDA Training North America, he works with clients to design and deliver customized learning solutions. His areas of focus are:

    • Commercial banking
    • Investment banking
    • Capital markets
    • Asset management

Scott's clients include Allied Irish Bank, ATB Financial, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Brandes Investment Partners, Credit Suisse, Coast Capital Savings, Deutsche Bank, Glenview Capital, HSBC, ING, Intact Insurance, JP Morgan, Royal Bank of Scotland, TD and many others.

Prior to joining MDA Training, Scott worked at Ernst & Young and is both a Canadian and UK Chartered Accountant with an honours degree in politics/economics from Trent University, Canada and a master’s degree in international relations/economics from Cambridge University.

Scott sits on the advisory board of the student-run National Investment Banking Competition and Conference which in 2014 attracted over 150 competing teams from universities across North America.

Reviews (15)

An excellent course!

by Mustafa Mustansir
It's a must for anybody engaged in building financial models on an ongoing basis. Very well designed and taught. I learned a lot!


by Yembondame Dahmtaré LARE
I learned a lot from this course. Thanks
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An excellent course!

by Mustafa Mustansir
It's a must for anybody engaged in building financial models on an ongoing basis. Very well designed and taught. I learned a lot!

by Jean Louisman raboude

Very good overview course

by Miempie De Lange

by Aarav Singh

by Barbara Alvarez


by Yembondame Dahmtaré LARE
I learned a lot from this course. Thanks

by barbara arnold

by Cara Nowen

by Rustom Rupand
Good for beginners and great to review all the "best practices"

Awesome Basic Concepts Everyone Needs

by Yasser Alshahrani
I loved how simple and easy to follow instruction. Totally worth every penny! Many thanks Scott

by Jared Blum

Tips and tricks really helpful

by Stacy Rustom
I really liked all the best practices and tips for setting up a model. The downloaded template is helpful for me to use in the future.

Easy to follow

by JJ Walker
I've taken several online financial modeling courses and this one is one of the best - very easy to follow with great step-by-step instructions.

Advice for others

by Ron T
If you want to get into investment banking, equity research, of a good finance position you definitely have to take courses like this. Unfortunately university doesn't teach you most of this stuff so you have to take it from professional training companies, and I can say, having taken several of them that this is one of the best. Highly recommend.

Great modeling course

by Chris Wang
The material i've learned exceeded my expectations going into the course. This course is very valuable for my career