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Introduction to Corporate Finance

[Prerequisite] Fundamental overview of capital raising, valuation, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance careers
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Course Curriculum

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Course description

Corporate finance course overview

Interested in a career in corporate finance? Looking to move up the ladder at your current job? This introduction to corporate finance course will give an overview of all the key concepts you need for a high powered career in investment banking, equity research, private equity, corporate development, financial planning & analysis (FP&A), treasury, and much more.

introduction to corporate finance course

Introduction to corporate finance curriculum

Our Corporate Finance 101 Course will teach you the fundamentals: who the key players in the capital markets are, what the capital raising process looks like, the main business valuation techniques, types of valuation multiples, how to structure a deal, how to finance an acquisition, types of debt securities, types of equity securities, and an overview of career paths as well as how to prepare for interviews. Learn the fundamentals of corporate finance.

free corporate finance course online

What will I learn in this corporate finance course?

This free corporate finance course will teach you about:

  • The players are in the capital markets
  • Funding lifecycles
  • Business valuation methods
  • The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process
  • Equity capital raising
  • Debt capital raising
  • Corporate finance career paths

corporate finance 101 class

Who should take this corporate finance class?

This free corporate finance class is perfect for anyone with a career in investment banking, equity research, private equity, corporate development, finance, and accounting.  The course is an excellent primer for beginners or a great refresher for more advanced practitioners.

fundamentals of corporate finance course

About the Corporate Finance Institute®

CFI is a leading provider of online courses and certifications for careers in investment banking, equity research, corporate development, and other areas of corporate finance. CFI students come from a wide range of prestigious institutions that include: Wharton, Harvard, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, BlackRock, KPMG, IBM, and more.  Thank you for taking CFI's free course on corporate finance.

Reviews (120)

Introduction to corporate finance

by Mubarak Nasser Al Mansoori
Amazing course

Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Nkosingiphile Langa
This course is extremely beneficial and essential for entrepreneurs.


by Godwill Ekpe
contains lots of materials and straight to the point answers to questions
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Introduction to corporate finance

by Mubarak Nasser Al Mansoori
Amazing course

Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Ogechukwu Ohaji

Awesome Course

by swaminathan lakshman

Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Nkosingiphile Langa
This course is extremely beneficial and essential for entrepreneurs.


by Godwill Ekpe
contains lots of materials and straight to the point answers to questions


Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Chathurika Madushani


by nick smith

by Sotheara OUM


by Martins Igberase
The course was through, concise and comprehensive. Will definitely refer and do other courses with CFI.

Highly recommended course for finance geeks

by Roshan Raja
It's one of the best course I have taken so far...It's a short course and highly recommended for finance students...cheers to the team of CFI




by Bikram Shah

Very Interesting!

by Zahid Sameer
This brief background on Corporate Finance was very interesting and inclusion on the career aspects the industry was very helpful. But, there were a few formulas and other parts that were not included, but were tested on during the assessment. For example, the question on finding the Present Value using Perpetuity, the formula was not thought during the course. But, overall a splendid learning experience!.

by Bililign Tasew

by dauran cyprian

Rating the course

by Mohamed Mokhtar
Excellent presentation.

by Reem Dwidar


by Shamus Duff
The review process should be modified for exams. It would be helpful to know what questions were answered correctly and incorrectly before retaking the exam.

The best

by Naveen Chandrasekaran
Provides a career map... for aspiring MBA finance graduates.

Intro to Corporate Finance

by Ngoni Tsekera
The course was excellent. Keep it up CFI. 5/5 rating

Introduction to corporate finance

by Mohammed Saidy
The course is very well structured, the instructor and the accompanying presentations are helpful. I have informed many interested friends of mine through social media of your courses, they are all excited to join and subscribe to your site, and I recommend this course to anyone who has studied finance but is confused over the appropriate structuring of his her knowledge. I really thank you for this helpful effort.

My Appreciation

I Appreciate it very much, I'm happy I finally got my certificate keep up the good work thank you.


by Eben Pobee

Good course

by Raghvendra Dhakad
Helpful in learning the basics of corporate finance

by Hari Sastha RN

Excellent Course

by varsha bang

General comments

by Colin Daniel
Good refresher course on corporate finance. Learned a couple new things especially a better appreciation of mezzanine finance.

Absolutely Fantastic!!!!!

by Rasaki Bamidele Amusa
Well done Team. I am very impressed with the Introduction to Corporate Finance. I'm putting in for the main course soon, and also I give kudos to the Team for their swift response in resolving issues. Thanks.


Excellent Course.

by Alex Tongayu, MBE
Excellent course. The material, as well as the video lectures, are easy to understand. The sessions on the potential career path and the interview questions are very informative and helpful. Will continue with the advanced courses in the near future.

