Corporate finance course overview

Interested in a career in corporate finance? Looking to move up the ladder at your current job? This introduction to corporate finance course will give an overview of all the key concepts you need for a high powered career in investment banking, equity research, private equity, corporate development, financial planning & analysis (FP&A), treasury, and much more.

Introduction to corporate finance curriculum

Our Corporate Finance 101 Course will teach you the fundamentals:
  • Who the key players in the capital markets are
  • What the capital raising process looks like
  • The main business valuation techniques
  • Types of valuation multiples
  • How to structure a deal
  • How to finance an acquisition
  • Types of debt securities
  • Types of equity securities 

This course will also show you an overview of career paths as well as teach you how to prepare for interviews. Learn the fundamentals of corporate finance.

What will I learn in this corporate finance course?

This free corporate finance course will teach you about:

  • Different players in capital markets
  • Funding lifecycles
  • Business valuation methods
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) processes
  • Equity capital raising
  • Debt capital raising
  • Corporate finance career paths

Who should take this corporate finance class?

This free corporate finance class is perfect for anyone currently in or looking for a career in investment banking, equity research, private equity, corporate development, finance, and accounting. This course is an excellent primer for beginners and a great refresher for advanced practitioners.

About the Corporate Finance Institute®

CFI is a leading provider of online courses and certifications for careers in investment banking, equity research, corporate development, and other areas of corporate finance. CFI students come from a wide range of prestigious institutions that include: Wharton, Harvard, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, BlackRock, KPMG, IBM, and more.  Thank you for taking CFI's free course on corporate finance.

What You'll Learn


Introduction to Corporate Finance

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Prerequisite Courses

8 courses from beginner to intermediate level.


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11 courses from beginner to intermediate level.


Elective Courses

Take 3 out of 10 courses at an advanced level.


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FMVA® Financial Analyst Certification courses are offered 100% online, allowing you the flexibility to start the financial analyst program anytime and learn when it’s most convenient for you.
Students must complete all core and elective courses (14 in total) and demonstrate mastery of the topics through successful completion of course materials, quizzes, and assessments.
Within 48 hours of program completion, your Blockchain Verified FMVA Certification will be emailed to you.

