Accounting fundamentals course overview

This free 2-part accounting fundamentals course will guide you through the accounting process. We explore the layout of the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. We will demonstrate how to prepare financial statements from scratch. This free accounting course is an essential building block required for performing financial modeling and other types of wall street financial analysis.

Free Accounting Course Online

Constructing an income statement and balance sheet

In the first module of this free accounting course, we explore the layout of the balance sheet and income statement, how transactions are recorded and how to prepare these statements. By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of how to construct a balance sheet and income statement.

  • Explain the format of the income statement and balance sheet
  • Define various financial statement terms (e.g. accounts receivable, prepayments, etc.)
  • Record financial statement transactions (e.g. invoicing, raising equity, buying inventory, etc.)
  • Prepare a simple income statement and balance sheet

Accounting Courses online free

Constructing a cash flow statement

In the second module of this free accounting course, we explore the layout of the cash flow statement and explain the differences between the cash flow statement and the income statement. By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of how to construct a cash flow statement.

  • Outline the format of the cash flow statement
  • Explain the difference between profit and cash
  • Prepare a simple cash flow statement using the balance sheet and income statement

Free Accounting class

More Accounting Course Details

This online accounting course incorporates a wide range of applied exercises and case studies. Sophisticated search and navigation tools allow you to go at your own pace while pop quizzes test what you have learned. The course also includes two PDF reference guides – a financial statements glossary and an accounting factsheet. These can be used while taking the course and can be downloaded to your computer for future reference. This is the ultimate accounting crash course to prep for wall street careers!

Who should take this free accounting course?

This free online accounting course is designed for anyone who wants to review the fundamentals and building blocks of the accounting process.  This class will also be useful for professionals who work in finance and want to review the concepts required for financial modeling and valuation in CFI's later courses.