Absolutely outstanding course

by Gabriel Burgos
This course was extremely helpful for me as a college student pursuing a finance and economics degree, and I believe it will be helpful in facilitating more opportunities.

by Ashwary Jain

Great Title!

by Reginald William Hughes
This course is outstanding, awesome, & great! I've already spoken (getting the word out) about CFI! Plan on taking more courses and eventually going for a Financial Analyst Certification.

Mr. Daniel Lodinya

by Daniel Lodinya Stephen
This is a very important learning platform where I have gained insight into corporate finance and above all, i was award the certificate - Introduction to Corporate Finance. Corporate Finance Institute is a renowned body, meaning I have gained an outstanding paper which has added value to my Finance background. Thank you


Introduction to Corporate Finance

by John Marceca
Course blended just the right amount of overview concepts with details for each topic and subtopic. The lecturer possesses the perfect blend of subject matter knowledge, was able to convey the concepts through examples, and his voice was about perfect for listening and comprehending.

On point

by Tumwine Micheal
A well define to the point course the really open your minds on corporate finance

Introduction to corporate finance

by Naugloo Vidianand
Clear and well explained. Is definitely a first step to a very promising career.

by Avikesh Bholah

Vote of thanks and appreciation

by Shashikumar Bhambhani
Hi, this is Shashikumar from India, I am an MBA - Finance and working woth a leading Indian Stock Broking Company from last 7 months as an assistant manager - advisory desk. earlier I have worked with an NBFC named SHRIRAM City Union Finance ltd. as an executive - Operations. I have enjoyed the course, I got lot of learning from this course and I would like to thanks the Institute and promoters of this institute that they are providing such kind of online certification course that help developing carrer of the bidding finance students and professionals. Thank you Shashikumar Bhambhani


by Abubkr Sami

Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Benjamin Chilambe
This is a very good course and provides the necessary information even for people who dont have a bussiness training back ground .Please continue and thanks for the insight you are providing.

by Oluwamayowa Elizabeth Olorunda

Excellent Intro Course

by Ian Johnson
A really great introduction that helped me brush up on and review some concepts I've learned in past university courses.

Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Keith Wong, CFA, CA(Singapore)
Very clear explanation and good choice of topics to provide an overview of corporate finance.


by Sanchita Kundu
Really good course and the way it is presented helps a novice

Nice introductory Session

by Raheel Lodhi

by Azhar Ali

Great resources for learning

by Tanumay Mal
The content is awesome i look forward to continue more courses from CFI

Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Stanley Ijegbulem
I heartily appreciate you and your work especially as it is a free certificate course. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

Great Explanations of Corporate Finance

by Ganesh Anand.V. Rao
I learnt in detail all the concepts which i can implement in the company , i gained more knowledge from CFI. Thank you very much CFI

Corporate Finance Course by CFI - I wish I had taken this earlier

by Patrick Gramaje
I'm in the process of exploring the Finance industry further and this course has provided a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, "big picture" explanation on Finance. The content is well communicated and even those with minimal Finance backgrounds can follow and significantly learn from the course. Highly recommended!


by Olzhas Kaliyev

Int to CF

by rubeena dina
It was excellent...all concepts have been plainly explained

by Herman Thomassen

by Cristina Bocancea

by Arif Shahrear Khan(Shezan)

by kurt Davis


by Jyoti Prakash Gautam
GOOD one of the best

An excellent intro

by Omotayo Habeeb
It's very succinct and straightforward! I really learned a lot! Thanks to the CFI team! Kudos guys!

Excellent - very well explained & demonstrated

by Tahir Ansari
I am an MBA and a Finance Professional with 30+ years of experience. I took this course to see what is being offered and update myself with the latest approaches and technical skills, but after going through the course was very much impressed with the explanation methodology and presentations. It was simply excellent.

Very Clear

by Emilio Esteban
Not too technical and clear enough for even a novice to Corporate Finance to understand.

by Aniruddha Kanere

by Leonidah Pauline Kinyeki Mukabi
Well done


by Janani K.P
This course "Introduction to corporate Finance" was extremely useful to me. it helped me understand what fields of opportunity are available for me which gave a clear cut practical scenario to understand a career in finance. It also helped me to learn about the interview processes and what other courses are important.

good course

by Mostafa Shaker
it was good and valuable

Great Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Kaushik Nayak
Nice course for beginners and people from non-financial background

by Maxim Zhirkov

introduction to corporate finance rating

by Mohamed Oraby
i loved this course, it's so useful and important. keep up the good work


worth it

by Maungo Gontle Letebele
I learnt a lot, it will boost my cv

by vishnu dandin

by Shubham Parsoya


by Prashant Tiwari

Outstanding Material

Outstanding Material used in this curriculum.