What Our Students Say

These course has helped me improve my understating how companies raise their capital, how they invest the raised capital and how they return the proceeds of the investment efforts to investors thereafter.
Abubakar Ismail
A great learning and insights
I find this course very helpful to understand basic concepts of corporate finance.
Ankit .
Excellent course for beginners
Excellent course for students who want to get knowledge about corporate finance
Akash Paul
More than just introduction
This course is not only just the introduction of corporate finance but also it touches a broad range of advanced topics of corporate finance. I really liked this course, and definitely recommend it to everyone.
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Loyiso Zinzombe
I would definitely recommend this introductory course to individuals aspiring to gain fundamental knowledge on Corporate Finance.
Alo Ghosh
100% Recommended.Really helped a lot to gain knowledge about Finanace
Kalu Uma
The course approach was very simple, direct and easy to understand. The end of modules test questions were very helpful to understanding each module better.
Simon Tareke Abay
I have found this course very useful, engaging, and well designed. Thank you, CFI!
Edwin Serrano
I highly recommend this course as review of topics before taking required courses on the FMVA.
Mandar Phadke
The course gives an overall idea about corporate finance in a concise yet comprehensive manner.
Md. Sharif Mostafa Anik
It was a very satisfying experience. All the lectures are clear and informative. The instructor is also top class.
Solomon Egbo-Egbo
Great overview of essential aspects of corporate finance for beginners or as a refresher for experienced professionals.
This course was very educative and engaging. I have come out more learned on the general overview of corporate finance and the prospective career paths attached to the subject matter. I will definitely be referring to friends.
The course provides a simplified module for first time learners to have a grasp of what Corporate Finance entails. The manner in which the course is structured really helped me as a person to be able to follow the course with ease. Thank you for this great platform.
Jayson Laureta
I recommend the program to those who want to venture on the corporate world. This program provides the basic understanding to corporate finance and is a one step forward to climbing up the corporate ladder. Thank you Corporate Finance Institute (CFI).
Ana Norales
This is really the best program from anyone wanting to learn about Finance.
Solomon Usman Fada
Taking this introductory course have resurrected my hunger to pursue a career in as a Financial Analyst. Thank you CFI!
Rodrigo Pineda
Very useful course for beginners due to easily access and good explanation of contents.
Ariya Mohan M
I attained immense knowledge from this course and I am very happy to this course
The Graphs & diagrammatic presentation used in this course to explain are concise and to the point. Great work!
Tennie Thesalonica
The best course ever! Very detail and easy to understand! You guys must try!
Biswadeep Ghosh
A very good course on Capital financing and it covers all minute aspects of the subject. Gives a thorough overview of capital financing, capital investment and dividend distribution.
Michael Ochilo
Words alone cannot express how grateful I am to you cfi,you've turned my life around, I've barely graduated but what I'm capable of doing now us remarkably, I've been told so,not only have gained certificates, build an impressive CV but also you guys have provided me with commercial awareness, alot. Thank you very much and keep changing lives,you are the future. With all due respect and respect Michael
Tossaporn Choowuttichao
You will get a big picture of corporate finance here within an hour. Check it out!
Raphael Nyarko
Rashi sharma
This course is really engaging and the material provided is self explanatory.
Antulio Asdrúbal Tinoco Gutiérrez
The course guide you through the key terms used in an Investment Banking deal so clearly.
Simi Banerjee
The course from CFI has helped me to effectively learn about the basics of corporate finance. The exercises has helped me keep motivated and engaging. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
Levison Malawo
I am absolutely excited i decided to take this course it was really knowledge and it has helped enhance my knowledge in corporate finance
Kenton Mutethia Muthaura
This course in an eye-opener to the corporate finance matters.
Shoyab Shikari
This course is so informative and easy to understand. Graphics which was used is helping me to understand situations and transactions easily without any confusion. I only have some of replays during the course.
Benjamin Annan
I'm a Mechanical Engineering graduate moving into Investment banking. This was a really great course that has helped me understand Corporate finance on a broad scale, and has helped align my interest. I wish I had found this course earlier, but it's all good. I'm moving to other courses on the CFI site.
Vaishnavi Vinod Pillai
One of the best course I came across in the field of Finance. The course design is amazing as you have testes after every section and it helps in enhancing your understanding. Proper notes in form of PDF along with video lecture is provided. Would totally recommend you this course.
Clifford Letuka