What You'll Learn


Accounting Fundamentals Course

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What Our Students Say

Neo Letele
Excellent Recap Course
I thoroughly enjoyed the Accounting Fundamentals Prep course. It is well -structured and the provided exercises are relevant to the course material.
Aryav Srivastava
completed the course
Amazing content explained in an interactive way
Vincent Joseph Manlapaz
Effective and efficient.
I must say that this refresher course is very effective and efficient. It has interesting information materials that could easily be understood.
Asif Niaz
Course Review
Superb course for the understanding of basis financial reporting procedures and practice. To the point knowledge with less time consuming
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Oluwakemi Faniku
It was eye opening and also helped in refreshing my memory in accounting.
Sarah Adeloye
This course was utterly amazing- it shouldn't be free. The instructor was so patient and detailed, explaining every single thing. I have no accounting background but I scored a 90 in my assessment. This course is truly remarkable. Thank you, CFI. Thank you, thank you.
Vivek Joshi
My experience with the unit has been great as it provides great, clear and crisp explanation, good interactive exercises along with good practical input. Great learning with ease and simplicity.
José Christian RANAIVO
The "Fundamental Accounting" course is clear, essential and crucial for anyone wishing to refresh their knowledge of key financial statements
Yulia Nikitina
I used to work as an accountant, but not for long time, so I am a kind of "almost a beginner". The course is well structured, and I would recommend it as a crash course to people who want to find out what are the main principles of the accounting. Also, the complexity of the course is increasing from the beginning to the end of it, so, the course would be interesting for accountant with some experience. I would include more practical examples for better understanding of the concepts. All in all, I like the structure of the course and the teaching style. Thank you.
Henry Sambola
The content and structure of this course is very good. The instructor explained the subject matter in detail, but in a very simple term which makes it easy the grasp the concept.
Ana Norales
This course was thorough and insightful. The concepts were explained in simple terms.
Peram Rakesh Reddy
The way explained in the module's is very simple and clear and easy way to understand for everyone who pursue this course. I recommend this course to my family members and to my friends. Thank you for providing this information to me.
Nand Belani
Excellent course. Well explained fundamentals with examples
Jincy Karunakaran
Thank you CFI for creating such a quality content on accounting fundamentals.
Prosper N Lukhele
Good accounting refresher course. No need to refer to high school notes.
varun kalmady
The course was absolutely relevant, detailed and easy to understand with very good video lectures and tests.
Milton Langa
Excellent Course. Accounting fundamentals still the base for every single course in CFI
Frederick Iyekekpolor
The course was a good refresher and I will advise anyone interest in finance and accounting to take it
Shalini Singh
I would like to thanks CFI for this helpful course and I highly recommended to take this course
Rikesh Chaurasia
CFI is really a good platform where an interested students can earn knowledge free.
José Asrael Bamberger Leyva
Its a dynamic and easy to understand course, it teaches you how to make the 3 financial statement, explained the best way as posible.
Mohamed Mayet
A brilliant course and well explained.
Pushpendra Singh
This course is best describe the basics of accounting fundamentals.
vandana kataria
I really love to pursue this basic yet important course from CFI. The instructor, material, concepts, and slides were so genuine and accurate that one doesn't need to have commerce as their mainstream instead you can just enroll in this course and enjoy learning with the simplest method they provide. At last, I would just say a big big thank you to the instructor and to CFI for making this course worth learning.
Sasikala loganathan
I really enjoyed each topic of this course and I learnt huge form the content and practical’s, this course helped me a lot to boost my accounting knowledge and career growth. I would recommend everyone should utilise the platform to gear up your fundamentals especially with the freshers in preparing financials. Tremendous thanks to CFI for this course !!!
Joy Oluchi Monehin
This course was quite insightful. The materials were quite explanatory and easy to understand. The explanations given were apt and made learning really easy.
This learning can give brief explanation about accounting fundamentals even the person did not had accounting background
Hazel Asantewaa kissi-Dankwa
The content was great. i understood every bit and it is highly recommendable.
Yan (Sally) Liu
PPT is beautiful :)
Jinal Dodiya
Course was very informative with clear concepts and assessements...Very Helpful ..Thanks to the expert !!!!!
Dheeraj omre
a great course for beginners had so much to learn in this quick course and boosted my CV with a certificate
Dayo Festus
Very informative and insightful
The course is absolute easy to understand even with no base in accounting.
Sasikanta Das
It's very easer to complete the course.
Mausam Shah
Good course!
Muhammad Satrio Putra Pramana
Thank you a lot!
Goitse Lekau
I would like to recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn something exciting yet challenging
Sayed Maheen Basheer
