Introduction to Derivatives Course Overview

This introductory course on the topic of derivatives covers the fundamental knowledge you need to know about derivatives. You will learn to differentiate between forward, futures, options, and swaps contracts. You will also work on practical examples in Excel to calculate the profits/losses for each type of contracts. By the end of this course, you will have the essential knowledge about derivative contracts required to proceed to more advanced topics, such as derivatives pricing and trading.

Why Take This Introduction to Derivatives Course

This course covers the definition, purpose, and components of each of the four main types of derivatives. You'll look at real world examples of derivatives on Bloomberg terminal. Additionally, you'll work on example calculations in Excel to determine the profits/ losses generated from various types of derivatives. Upon completing this course, you should be comfortable explaining the differences between the types of derivatives and how they can be used for hedging and speculating purposes.

Major topics covered in this course include:

  • Characteristics of derivative contracts
  • Over-the-counter vs. exchange-traded
  • Forward contracts
  • Futures contracts
  • Initial and maintenance margins
  • Call and put options
  • Moneyness (in-the-money, at-the-money, out-of-the-money)
  • Swap contracts

Who Should Take This Course

This Introduction to Derivatives course is perfect for beginners or anyone who would like to build up their understanding about the capital markets. This course is designed to equip anyone who desire to begin a career in investment banking, sales and trading, treasury, or other areas of finance with the fundamental knowledge on derivatives.

Introduction to Derivatives Is a Required Course of CFI’s CMSA® Program

CFI’s Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA)® program covers all the basic, intermediate, and advanced topics about sales and trading, investment banking, and asset management. This program teaches you trading strategies used in the finance and capital markets industry. It is ideal for students who want to learn how to trade different asset classes. The program is completely online so you can take it at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

Common career paths for students who take the CMSA® are Sales & Trading, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Treasury, Risk Management, and other capital markets careers.

Who Should Take This CMSA® Course?

This Introduction to Derivatives course is perfect for anyone who would like to build up their understanding about capital markets. This course is designed to equip anyone who desires to begin a career in fixed income, equity, sales and trading, or other areas of finance with the fundamental knowledge of derivatives.