This course is very mind opening and for the fact that career opportunities are provided makes it important to actually take. The instructor speaks and uses a very clear language, provides valid examples and broader explanations. The test i's also possible to do.
The course was immensely useful to understand the basic concepts of Corporate Finance. The way of putting things togther and explaining is great. The content is quite relevant . I am looking forward for few more important free courses so that i can judge much better.
Axel Hassan
As a professional that is proficient in accountancy but have very little to do with corporate finance, this course helped me improve my understanding of the fundamentals and identify the gaps in my knowledge of corporate finance. Hoping that in the future, those gaps will close by the time I finish this program.
Eric Amaefule
I decided to try use this course as a trial and a decision factor whether to enroll for the entire certification. I am fully convinced to go ahead. I regret not coming across this program years ago.
Vatsal Rai
I am from a non-finance background, but looking to switch to this field. Hence I wanted a course that could help me learn basic corporate finance and related items. This course has massively helped me in accomplishing my goal. The concepts introduced are clear and concise, and the assessments are intriguing.
I took an overview from the course which helped me to start with the basics of corporate finance covering areas of valuations, capital financing and capital investment and how the return of capital follows a cyclic process. I am thankful to corporate finance institute for providing a great platform where people can learn and practice the review questions in a more simple way. I am looking forward to the FMVA certification in the near future.
Adithya Iyer
Amazing course, amazing experience. Looking forward for a similar experience throughout my FMVA journey.
Mostafa Mahmoud Ibrahim Mohamed
The course is well structured and very informative This course is highly recommended
Adil Kamal
What a wonderful exciting journey and reaching destination is wonderful! Recommend every finance graduate post graduate, passionate about corporate finance should go through it.
Suraj Pawar
Santosh Vyavhare
Aishwarya Kulkarni
Very interesting and easy learning course
Aaron Mondoka
I AM glad that it covered the essential topics which will be taught in my 3rd year corporate finance course.
Manu M
It covers all the relevant information regarding the topic. As a beginner, it is helpful in learning about the basics on corporate finance. I strongly recommend this course, might never disappoint you.
loving it
Joan Kinya
Knowledge is power and this course exemplifies it
Ruksana Shaikh
I would like to thank CFI for this opportunity great learning and proud to refer about CFI to others
Obed Aryee
The course content is relevant to industry needs. The presentation of course is cogent and direct on point. I gained insight into things I did not know. I recommend the continuous development of course content to meet current industry demand.
Shankar Sangnod
Excellent Exam
Anwan Sharif
This course taught me how corporations deals with funding sources, capital structure and investment decisions
Nidhi Yadav
this course helped me a lot to understand all the concepts very well. Highly knowledgeable and everyone should do this course to enhance their knowledge.
Tamer Sarhan
The course materials are awesome
Fatema Begum
It's really an amazing course as it clarifies the basic corporate finance for a beginner.
Emeka Nkemakolam
This is good for beginners in corporate finance roles and also a good refresher for anyone in the corporate finance roles across the various industries.
Amanat Hosen Akash
Corporate Finance provides that how to maximize the value of a business through planning and implementing management resources while balancing risk and probability. Its help an organization to spend and collect their fund by which way at lower cost. It also help to ensure utilization of an Corporation's asset properly. Its provide an actual idea abut capital structure and the way to increases.
Ridhima Arora
Quite helpful
Christ Offessah Aidoo
Course is really organised and taught well.
Pijar Sulthan Muhammad
Very Awesome course, make me having a comprehensive understanding of corporate finance
Hardik gujarathi
Awesome and informative course
Harmandeep Singh
This course covers a whole lot of concepts as an overview. For anyone new to the field of Corporate Finance, this course is really insightful.
Celso Arão Zacarias
Edozie Nwuba
The calculations was not explicit enough. I really struggled to understand them, may be if i hadn't a finance background i would be more confused.
Amit Kumar
Proper knowledge aquired
Very informative and very interactive from the beginning to end.
Saad Shakeel Fatmi
Excellent because it gives PDF of everything we have covered so that we can glance at it to improve muscle memory.
Kelvin Kamande Karanja
good course details
Kiran Kumar Reddy
Allow certificate for free of cost plz
This course will definitely help you if you are considering taking a finance related modules or programs in the future. It's a full package and since I am an Accounting student I really learned a lot from this course. Thank you Corporate Finance Institute for the opportunity
More time should be allocated to Book building process and pricing. Pricing should include some practical examples, preferably with some recent pricing cases.
Serah Karumbo
The course is very informative and easy to follow