The course gives a quick refresh of accounting fundamentals and provides with practical examples and exercises. It is simple and powerful...
Hassan Mokhtar Alarabi
thank you so much for your efforts
Shipra Jain
This Course is really helpful in taking a deep and practical insight to understanding and preparing Financial Statements. I recommend it to begginers trying to build career in Accounts and Finance Field.
Shivani Tawde
The course was very helpful in understanding basic concepts of accounting fundamentals with accurate examples and test series.
Good learning and Good websites.
Cecilia Makwe
The course is simplified, engaging and has great resource.
Freddie Mavimbe
It has been a transforming experience.
Bader Abou Jundi
Very helpful
Oluwamuyiwa Samuel Ajijola, BSc., AAT, ACA, GMNIM
Information was well explained and covered.
Mithil Kothiwan
Course is awesome. Get to learn more skills. It is a value addition skill course.
Its a really very helpful course and interactive one. Its exercise really brushes our knowledge & helps to understand the concepts thoroughly.
Sithembiso Hercules Ndou
Its a veer informative course and A very interactive assessments in-between to gauge your understanding on completed subjects which keeps aligned with your studies,
Manu M
As this course covers all the major areas relating to the basics for a beginner in the finance field . I strongly recommend those who are in the finance field must do it.
Pranay Ghag
it is good course which help me to strong my basics in aavounts
Muhammad Asif
In This Course, I learn very important knowledge about all types of financial statements that helpful for me in future
Nicholas Constantinou
It is best to take this course if you already have some knowledge of accounting in general. However, this course has been a great review for myself in covering the fundamental and imperative topics related to all financial statements. Highly recommended.
Tolulope Ibikunle
Great course, i learnt a lot, materials were engaging and effective.
Manish Patidar
Course will clear all the basics of accounting fundamentals,
mishal khan
highly recommended
Mofaggol Hossain Pabel
It is splendid
Rajesh G
I feel very interesting at each level to complete this course looking forward for the opportunity
paresh swain
awesome clarification
Hoang Nguyen
This is exactly what the doctor orders! This course has everything you need before deepdiving into other aspects of financial modeling
Juan Pablo Quevedo Calatayud
Good course for whom would like to review basic concepts and mechanics in Financial Statements.
Vineeth Kumar M
Excellent tutoring of accounting concepts
Mohammed Mangoud
I like this Course
Abdalla Abdi
I really enjoyed taking this course. I had taken accounting before and this was exactly the sort of basics refresher that i needed.
A very interesting and consistent course
Obioma Okolo
The Accounting fundamentals course is a course every aspiring accounting and finance student should take. It makes accounting more fun and exciting.
Swaminathan Krishnamurthy
Good Course. Material is good. Every point well explained.
Adithya Iyer
From a hater of the subject to a lover of the subject, all credit goes to CFI's efforts in developing such amazing course material. Thank you so much. Looking forward for a similar, interactive and extremely educative experience throughout my FMVA journey.
The course content is really good and well explained. I am amazed at the quality. Congratulations
Luluh Saleh Alquraishi
I learned accounting fundamental clearly and I recommend this course for everyone who has an interest in basic accounting of financial statements
Michael Mitrovski
I really liked it because i never heard an accounting lecture from scratch.
Amr Nagy
the course was helpful with clear materials, very good instructor. fact sheet was excellent
Mostafa Hesham Farag Elsayed
Very good course
Rayan Alqahtani
such a great instructor! an amazing course by the way.
Sanjay Varma K
This course helped me in learning the financial statements with good clarity
Pramod Koli
The real basic course of accounting for understanding the concepts.
Axel Hassan
This course simply will introduce you to fundamentals of accounting, with the end goal of constructing an indirect cash flow statement. Coming from an accounting background, this course gave me a chance to review/refine my knowledge.
Sivakumar Periyasamy
Excellent program filled with accounting depth information's and inbuild practice along the course. This Program is much more valuable to corporate finance members. You will explore the layout & deeper knowledge of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow. We get some additional useful tips for excel shortcuts.
Md Imran Najil
I was looking for a course like this. I have already read this course. But with this course all my confessions are gone.
Stephen Green
For certain type of brain, principles of accountancy can be very challenging indeed, and any course has to take such people through the concepts very carefully. This is a very good course, and succeeds in explaining well some very difficult ideas. Thank you very much.
Ezeigwe Chinonso Emmanuel
I found this course more informational and impactful
𝙈𝙤𝙙𝙪𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙞𝙨 𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙚𝙭𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙩𝙤.
Akshi Saxena
The whole course is designed in a way that it can be easily understood by a non- commerce background person. I feel my basics are pretty much cleared from the course. All the practice exercises and the solved examples helped me to grasp the concepts more easily.
Nataliia Hurzhiy
Good course for beginners in accounting.
Omorotola Olatunji