Introduction to Derivatives

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What Our Students Say

Sridevi Mutcherla
Concepts brilliantly explained
A must learn for all those who are interested to know the basics of Derivatives
Eisht Kain
Engaging and informative
The course really helped in gaining the basics pretty well.
Md Sadique Suleman
Nicely covered
Beautifully covered all the points. I can say a must take course!
Dolly Kumari Shaw
It is a good course to get the basic idea of all the concepts of Derivatives in brief.
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Abhishek Singh
This course structure is really simple and easy to comprehend. Each and every topic covered is very well designed and taught. Really good to boost your knowledge.
Bakht Rawan khan
I realy learned in so much easy way the core concepts. I will recommend this course to every one....
Kamalesh Baskar
This course on Derivatives Introduction is very comprehensive and all the modules are explained with Examples, Thank You!
Adarsh V
The course was very insightful because the contents presented were pretty clear and straightforward to concept along with calculations in depth got awareness about forward, future option contract and swap
Priya Mishra
This course will clear your fundamentals about Derivatives and strengthen your understanding about the subject.
Jaweria Afroz
very helpful for carreer start
Shrajan Tiwari
Quite comprehensive course with a lot of value-additions. Strongly recommended for beginners.
Jacob Matlaila
Great introduction, Helps build your confidence, which you need for the more advanced modules.
Sam Portera
This is a very educational course. Can't believe it was free.
Roneet Jena
Very Informative and Nice course
Pratyush Misra
Clearly and quickly explains the working and basics of derivatives.
Avinendra Gannavarapu
upon completion of this course i have gained sound knowledge on calculations of derivatives and various other definitons , i recommend to take this course by every finance, risk and banking professional
Horacio Lazzari Mathieu
great course
Good content and good presentation
Sirisha R
covered the basics of derivatives as expected
Shiv Vohra
The course materials were engaging, clear, and informative.
Gajalakshmi M
Excellent course for beginners who like to enter into derivatives
Pooja Bhosale
This is good
Dimitrina Dinkova
The course was very cleary explained and understandable. In my opinion it gives a good basis of knolwedge in terms of derivatves (Forwards, Options, Futures, IRS).
Valenton Wallace
Great course as a refresher on Derivatives. Everything was nicely broken down.
good experience
Muhammad Awais Ahmad
It's helps the students to understand what is derivatives and its type. It's a great opportunity to get free certificate of business students from international standard Corporate Finance Institute
Xanadu Samsudin
Good revision for those who have lost touch on derivatives. Clear illustrations provided.
Joan Kinya
Well put explanations especially on calculations
Ishmeet Lamba
Simple and easy to understand. Very useful for basic learning and an introduction to the subject.
Sai Teja Yalla
The course content is very informative for beginners and structured well.
Mohit Sankpal
The course was explained in an extremely simplified manner.
Mayank Jain
The courses are very nice and also easy to understand
Adil Kamal
Rohan Singh
Marvelous course
Pramodkumar M Yadav
This course is very helpful for me to understand what is Derivatives & it's type. Which will definitely help in Future.
Priscilla Ogamba
I thoroughly enjoyed this course as it gave me a refresher into derivatives. The explanations were clear and the examples easy to follow.
Mehek rai
The course covered the basics and gave an insight on derivative concepts as well as practical applications
Md Mobashir Alam
Very nicely explained
Anisha Pawar
very helpful course and of course, an add-on to the financial knowledge
Prajakta Kerkar
Akshata Mhalsekar
This section involves so many basic yet difficult terms which was always very confusing for me, but trust me this course made everything so crystal clear! Thank you CFI.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Santosh Vyavhare
Good course
Girish Rajan (CRICP)
Excellent to refresh your understanding . Good for beginners as well.
Kelvin Kamande Karanja
Even after passing the assessment, I retook the course again. It is very informative!
Gajendra Singh
A decent brief about the derivatives
A very good course for beginners to get a brief understanding about derivatives.
sanjidah sutana
Materials are informative.good to learn it
Simran Aggarwal
It is one of the best courses for finance
Ahmed Nagah Ahmed
i highly recommend this course to our colleagues
taiwo michael oloyede
insightful course
Biradar Sridhar
I recommend this course as it was very engaging with the multimedia, graphs and even examples used made the course more effective.
Tamilarasan Govindarasan
The course on introduction to derivative was very informative. I would recommend this short course to my colleagues.
Adedayo Awogbade
The course was highly informative and educative.
Divya CS
There was an in-depth explanation about the topic and I learnt maximum about the derivatives
Richmond Botchey
This course was all i was hoping to get.
lavi sharma
all content was informative and useful
Soumya Kapoor
I used to find this topic very difficult to understand. So I wanted a course which can make me understand the basics so that I can proceed further. This course covers all the four derivatives types and their basics. And I am highly satisfied.
Romaric Christian Tuwindpulongo Yougbaré
This course is very interesting and worth for increasing skills, Thank you so much !
Eduardo Rodriguez del Paso
Excellent course. Love it.
Roopashree D
I love Derivatives. This course has broadened my understanding on how the derivatives work in the real world scenario. The excel examples were a bit tricky to understand but anyways the instructor handled it very efficiently.
Rachit Singh Martolia
Course was good, there was lot of numericals to back the theory. It gives a good introductory understanding of derivatives instruments
The chapters were really helpful and instructive for one want a way ahead in Financial Markets
Harshali Narkhede
The course was very adaptable, understanding & also is in compliance with current market conditions. I would like to do more if opportunities are available in future.
anurag pandey
nice content
Mahesh Dalavi
I don't believe I will complete this course but finally I have completed course under CFI. Thank you CFI for a great opportunity to me n my all friends. What a great lecture for my future. Wht a magical days in lockdown. Thanks a lot 🙏
Mellisa Maweni
This is an excellent course.
Aeisha Searles
If you're looking to gain insight on Derivatives, it's functions and usage, then this is a great option. Great for beginners, easy step-by-step worked examples with Bloomberg navigation tricks and shortcuts
Madhushree Shettigar
A must watch to understand Introduction to Derivatives in simplest way.
Great work for beginners.
Akash Singhal
This course is extremely helpful in understanding basic concepts with the bloomberg examples.
Furqan Hanif
an excellent well articulated course which helps clear out many things in derivatives.
António Jorge Martins
I recommend this course. It's a very useful tool for learning.
Divya kumawat
It is very knowledgeable exam which sharpen our mind by knowing about derivatives and its components.
Nayna Sakpal
good to study from you
Tuviksh Narula
Extremely Informative
Kshitija Surve
Wonderful platform to learn both in terms of theory and practical . I am enjoying learning the various financial courses. Thank you.
Kavish Kadakia
The teaching was really good and well understood.
Aditya Goyal
it cover almost all aspects and it is more informative than basic
Saurav Baidehi
The course teaches the each and every terms very clearly and simple manner.
Mohammad Kashif
It is indeed a very good course to understand the basics of derivates and very helpful for students as well as from whom who want to start learnig about derivatives. everything was very concise and clear.
Adolf Josef Yao
Clear and complete explanation of derivatives compared to other references.
Gabriel Tan
This provides a really good introduction to derivatives and the various instruments often used.
shatakshi kulkarni
this course was very informative.
Arya kumari
Amazing content
Nathan Kimani
A must study for anyone willing to understand contracts and or with clients dealing with them.
As its an introduction you should make it more simpler and explain all the terms like strike price, spot price, LIBOR, MIBOR and then go to concepts.
Kishore Srinivasan
Nice introduction to derivatives.
Anant Sureka
superb delivery, i would suggest to improve the swap portion calculation a little bit
Such a wonderful way to learn and improve my concepts which is described by you its effective and very effective.
Marta Raimundi
the question is about futures and forward and the answers are about options.
Siddharth Jain
This is a wonderful course to begin understanding of Derivatives and analogies used. Simple to the point and easy to understand. Thanks, I enjoyed the course and developed basic understanding.
Bilkis Lawal-Ndalolo. (CNA)
this is lovely, derivatives made easy
Mohammad Ali Rashid
It was exciting and encouraging to follow the lecturer and apply the formulas in the relevant excel sheet. Such interactive sessions should be more often.
Hardeep Singh Dugh
Fantastic module. I would like to see a clearer example of valuing a future in MS Excel rather than the margin. Still, this is useful because you rarely get examples for margins.
Its a good course designed for students to get an introduction on stock market basics of derivatives and futures trading. Wishing all the best to CFI Team. - Sreeraj G Pai

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