arghya saha
it was amazing to complete the course
Realy Very nice platform to learn finance.
Aritra Chakraborty
One of the best introductory courses that I have come across and CFI does a brilliant job explaining the complex introduction to the world of Corporate Finance. I recommend doing this course for all the fellow students/graduates of the finance and accountancy field. It is a superb course for beginners and you do not necessarily require a huge base or knowledge in Finance or Accounting to do well in this course. Happy learning!
Matthew Brima Bockarie
Thanks for letting me take this course am from Sierra Leone,West Africa completing this course is an advantage in my career. This course is easy to navigate around and well resented thanks to the instructor
Md Mobashir Alam
shikha choukade
This course has provided greater knowledge and understanding thank your cfi for providing such great courses.
Areeb Ali
i have no words to express my feelings . thank you so much
Ruchi Dike
It was really awesome course. I came to know about the different concepts as well some were known. I enjoyed a lot.
Sagar Devani
its an wonderful course to understand the whole mechanism of financal institution.
Alberto Rashid Orihuela Paredez
I found it a very interesting course. Very good methodology, with a clear explanation. It would be good if in this topic they had added more topics about the capital structure. In everything else, I found the content to be very good.
yaoting mao
good course
Amrita Sinha
Very good attempt of spreading knowledge. thanks a lot. I will surely learn all the lessons.
Ayub Olanrewaju
The best you could get is in this course. I'm glad now that i have a good understanding in capital investment, capital financing and dividends & returns of capital.
Ayoade Oluwaseun
This is a good training for me. Corporate finance became more interesting to me after the tutorials. I am ready to learn more and be better groomed for what to come
Winnie Joy Go
This course is full of new insights for people who are just starting to learn about finance and for those who need a refresher course in corporate finance. Will recommend to friends.
Asibul Hasan
this course is so much important for every student its so much helpfull
Excellent course! All the best! God bless!
Sharna Kay
Explained in great details. Love the in use of interactive quizzes at the end of each section to test my knowledge. Great flow, delivery and organization. Videos are short and the structure allows me to move at my own pace. I learnt a lot and it was fun doing so.
Himani Dave
The delivery portion of the course was done thoroughly .
ahmad GHAZAL
I can say: "A course give you the chance to understand the deep goal from small words, thanks very much.
Chinedu Prince Erigo
Great course! The delivery was smooth and effective. The use of infographics also make the course very easy to understand
course is highly satisfying. thank you.
Abhijit Mishra
The course provided a lot of insights about the financial world and is a must to be working at banks
Ebenezer Esiojano
Thanks to the management board of the institution.
Emmanuel Okororie
It's really nice. Thai you CFI
Mercy Babatunde
This course is very detailed and education. I highly recommend this for beginners.
Debabrata Das
This course helped me to bolster my knowledge & understanding of the subject. Thank you .
Mark Morse
Very interesting and great review
Rufaro Munzara
I really enjoyed this course. It cleared up so many fundamental concepts for me and simplified calculations I used to find intimidating! Thank you CFI for this free course!
Khalid Hussein
if you want to start study in the corporate finance field strongly recommended and a sophisticated course
Moataz Raya
in my opinion this course is super and peace of cake i recommended to every on thanks CFI
Madhav Rathi
Learnt Introductory Corporate Finance at CFI and it was an amazing experience. It is very well structured, delivered, the content is clear, informative and crisp. The examples are an edge to understanding. Also the assessment at every level is just best to check your understanding and familiarity with the topic. Higly recommended.
Deepali Pal
The content covered in this course are more than what i really expect,very very informative & indulging. it helps me out to clear as many topics better than in my academics.
Sultan Al-Attar
I can sincerely say that this course provided me with things that exceeded my expectations about an introductory course. The amount of subjects was high, yet well summarized and clearly presented.
Derome Robinson
This is honestly an amazing course! The information was clear and well explained and in the videos (+ course notes) there were effective uses of visualisations like graphs to improve the explanations.
Ankit Chauhan
This is the course that will be providing sufficient knowledge regarding Corporate Finance and it's aspects. Great Course to kick-start a career in Corporate Finance.
Bommanin Franck Aristide Gnonteme
This course taught me that corporate finance has three main parts that are capital investment, capital financing and dividend and return of capital. I had a great time discovering every single sub-topic of this course and increasing my knowledge and skills. I am really happy I took this course to completion. It is going to a huge plus in my career as an accountant. Thanks, CFI
Suliman Alkhalifa
great introduction to corporate finance and useful for people who are new to this topic. It is easy to follow, direct to the point and I liked the exercises between lessons.