This course will help me for my financial analyst course in great extend
Its a very interesting time did i pass by attending the course of CFI. learn and practice with parallel way. Thanks a lot for being part of this sessions.
Schaywartz Olivas
Accounting fundamentals is a complete and aprópiate introduction curse not only for those whom improve their financial acknolagement also beginners, entrepreneurials, business men and women in order to create the best business performance at time.
Accounting Fundamentals is the first and best online course. This course made Accounting so simple! Take the Accounting Fundaments to become a Professional!
CashFlow statement used to be very confusing to me. Now I understand it a lot better. Thanks to CFI!!!!
Prince Dissi
I am glad that the CFI has put together the FMVA certification, I am yet to complete but, so far I am very impressed by the quality of the course including documentations and activities. The course is result-driven i.e., your knowledge is tested throughout the lesson to ensure good and adequate progression. I also love the fact that one has to pass the course at with at least 80% to demonstrate the knowledge acquired. I am very excited about this journey and hope that my expectation will continuously be met as it has started on a good note.
Asimath Thasmiya
Thank you for providing this course.
Kelvin Kamande Karanja
Vusal Hasanov
This was great and very engaging, concepts explained very nicely and was easy to follow. I hiighly recomend this course.
Connor Close
Truly wonderful courses and material
The lecture and exercise were quite so simplified with good coverage.
Carmen Feliz
Excellent feedback given on these topics!
Ramsha Khanum
I always had troubles digesting Accounting as an Engineering student, but this program has really helped me out a lot. Never had such a nice experience of learning accounting from scratch. Thanks to CFI for making this course so understandable. I appreciate and immensely recommend this course to my friends.
Alick Kapeza
The course was a good refresher on accounting principals and will be very helpful to those who have never done accounting before.
David Said Alhassan
I'm an Accountant, but this Course helped me understand some fundamentals in Accounting that I realized I didn't know. I recommend to Everyone who wants to venture into Finance and Accounting.
Divya Singh
Daniel Njokanma
I Strongly recommend this course for anyone who is currently or thinking of venturing into finance
Nivamol Vincent
The basis of accounting is well descried in the course.
Elakhe Emode
i enjoyed every minute spent learning about the fundamentals of accounting despite graduating with a Bsc in economics and statistics. it was so simplified and interesting, would defiinitely recommend this course to my friends
Dalia Al Hamoud
It was a good course!
I enjoyed taking this course because it was presented in a simple and very comprehensive way. I used to struggle with accounting books but here, I was happily surprised with the tips and ways to understand the content of the course. Thanks a lot for this, I would definitely recommend...
Ishana Chambers
I love this course and how it was outlined, would recommend to anyone who wants to understand the basics for accounting. Thanks CFI. On to the Next!!! :)
Obed Aryee
The course materials are very informative. The content is also very cogent. The course gave me insight into things that I did not know. I recommend a continuous development of the content of the course.
Dean Lewis
I found this course to be very thorough, systematic and informative. It efficiently refreshed my accounting from years ago. It is also well presented in a step-wise fashion. I have recommended it to my friends, as well as a University course i have devised to help teach science-trained individuals the commercial language necessary for entrepreneurship.
Benchito Guerra
the course is useful for non- accountants.
Hendra Rakhmawan
This course will help you to understand the basic concept of accounting, especially to understand the financial statements. I like to material included as well as the exercise file which I found very useful for reference later.
Wejdan Alshammari
I was happy with this course, prove my concepts and trained with Excel✨
Svitlana Oneshko
I took the course mostly to assess my knowledge. I liked the systematization of the material, its presentation and brevity. The materials are logical, visual and easy to learn. Very convenient forms for solving problems and consolidating the acquired skills. Thank you so much!
A very excellent training course
Lawrence Atkins, MBA
The content is very informative. 5 Stars
Abdulaziz alsahlawi
It is a good course! It refreshes your study of accounting principles and gives those who have not studied Accounting before a basic understanding of Accounting that they need
Prithvijit Das
Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the course offered here. Accounting fundamentals cleared a lot of incorrect pre-existing notions and carefully guided me towards understanding the purpose of each element. Thanks for a great learning experience!
Muhammad Jameel
CFI is one of the best online learning institute, Every student can take benefit more and more, who are interested to learn basic accounting course and many more. This is my first experience and my suggestion for every student to enroll and take the advantages from this CFI institute.Amazing experience, i never thought that i will learn many things online but it is fantastic institute. Thank you so much.
Mariam Nasir
I really liked the way whole course has been design easy to understand, engaging, built in sheets for practice and most of easy way of teaching concept. I have really struggled lately holding on to some concepts and i hope now i'll hold on to them forever.