Excellent overview of Corporate Finance

by Sai Charan Kuppili
Hi, I'm Sai Charan Kuppili working as Design professional in Solar PV Industry on Engineering aspects of Solar PV Power plants, being a non-finance professional made me focus my interest on finance and CFI. This course from CFI has given excellent insights on Corporate finance in detail for all Infrastructure industry segments. Thanks for the best course for non-finance professionals. Thanks & Regards, SAI CHARAN KUPPILI


by apoorva kaul

Intro to Corporate Finance

by Ezekiel Robert
Captures interesting and straight to the point. Unlike most university lectures I have been to that talk about side issues don't really matter in the real world. I feel I have a better foundation in corporate finance to which I can build my knowledge and increase my skill set.

by Teka Derick Tikum
Excellent! Teaches you to know the environment of Corporate Finance career and the boundary between each. Was a good one. It helped me out!

intro to corporate finance

by adele boipuso madeluka- khatazo
the course material was helpful and relevant

by Galib Hassan Khan
The course was great and helped me to understand the basics of corporate finance. I expected some detailed example of the valuation methods. But overall, the course was a good one!

by Adilet Ilyassov

by Syed Abdullah Nabil

by brian millen

by Pierre Yannick Stéphane Lebon

Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Tammy Fischer
Very informative! Covered many key points. I would like to be able to print the slides to make notes, and had some natural pauses in the presentation in order to do so.

10 out of 10 points

by Thomas Bråtner

by Raghuram Mogallapu
It's a really nice course for finance aspirants....Thanks for these free courses sir...I request to provide some more free courses in capital markets and finance...

A broader treatment of the issues

by Juan Armando Avila Barragán
This course is very useful as an introductory course, i think that it could be very useful to include some overviews of other important topics like the economic impact in corporate finance, or the FP&A function contribution to corporate finance in a high level, and WACC fundamentals and a little bit of Risk analysis overview and Corporate Governance.

by Justin J. Mayo

Splendid course

by Owusu Emmanuel
The course was very educational Good work guys

Bubbly Brush up

It was really wonderful to listen 2-3 minutes videos, to brush up on concepts read much earlier, as well as to know recent concepts in corporate finance.


by Raymond Ogagarue

Leveraging effect

by Abdulbariy Karimov
The course presents an excellent overview of corporate finance, which leverages further learning process to a great extent! Even though I covered the subject during my academic career, still I had to pause and make notes on key points on this course as I found them well structured.

by Emilio Cirolia

Great summary and introduction

by Laura Piccinato
Very interesting course to sum up basic corporate finance concepts. Divided in ~5 minutes-long sub-sessions which are pretty useful in case of frequent interruption. Extremely clear speaker. Really appreciated the final career paths session.

Excellent Training

by Dickson Trujillo
I think the way the course is layout is very good, simple concise but with enough detail to provide a comprehensive review. I really enjoyed the presentations and the easiness how the concepts were introduced. got me inspired to continue my education with the other modules. Cheers, Dickson

Great overview

by Atul Tiwary

by Adji Permana

by Abdukadir Mohamed
Great way to understand this course, i like how simple and easy to follow instruction.

Great Study!

by Charles Aniobi
The tutoring and presentation style were all comprehensive, each topic giving information and a better understanding of its terms and attributes. I had a great time of learning, and the knowledge gained is relevant. I will recommend anyone interested in this programme.

Simple, informative and insightful

by Jared Oginga
A very short exposition which does nothing better than motivate the learner to pursue a career in corporate finance. My path is now clear thanks to the course.

Very good overview

by Eli Kaan
Tim does an amazing job giving a simple overview of Corporate Finance. Highly recommended course for those that are looking to go into Corporate Finance but unclear on where to start.


by Mauricio Robles
It is a great course to refresh your knowledge

Excellent Contents

by Sumit Pundhir
The course not only gives insights to corporate finance but also grants access to the fine details towards it

by Oluwatobi Osideko
This is a good course, it explains an overview of corporate finance

by S. M. Abdul Awal Pavel
This was really nice session with the mentor. Thanks a lot! :)

Very concise online course

by S. Victoria C. Kougnimon Aholou

by Marko Grudic

by lizzy jonazi

Very good course, it was what I have been looking for!

by lizzy jonazi
To know more about corporate finance, especially in growing businesses in Africa, you need knowledge on growth from SMES to competitive firms, knowing how to raise capital, debt, shares etc. I recommend CFI courses as a career builder, and I’m a diploma holder of accounting and want to advance myself in investment and wealth management. I most certainly appreciate your certificate, I think it’s clearly explained I have done financial operations in CIMA.

Good Job

by Muhamad Nur Farhan Muhamad Fadzil
Very good and interactive course. Suitable for beginners. As for me, Being a person with finance background, this course actually helps me to refresh all the terms and items thought in class years ago. Thanks again