Vikash Kumar
Simranjeet kaur
I found this course really helpful as it's been a while that haven't read about corporate finance. So it really helped me to revise the whole content.
Excellent presentation
Ami Htike
The course is perfect with provided course material plus very clear explainations. I strongly recommend to take this course whoever intrested in corporate finance.
Pablo Mussio
This course was very very interesting for me. Congratulations°!
A.Z.M Sheikh Nazmus Saqib
Nouman Wali
I really liked the process of testing and knowledge sharing. I really recommend this platform to get more knowledge about corporate finance.
Nick Romano
If you want to quickly review core finance concepts, this is an effective way to do it!
Rajesh T V
The course programme is well streamlined
Ruchira Phansekar
The course very well achieves the purpose of the course, i.e. to give an introduction to corporate finance. The study material is well drafted and only relevant information is shared. The concepts are sequenced very well to create a complete picture for the participants of the course.
Aditya Patil
Excellent Course for Beginners in Finance and Investment Banking
Sonu sah
Great course
Rajeev Chowdhry
A good course with good content. Content could be enhanced
Víctor Maya
me gusta la manera en como se interactua el alumno con el docente, excelente calidad de cursos
Ahmed Aboulfotouh
so useful , thanks a lot CFI Team
Ibrahim Olatayo SHITTU
Great insights into the world of Corporate Finance. Adequate and refreshing knowledge up for grabs.
Abhishek Mohapatra
This corporate world is the biggest in every sector we need to grow our self to make it more bigger and please keep it free for all.
Rawan AlSubaie
highly recommended
Vernon Pinto
I was delighted to get a lot of information through the corporate finance course. Thanks CFI
Vinod Hegde
The presentation and articulation is very effective and helped me a lot in understanding the concept covered in the course.
Manohar pal
It improves my knowledge and skill
Saif Ansari
I feel happy to attend such informative and knowledgeable course conducted by one of the reputed institute. Thanks
Samyak Dhanki
Your provided course is great and very helpful for further jobs
CA Ankit Kumar
I am grateful to you for providing me with such a resourceful course.
Charity Malatsi
The course assessments were very informative and interactive. The course covered a lot of information that could be very useful for my career path as I work for a corporate Finance institution, and it was my first time to take a short at a corporate Finance course. Well done to CFI team. The course content is truly insightful.
Lakshay Kaushik
A valuable and good course to learn about the corporate finance
I am really satisfied with the overall course and its content. instructor covered all the main topics in detail. it helped me to learn about corporate finance basics.
Riddhi Rajput
This online course has really helped me to understand the different concepts that needed to understand in order to understand corporate finance.The different types of debts have helped me to understand to which business which debt form should be applicable.Different techniques of financing as well as different concepts such as IRR,terminal value etc. are very well-explained.This will surely help me in my career growth. Thank you CFI !
Saurabh Grewal
The syllabus of the course is awesome and I have learnt lot of new things. I want to recommend this course to the students who all are preparing for the financial exams
Ghadah AlMudaiheem
This course is really informative especially im not from a finance background, however, i found myself searching for some of the terminology used to better understand the point.
Rahul Kumar
It was very comprehensive course with apt topics and really helped in getting insights of this subject
Kenny Jain
Yes, the course was really nice and informative.
Koustav Mukherjee
learnt a lot of new things . good audio and video quality
Komal Agarwal
It's an very useful and informative contain.
Yogesh Soni
Dear Sir/Mam, The course is very effective & efficient in terms of knowledge & market skills.
Victor Ekom Charles
The lecturer of this course delivered well. I really gained a whole lot watching the videos. I added to my knowledge on corporate finance. Thanks.
Rohan Gawde
Thank you
Maurice Robinson
The course was very easy to understand. The video lectures were clear and concise. Well done.
Partho Pratim Narayan
Instructor was lucid in explaining the concepts. Each and every concept was explained in a very easy to understand way.Overall , the best course in corporate finance till now.
It was an amazing course, through learning this we can understand the real perspective of Corporate Finance in the business world and its method of applications in the business and also we can understand the eminent role of finance professionals in thecorporate world
Temitope Ejide
The Introduction to Corporate Finance course effortlessly breaks down tricky concepts and is so robust. It covered all the expected concepts and even more. Fantastic material.
with little knowledge in accounting, I can say this course is full of interesting and remarquable inputs to help anyone to have a general view on Corporate Finance. The structure of various parts of this courses helps you get full understanding of the mechanism of Corporate Finance.
Sanjay Gupta