Lwazi Matakane
A great introduction to accounting and its principles.
Ashwin Kumar
This course is beautifully designed for beginners.
Samirah Azan
It's really excellent way to learn
Halima Siddiqui
An amazing course for students to understand the basic fundamentals of accounting statement.
Odunlami Ayomide
Very nice course with all materials and video well detailed
The instructor's delivery is very good.
Dhanesh Kumar
This is very informative course for me.
Yogita Aggarwal
It was very good experience for me. All topics are very clear and informative. Thank you for such an amazing course. I hope it will be very helpful.
Risal Ahmed
This course is very helpful for people both from non-business and business background. For business background people it will brush their memory on accounting before delving into rigorous topics. And as far it goes for the people of non-business background, it will help them to understand the fundamental accounting rules.
Abdul Majid
This is the best way I have ever known to refresh the basic accounting concepts for busiest Accounting Professionals. Certification glitters this course extra more
Prabhu C
Thank you CFI...
Osman Bangura
It is a well structured course.
Suhas . A
the course was really insightful and really helped me understand basic concepts.
Cowden John Mphande
Delivered in an unparalleled manner, so simple and clear. Other providers should emulate how CFI succinctly delivers content, covering the detail at an appropriate level.
Mohamed Galhoum
all topics is useful and the instructor were clear in this course
Gunjan Nisar
Thank you CFI for providing such a wonderful experience and building our base stronger in accounting fundamentals, looking forward to grab more knowledge through your expert sessions.
Anuththara Guwani
this is really a good opportunity to get knowledge about this field.
Rachita Naredi
This is an awesome course for accounting student
The teacher are really good. I look forward to you all for more courses like this
Xavier Tan Chong Hian
I've been dealing with finance on and off for many years prior, having heard of CFI's interesting course at hand, I've decided to give it a go to relive the experience I once had in college - years prior. To my amazement, this course is simplistic, a go-getter and straight forward in value! None of the course online comes closer to this in terms of value, precision and accuracy of informational teachings. Simply said, you're the best, CFI.
It's very useful
Ademola Isola
It was clear and easy to understand. You get to have basic knowledge and easy understanding of financial statements
Samiya Nasir
Best course
Samuel Tendai Muhwati
It was a worthwhile course and I really grasped so much to do with accounting fundamentals...thanks for a well thought out course.
cathy odah
It was very easy to follow through.
Course is well packaged, precise yet comprehensive
pallavi patil
This course is more helpful for me in future. because all detail concept is clear this financial statement form bottom to top. practical example will be more help for me .
kadri srinivas
Highly recommended to new learners of accounting basics.
Fayez AlQahtani
any learner must be improve his skills with CFI
Olarewaju Victoria
Best accounting course online. Easy to understand
Faith Nakawala Simwanza
The course is very informative and prepared to explain accounting to even one without any basic knowledge. When you are done you will have more information than when you begin. Absolutely amazing!
Meera Mali
This course being basic, is very helpful to understand the core concepts with ease.
Ceylan Tregenza
I really enjoyed the course, I recommend everybody
Pallavi Ingale
This was a good learning experience. I learned, without journal entry how three different statements are having impact of any business transaction.
Abiola Komolafe
Going through the topics, I clearly have understanding on how to prepare balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. The manner and approach of explanation and class examples with process of preparation of the reports are well understandable.
abdimahad osman
this were covered wide knowledge and i am very lucky to take this advantage
Maged Khairy
Very nice way of presenting smoothly the accounting fundamentals... Thank You CFI
Laurensia Lidya Setiadi
I'm a total beginner who's never learned about accounting or anything related to finance. But after finishing this super short course, I learned A LOT! The slides are very simple and informative, plus it's downloadable. The bite-sized videos are mostly under 1 minute which is very beginner-friendly. I really love the quizzes and downloadable exercises, it's very practical and helps me understand a lot more about what I'm learning. Thank you so much!
Binita Kumari Burnwal
This course helped me in understanding financial statements in a better way
Kiran Kumar Bathini
I am glad to be a part of CFI learning academy; Thank you CFI for providing confidence in understanding the Accounting basics to move ahead with further courses. Regards, Kiran
Assiya sernobat
Excellent Course
Veena Khandagley
very helpful
Dorji Wangdi
The content of the course is excellent
Ileana Guerrero
Excellent video, interactive activities and information required to better understand the Financials of a company
Roffer Alvarez Dioses
Well explained! The materials are more than optimal for a great understanding and learning procedure.
Osama Mahran
build your knowledge
Dua Aslam
I found it interesting and knowledgable
In my opinion this is a complete structured training education course for our Accounting & Finance Profession, we never stop learning every time, so the improvement is permanent, so i have to continue the rest of the courses (Now I already pass 1 of 10) of the whole program to get my certification of FMVA. The best & regards, Thanks to the CFI, Edgardo Murillo
Brando Huamán Daga
The course covers the important aspects for working with financial statements very effectively.
G. Adolfo Herrera Acevedo
simple, fast, understandable, fun, and practical!
shikha choukade
this course helped to clear the doubts i had, it's really very helpful
Thakan Aman
The accounting fundamentals is a very good course. This course contains very good quality of content. I am very happy by completing the course and the have provided me a good knowledge of accounting fundamentals.
Faiyaz Shaikh
This was my first Accounting course and being an ART's student it took it slow and was able to complete almost in a months time. but someone who is professional or commerce student and complete it in less than a week. All the tools were very informative. Specially enjoyed the interactive assessments during the course.
Badriah Aleidy
Was a good experience
Hussam Hassan Ramadan Hassan
Very useful course and strongly recommended for all my friends.
It is a very good course to take and the instructor is really helpful. thank you so much
Seth Wade
Great beginner course!
Kaustubh Wamanrao Kulkarni
very good
I real enjoyed the comprehensive recap i got on the accounting fundamentals.
Romaric Christian Tuwindpulongo Yougbaré
This course is a must Everybody in Finance Accounting or other program should try it ! Thank you so much : )
Akash Bhandari
In this Internet Era, everybody should enroll themselves in this basic Fundamental Accounting Knowledge Course for understanding accounting transactions, its effect on company business activities. This gives sense of understanding on financial information and statements prepared at end of year for stakeholders.
Rakshith v
Its one of my best course to learn in my life time so i recommend to all who want to learn corporate finance.
Abhishek Tonger
Course is overall good and teacher is also best.
It was great learning the basics in a very easy way.
Gideon Alenga
5 stars. The course was delivered in a simplified way, very easy to understand. Excellent!
This course is excellent knowledge provided to me. Fundamental of Accounting is Income Statment, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow Statement is super.
Md. Mesbahul Islam
Thank you, for this type of initiative for giving free course like this. This is very easy to understand and informative. Must doing course for every accounting student. Hope you will add more example in future in this course.
Abilash Viswanathan
The course contents are structured so well and in micro modules of 1 min, it gives you ample time to understand, reflect and grasp it so easily. This is a must course for Non finance guys who would like to understand the accounting principle & statements
Ashraf Ramez A'ADI
Amazing it refreshes all your accounting FSs
Yazan Habaibeh
As a CMA, I found that wrap-up is pretty awesome and handy as a reference, looking forward for the next chapters.
Adekunle Morakinyo
This course covers the basic principles and practices of financial accounting. If you want to know the basics of financial accounting and financial statements, then this course is for you. It could also be taken by professionals to reflex and refresh their knowledge.
Kajal Samania
In this course, they cover all part of the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement
Habeeb Adekola
Never expected that it will be educative like this thanks CFI for giving me the opportunity
Swetha Manne
ananya Srivastava
This course is really good
The material of this course is excellent. Really useful to the beginners and also helpful in refreshing the fundamentals of accounting.
Ridhi Kothari
It has been a very helpful and great course.
Marchetty Pavan Sai
I am new to finance domain, found this course really useful. Thank You for helping students
Muhammad Mudassar
Good for basic learning in respect of Financial Statements.
Nalla Mahesh
Very much useful to improve knowledge
Shiza baig
Its very easy to learn
Olatunji Luqman
A good course to introduce young accountants to how cash inflows and outflows are been determined and recognized in the Cash Flow Statement. A job well done
Ridhima Arora
It was very helpful in clearing major concepts.
I very much enjoyed the test. Overall very good experience in learning online thank you
Neelraj Singh
Shruti Shubhra
it is a nice course designed to be covered in short span of time.
Nkiru Okonkwo
This is my first time trying out an accounting course and it was easy to understand the principles. The instructor was quite detailed in his teaching and I learnt a lot. I'll definitely try more courses here.
priya bhasin
Best concepts best teaching for those who haven't learned accounts yet
Aditi Bhadani
You are doing a great job. I am a student of BBA but i really wanted to just clear all my basics and it was fun to complete this course specially because of various exercises provided.
Subhag Gupta
You should take this course if you want to refresh your basic accounting concepts.
Rachael France
The Double Entry Principle should be shown in each working example given on every topic to enable people taking the course to have best understanding.
Ajay Shewale
Having a dream of becoming entrepreneur but don't know what revenue, cash flow, income statement then you have to go for this course. this is easiest and the best course on internet without doubt.
Saurabh Salgia Jain
Its perfectly designed for beginners and the concepts are elaborately explained with good practical examples.
Sonu Dubey