This introduction to corporate finance course will give an overview of all the key concepts you need for a high powered career in investment banking, equity research, private equity, corporate development, financial planning & analysis (FP&A), treasury, and much more
Andy Batlhophi
Thank you creating such an engaging course.
Imtiaz Ahmad
Well designed and described course for professionals as well as beginners to refresh / develop better understanding for corporate finance. Instructor explained the concepts in a very logical order, with sufficient details / examples which made it easy to follow. This was a good refresher for me to corporate finance. I highly recommend this course for Corporate Finance Professionals as well as for beginners.
khalil mohammed haji
very well planned and executed, no difficulty in understanding the contents
This course is very exciting, well packaged and well delivered. The course touched every aspect of Corporate Finance and gives explicit exposition to a beginner in corporate finance career.
Khushi Shah
it was very amazing
Francisca Nwume
I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. Simple, easy-to-understand and engaging. A recommended course for every beginner.
neelam thakur
deepa shetty
It was amazing experience.Concepts were clearly explained. It would recommend this course to all the beginners of Corporate finance learners.
Ravichandran Rajagopalan
The course gives complete insight on corporate finance. the course content, the resources provided and lectures were very much organised, simple to understand and it gives complete insights on corporate finance.
Introduction to Corporate Finance Institute has in no while expand my horizons, and has added to my wealth of Experience, I indeed have benefited from this Institute and I therefore request everyone to to make it a time to learn from this great citadel of learning, I'm most grateful.
Kishore Srinivasan
Basics of corporate finance neatly explained. Kudos!
Sachin s
It's very easy to learn new things
Sudhanshu Gupta
This course will contribute to the best of my potential and value add to whatever task I am made a part of.
Yash` Choubey
i gave the examination which is asked at the end of the course. i gave around 6-7 attempts till now but not able to cross 80%. according to me all my answers are right but then i am not able to achieve the minimum target. please provide me the solution for the questions asked in assessment exam.
Abhishek Jain
This course is very awesome and so knowledgable thanks to ypu CFI
This is really a good course and the course content is also very much organized, specially in nice time fashion. Good to take this course.
Shyamal Roy
Section wise presentation is well presented. Exam question pattern is in depth in knowledge based on line item wise
Balaji R
Still we need in-depth knowledge on corporate finance
get well knowledge and clear concept after doing that course excellent
Viet Phuong Le
Easy to follow, covers basic principles a finance student must acknowledge, and it's FREE
Afnan Adnan Al Warthan
This course is great the course material is interesting and the voice and video are clear. thank you for this great opportunity
Postraj Karki
Great course on understanding corporate finance
hashim umer
Rene D'Penha
This course is better than the Corporate Finance course that I took in University.
Rinshita Gupta
The course is amazing and very helpful.
Peter Abegunrin
A great course for anyone interested in the basics of Corporate Finance.
Temitope Akinyemi
Nice delivery
Angelina Nikitha Cyril
That is really useful and fruitful for Finance Group student. I really like it. Thank you. I will have touch to long.
Martins Ajakaye
I would personally recommend this course to anyone seeking a finance-related career. It covers the basics and give the necessary foundation to pursue a career in corporate finance. Private Equity, Venture Capital, Investment Banking, FP &A. The List is not exhaustive. Career Professionals can also take this course as a refresher to review basic concepts. Thank You CFI. Scott Powell, Tim Vipond and the entire CFI team for this wonderful opportunity of learning. Gracias.
Dhandhoj Malla Thakuri
Very Good.
Abigail Ojiabo
I love the way corporate finance was broken down to my level of understanding, this made learning fun and interesting.
Marvin Shelton Cavele
I loved it. The course allows the students to get an overview on corporate finance and I am sure it will be very useful in my professional life.
George Al Bcherraoui
A highly interesting course for people willing to go for a career similar to corporate finance!!!
Raul Fernandez Jr
i was inputting the right answers and still getting them incorrect on exam; took me 2 hours to finally notice my answers were correct all along after going back and fact checking them from the course. I suggest checking the website that runs the test for glitches in the system.
tanveer khan
Best course
Doug Donley
Very good overview.
Kethlois Meikle,FMVA
More examples could have been done with the formulas to give more practice for the assessment questions.
Shruti Mishra
very nice concept and a lot of learning.
Ayush Mangal
Good Overall
Ayomide Hermann
This is a good course and offers well relateable examples into the sphere of corporate finance.
Gicheha Kingori
Very informative and engaging
Md. Fazle Muhit Jian
From a finance background student corporate finance is always a mandatory one.Furthermore, this course really helped me to learn the ins & outs of Corporate Fiance essentials.
Mithun K U
Greatly helping
Marco Pelser
I'm absolutely amazed at how affordable this experience has been considering the fact that the value of this material is exceptional. You guys at CFI all deserve to be proud of what you have accomplished, and I'm sure many more people are going to resonate with what you have inspired. Thank you for the outstanding quality of your content. It's so enjoyable, I can work on these courses in my free time and although it is work it doesn't feel like work. You have full control to go at your own pace, so now matter how hard you work, there is time for anyone who is serious to put in the time they need.
Camila Thais Higa Lopes
Harder that I thought
kanhiya lal
not good very very bad
As a 19 year old fresher stepping footsteps in field of finance this course was a great step.The prsentations,slides,language clarity and concepts were amazing.I would suggest that if you can show an individual on the screen talking and giving lectures then that would be good.
wilfred agyei
Great course broken down excellently. Presentation is great and can be understood by even people who do not have finance backgrounds
Njabulo Nhlakanipho Shezi
Nina Lukka
Hi, Just wanted to say that this was the best course I have taken out of the prerequisite courses. I got everything from the start. Just one point to note. When I started to do the final test, it opened it from question number 4, and as I went back I saw that the previous questions were answered, but not by me. So I did everything from the question 1 again.
Mubarak Nasser Al Mansoori
Amazing course
Vaibhav Bhatia
I really appreciate the way course was carried. It maintained its objective and kept things simple enough for beginners. I do think there should be a bit more interactive material for students and the slides need an update.
Nkosingiphile Langa
This course is extremely beneficial and essential for entrepreneurs.
Godwill Ekpe
contains lots of materials and straight to the point answers to questions
Saravanan Elangovan
Is it a proper valid question & answer? I had a doubt with this exam.
Martins Igberase
The course was through, concise and comprehensive. Will definitely refer and do other courses with CFI.
Roshan Raja
It's one of the best course I have taken so far...It's a short course and highly recommended for finance students...cheers to the team of CFI
Zahid Sameer
This brief background on Corporate Finance was very interesting and inclusion on the career aspects the industry was very helpful. But, there were a few formulas and other parts that were not included, but were tested on during the assessment. For example, the question on finding the Present Value using Perpetuity, the formula was not thought during the course. But, overall a splendid learning experience!.
Mohamed Mokhtar
Excellent presentation.
Shamus Duff
The review process should be modified for exams. It would be helpful to know what questions were answered correctly and incorrectly before retaking the exam.
Naveen Chandrasekaran
Provides a career map... for aspiring MBA finance graduates.
Ngoni Tsekera
The course was excellent. Keep it up CFI. 5/5 rating
Mohammed Saidy
The course is very well structured, the instructor and the accompanying presentations are helpful. I have informed many interested friends of mine through social media of your courses, they are all excited to join and subscribe to your site, and I recommend this course to anyone who has studied finance but is confused over the appropriate structuring of his her knowledge. I really thank you for this helpful effort.
I Appreciate it very much, I'm happy I finally got my certificate keep up the good work thank you.
Raghvendra Dhakad
Helpful in learning the basics of corporate finance
Colin Daniel
Good refresher course on corporate finance. Learned a couple new things especially a better appreciation of mezzanine finance.
Rasaki Bamidele Amusa
Well done Team. I am very impressed with the Introduction to Corporate Finance. I'm putting in for the main course soon, and also I give kudos to the Team for their swift response in resolving issues. Thanks.
Alex Tongayu, MBE
Excellent course. The material, as well as the video lectures, are easy to understand. The sessions on the potential career path and the interview questions are very informative and helpful. Will continue with the advanced courses in the near future.
Gabriel Burgos
This course was extremely helpful for me as a college student pursuing a finance and economics degree, and I believe it will be helpful in facilitating more opportunities.
Reginald William Hughes
This course is outstanding, awesome, & great! I've already spoken (getting the word out) about CFI! Plan on taking more courses and eventually going for a Financial Analyst Certification.
Daniel Lodinya Stephen
This is a very important learning platform where I have gained insight into corporate finance and above all, i was award the certificate - Introduction to Corporate Finance. Corporate Finance Institute is a renowned body, meaning I have gained an outstanding paper which has added value to my Finance background. Thank you
John Marceca
Course blended just the right amount of overview concepts with details for each topic and subtopic. The lecturer possesses the perfect blend of subject matter knowledge, was able to convey the concepts through examples, and his voice was about perfect for listening and comprehending.
Tumwine Micheal
A well define to the point course the really open your minds on corporate finance
Naugloo Vidianand