This platform provide you a chance to improve skills in preparation of finacial statements.
Indumathi V
Informative and to the point
Asiimwe Johnson
I really enjoyed talking this course. I gained knowledge and skills on balance sheet,income statement and statement of cash flows preparation in excel
Jeremiah Chinonso Ajaegbu
This course covers income statement, financial statement and cash flow in a quick time. With this course, I've been able to understand the concepts of cash flow better. This course is good for learners.
Shanmugapriya C
Excellent course
Sagar Devani
Course is wonderful to understand basics concecpt .
Mansha -
It was very helpful in revision of each accounting concept and its very useful for beginners as well to enhance their knowledge base.
Abdul Gaffar Howlader
Most delightful this I learn so many thing to that. Thanks to CFI.
Mohanapriya M
Its really very awesome & very useful.Keep on providing courses like this.
Bhakti Waghela
Thanking you
Olumide Ogunbameru
The course is packed with great materials and videos
Manal Mady
the information and the instructor was more than perfect, i really enrich and review my information
duncan kogo
this was really helpful for sharpening accounting skills
Alexandros Papadatos
Very clear, you learn a lot and it's easy to follow even if you don't have a solid background.
Vimal Raj
Good User interface learning experience, please do all other fields for teaching.
very helpful
Odeyemi Odeyinka
Curriculum: The curriculum is detailed and up to date Descriptions and Exercises: Explanations are clear and well simplified and exercises impact the right knowledge, presents no difficulty to understand Videos: Properly formatted for easy view Instructor: Has outstanding knowledge of the course
Sapna Gupta
The session was really amazing n informative....great way of learning .👍
Chinmayi M
This course helped me out in recalling the accounting fundamentals..
Muhammad Suleman Siddiqi
Very well structured course for revision of accounting fundamentals. A highly recommended course for accounting students and professionals. Kudos to the team for all their efforts!
Rafael Yuri Vavrik
Aman Bansal
It Was Fun
Nivedeeta Joshi
It's an amazing course.
Anees Odeh
Although I am not an accountant and I have no previous detailed knowledge in accounting, but I was able to understand most of the topics covered in the course. The topics were explained clearly and the examples added more understanding about the topics. The examples were comprehensive for me and I was able to solve most of them.
akanksha chourasia
I recommend this course to all beginners in understanding accounting , this course completely put you into your first step of the world of financial accounting ,
Vicky Shah
It was the best course for the person who wants to enter in the field of accounting and who is just a beginner in the finance sector. It has a best content with clear and effective materials for accounting so everyone need to go into this course before taking entry into the finance analyst field or sector.
This accounting for fundamentals is good for beginners to understand. Thanks you for providing this course.
Krishna Kumar Thottupurath
Though I am coming from accounting and finance background, the course helped me to refresh the subject in a very systematic manner. The course was delivered in a very engaging way and there are quizzes throughout the course to test our understanding. I am looking forward to take the remaining subjects in the course.
Mykhailo Nevechera
This course will match for everyone who wants to start learn an accounting
Fabio Fusco
The course is informative and it helps to refresh some of the most important accounting concepts. Video and exercises are clear and informative; concepts are broken down in small bits to help the understanding.
Alaa Ali Mohamed
it's very informative course that I recommend to all Fresh graduates.
Accounting Fundamentals course was a great one. I enjoyed and learned many new things during the course. I would surely refer this course to my friends and family.
good provider of knowledge.
Anas Aminu Abdullahi
It was my pleasure to be part of the people who learn this excellent course. The teaching process was great and very informative. Thanks to you guy's for this amazing opportunity given to the student to learn and build their skills in all aspect of finance and Accounting.
Vijendra Tayade
I like very much this course, and I have got a lots of knowledge in this course.
Ibraheem Ahmad almouty
actually it is a good course for those special who have background in accounting.and to see how all financial statements are connected with each other
Richa Nigam
Unlike other platforms, CFI has delivered the content in an effective way, even for the beginners. Thank you CFI.
jyoti vashisth
nice one
Kartik Bhatnagar
I give 5 star to Team CFI for acknowledging me the fundamental aspects of financial statements of a company and I appreciate the team work. I feel very happy and relax during the course and at the same time it is comfortable for me. Thank you so much for providing me this course.
Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Tawwab Younes
accounting courses
Very good
Maha Shawgi Badr Ali
Really it is Excellent Course I learned a lot of Thinks Thank you CFI
Nehal Mohamed,MBA
i am extremely happy to join this course with myself , online and without direct instructor as i used for all my studies , although for first time i am studying with myself depending on all the course material and the instructor's videos , till now i am really satisfied , i hope to complete in the next with the same sufficiency in the learning material and detailed instructor's videos
Shaden saad Al kamah