Clear and well explained. Is definitely a first step to a very promising career.
Shashikumar Bhambhani
Hi, this is Shashikumar from India, I am an MBA - Finance and working woth a leading Indian Stock Broking Company from last 7 months as an assistant manager - advisory desk. earlier I have worked with an NBFC named SHRIRAM City Union Finance ltd. as an executive - Operations. I have enjoyed the course, I got lot of learning from this course and I would like to thanks the Institute and promoters of this institute that they are providing such kind of online certification course that help developing carrer of the bidding finance students and professionals. Thank you Shashikumar Bhambhani
Abubkr Sami
Benjamin Chilambe
This is a very good course and provides the necessary information even for people who dont have a bussiness training back ground .Please continue and thanks for the insight you are providing.
Ian Johnson
A really great introduction that helped me brush up on and review some concepts I've learned in past university courses.
Keith Wong, CFA, CA(Singapore)
Very clear explanation and good choice of topics to provide an overview of corporate finance.
Sanchita Kundu
Really good course and the way it is presented helps a novice
Tanumay Mal
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Stanley Ijegbulem
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Ganesh Anand.V. Rao
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Jyoti Prakash Gautam
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Emilio Esteban
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Leonidah Pauline Kinyeki Mukabi
Well done
Janani K.P
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it was good and valuable
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I learnt a lot, it will boost my cv
Outstanding Material used in this curriculum.
Sai Charan Kuppili
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Ezekiel Robert
Captures interesting and straight to the point. Unlike most university lectures I have been to that talk about side issues don't really matter in the real world. I feel I have a better foundation in corporate finance to which I can build my knowledge and increase my skill set.
Teka Derick Tikum
Excellent! Teaches you to know the environment of Corporate Finance career and the boundary between each. Was a good one. It helped me out!
adele boipuso madeluka- khatazo
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Galib Hassan Khan
The course was great and helped me to understand the basics of corporate finance. I expected some detailed example of the valuation methods. But overall, the course was a good one!
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Juan Armando Avila Barragán
This course is very useful as an introductory course, i think that it could be very useful to include some overviews of other important topics like the economic impact in corporate finance, or the FP&A function contribution to corporate finance in a high level, and WACC fundamentals and a little bit of Risk analysis overview and Corporate Governance.
Owusu Emmanuel
The course was very educational Good work guys
It was really wonderful to listen 2-3 minutes videos, to brush up on concepts read much earlier, as well as to know recent concepts in corporate finance.
Abdulbariy Karimov
The course presents an excellent overview of corporate finance, which leverages further learning process to a great extent! Even though I covered the subject during my academic career, still I had to pause and make notes on key points on this course as I found them well structured.
Laura Piccinato
Very interesting course to sum up basic corporate finance concepts. Divided in ~5 minutes-long sub-sessions which are pretty useful in case of frequent interruption. Extremely clear speaker. Really appreciated the final career paths session.
Dickson Trujillo
I think the way the course is layout is very good, simple concise but with enough detail to provide a comprehensive review. I really enjoyed the presentations and the easiness how the concepts were introduced. got me inspired to continue my education with the other modules. Cheers, Dickson
Abdukadir Mohamed
Great way to understand this course, i like how simple and easy to follow instruction.
Charles Aniobi
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Jared Oginga
A very short exposition which does nothing better than motivate the learner to pursue a career in corporate finance. My path is now clear thanks to the course.
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Mauricio Robles
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S. M. Abdul Awal Pavel
This was really nice session with the mentor. Thanks a lot! :)
lizzy jonazi
To know more about corporate finance, especially in growing businesses in Africa, you need knowledge on growth from SMES to competitive firms, knowing how to raise capital, debt, shares etc. I recommend CFI courses as a career builder, and I’m a diploma holder of accounting and want to advance myself in investment and wealth management. I most certainly appreciate your certificate, I think it’s clearly explained I have done financial operations in CIMA.
Muhamad Nur Farhan Muhamad Fadzil
Very good and interactive course. Suitable for beginners. As for me, Being a person with finance background, this course actually helps me to refresh all the terms and items thought in class years ago. Thanks again

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