I really enjoy the course
Jessica Obodo Elue
My name is Jessica Elue, i took the accounting fundamentals course with no background in finance and it has really helped me to understand the fundamental basis of accounting .
It's a very nicely designed course and a very helpful course.
Hi i am an ACCA student who is diversifying his studies and i found this course quite upto it. It was refreshing and reminded me of F3 basics good course to revise
Murali Krishnan
Excellent online program for especially people from a non-financial background like me. The course has been designed and organized well so that the fundamental concepts are offered with clarity. The content is detailed and supports clear understanding. The exercises and tests are quite useful to assimilate the concepts and use them in practical conditions. Overall a great course and thanks to the professionals who designed this and delivered!
Shawaiz Ahmad
Its Very Easy To Understand
This course was an eye opener into accounting and I am so much in love with it now.
I've never completed a course like this before (remote instruction) and I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I would defintely recommend this to my co-workers as well as friends. I will be looking into taking more of these courses through this platform in the near future. Thank you!"
Diaa Zeidan
I benefited a lot from this course, which contains all the basics of accounting, which were presented in the easiest and best way.
Muskan Goyal
Amazing course. It made me remember the accounting basics.
Payal Agrawal
Each and every point is explained in detail.
Rhythm Arora
It was a very good experience while doing this course. all my basic knowledge is brushed up through this course. thankyou cfi:)
Narender Pundir
Thank you for this Accounting Fundamentals course, all the session were interactive and very helpful. It has made my base accounting much more stronger and few practical session was very good.
Zainab Olaiya
What an excellent instructor and I learned things that I did not know about accounting fundamentals including how to prepare financial statements better than I have been.
very good course for beginners.who want to stat thier career in finance and accounting. clear and goog tutorial with practical examples
Amlan Gosh Dastidar
I'll recommend this course to every accounting expecting people even whose are not from business background. this is a well organized course about fundamental of accounting indeed.
Nathan Kimani
This is a must-do course for all and sundry in the Financial World
Renato Rodrigues
It was very useful even for me that have several years of experience on finance area. This is a great content.
Simrat Gantley
Mihail Dan Stan
Excellent, concise, clear, straight to the point
Trixy Walker
The course was a great use of my time. It is a great refresher.
Abdullateef Omitogun
Professionalism and Simplicity at work !
Abu Sufiyan
Accounting Fundamental is important for every financial profession course . It was awesome to me . It is very helpful for finance background student . I knew that the three key financial statement very well after completing this course.The financial statement are recorded of the financial activities of a business.The financial statement are balance sheet , Income statement and statement of cash flow . A balance sheet is always balance of asset with liabilities and equity. I also know that how to find gross profit ,operating income and net income by observing the income statement and build a cash flow statement by using this income statement. I got very well all of the financial terms under this course by CFI's online course program .There was lot of exercise, practice and test session to be finished this course well.It could be helpful to me in my professional career .
Ryan Toh
Finally got a clear view of how the 3 financial statements are related. The best course I've attended, even counting the basic finance I took in my university BBA as well as 2 finance for non-financial mgr courses later in my job. Provides an immediate overview that helps me see how they are interlinked and related. The practice exercises are also very helpful and practical.
Sampath Kumar
Thank you CFI for providing this course on accounting fundamentals.and thank you for InsideIIM.com For providing information about this CFI
Waleed Khalid Abd el-Hamied Mohamed el-Tohamy
Thanks for this useful course I hope I will be with you another time
Korede Dada
It helps to simplify accounting to students that are just enrolling into the discipline
Silpi Ghosh
really nice, every aspects are covered to make a financial statements. It really helped me to understand the importance of every transactions in financial aspect.
Festus Damilola Kayode
This is a very interesting course, I am an Accountant but this course opened my eyes to so many things and helped me refreshed my memory of so many things I have forgotten. I love it and will like to take more courses with you. The lecture is clear, understandable and concise.
Emmanuel Egyam
Concepts are very clear and well explained. Thumps up!
Folasade Abifarin
Accounting fundamental consist of three financial statement, which includes: 1. The balance sheet, 2. The income statement, and 3. The cash flow statement. The balance sheet explains the asset, liabilities and shareholders' equity. The income statement explains revenue, expenses, and profit or loss. The statement of cash flows explains the operating, investing, and financing activities. Finally the accounting fundamental course help to prepare these financial statement in an individual account.
Rawand Dana
Accounting Fundamentals is one of the best courses and it is very benefit.
Yash Bafna