Introduction to Banking Course Overview

This Introductory course covers the fundamental knowledge about the banking industry. We will discuss the various types of financial institutions and how they differ in the types or products and services provided to their own customer groups. We can look at a bank’s balance sheet and income statement and understand how a bank generates return. Finally, we will explore the common career paths in different areas of banking.

Universal Banking

Introduction to Banking Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different types/structures of financial services firms
  • Determine the different types of banking services that are provided
  • Understand who the customers are for each type of service
  • Learn how a bank makes money
  • Differentiate the various banking career paths

Commercial Banking

Introduction to Banking is a Prep Course of CFI’s CBCA™ Program

CFI's Certified Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)™ Program offers skills including credit evaluation, documentation, and review procedures. For beginners to advanced users, the CBCA™ program is designed to help you become a world-class credit analyst.

Operating efficiency ratio

Who Should Take This CBCA™ Course?

This Introduction to Banking course is perfect for any aspiring credit analysts working in insurance, underwriting, rating agencies, commercial lending, corporate credit analysis, and other areas of credit evaluation. It is also a great introductory course for anyone who would like to learn more about the banking industry.

Careers in Banking

Introduction to Banking

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Approx 2.0 hrs to complete


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Certified Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)™ courses are offered 100% online, allowing you the flexibility to start the Certified Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)™ program anytime and learn when it’s most convenient for you.
Students must complete all core and elective courses (18 in total) and demonstrate mastery of the topics through successful completion of course materials, quizzes, and assessments.
Within 48 hours of program completion, your Blockchain Verified (CBCA)™ Certification will be emailed to you.

What Our Students Say

Min Thet Paing
Recommendation for Banking Learners
This program is very effective for your learning method and got alot of banking knowledge start from begin and onwards. Totally recommend to try this course if you are interested in Banking and don't know where to learn during pandemic.
Kalaiselvi Soundappan
Introduction to Banking
It was a wonderful course for those who are from non banking domain
Nanang Aditia
Introductjon to banking
Materi sangat mudah dipahami, lengkap, bahkan memberikan visual yang bagus
Nadia Ishaque
Nadia Ishaque
Very nice and informative course to have a good review of banking career.
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Eunice Oluchukwu CHIADIKA
I’m so glad I was able to finish up
Kapil Tittal
All course are best with practical knowledge for students, employees, organization, individuals, school, Colleges, coaching classes..
Isaac Okunlola
Every minute spent during this course was engaging, intensive and educative. Thank you cfi
Daniel Ekundayo
I never thought learning about banking could be this simple. It was way easier than I thought.
Benjamin Makat
The course was very incredible.
Kapil Tittal
Good Morning Honorable Sir, There are many student who want to do course from your website but haven't rupees for completing course because many courses are available in price /paid . Please sir launch new course of banking and finance and insurance course in all in one package with diploma.
Pius Kuku
This course prepared a solid launching pad for my new career prospect in Banking and Finance as Finance or Credit Analyst. Recommended for anyone in the same boat as me to invest in this course so you wont regret spending your money.
Wong Keat Soon
This course is deemed very challenging to the extent that needs to revise back the topic to answer the exam.
Titilope ojo
I got to know there are different types of bank not just commercial and central bank like I've always thought
sourabh shinde
Good knowledgeable
Ayanda Ntsonkota
This course is for anyone who would like to know or understand banking - whether the different types of banks, products and career choices. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Francine Fabiola PETATO TEWO
Highly recommend.
Shweta K S
A good glimpse to the wide range of Banking World. A must to starters looking for career in Banking area.
Very good content and delivery.
James O Otokpa
I would recommend this introductory course to anyone who wants to know more about banking. It provides users with the basics terms which is delivered in a very comprehensible manner. Kudos to the course instructor and the whole CFI team.
awesome inputs to increase our knowledge about banking terms and assets and liabilities.
Massimiliano Mauriello
It is a great, useful and interesting course related to the Fundamentals of Banking
It's a wonderful course designed to introduce the basics of the banking world to the individual.
Aman Jinwal
much appreciated..Exceptionally well designed
Lemuel Sanbha Khongngain
For a student with science background having no knowledge of banking, I got a very clear picture of what the financial institutions are.
Lwin Me Me shein
This course is very useful and advantageous for most people who related to financial.
Cosmas Kanhai
The course was clearly explained in a simple manner that anyone without a background in banking will be able to understand the terms and concepts easily
Hnin Darli Maung
I recommend that course who doesn't have banking experience.
Michael Murambi
Your courses are just on another level.They are really educative and insightful.Am really considering a career in the banking industry merged with my accounting background.This is an exciting journey!!!!!C.F.I is the best!!!!!!I now have every other reason to persue atleast 2 C.F.I certifications rather than an MBA that is academic.
Pooja Bhosale
This is good learning for students
Joan Kinya
The course was informative, I got to understand the various types of banking services especially when it comes to businesses and corporations. It's very engaging. thank you CFI
Shahenaz Dabous
I really do like the course, however I would love to get further explanations & examples on the Formulas & it’s calculations.
Claudia Lynam
This was a clear and concise introduction into understanding how the Banking world works.
M Mamatha
Absolutely learned few new things which I dont think so i would have heard it before. Once again thanks a lot.
excellent course.
Tshiamo Tau
the course gave a great insight, i would recommend it to people who mostly want to major in the banking and financial department.
Kanchan Pandey
Looking for new course
Waylee C. Chero
This course provided a good start to the Banking Industry. It discussed areas that are not quite familiar which I think is good. My knowledge of banking has increased significantly. CFI is truly an educational reservoir!
Kaustubh Karwe
amit singh
overall good content for introductory level banking
Motlhalefi Phodiso
Thank you Corporate Finance Institute for the opportunity to learn the basics of banking with your institution, i will certainly come back for more courses.
Karamael Malisa
Excellent review
Rohan Singh
Very informative course and very beneficial for my career also.
Jigar Doshi
Must do course those who want to go ahead with their career in banking. Really helpful for beginners.
Adil Kamal
A good introductory but comprehensive certification program to overview about overall global banking!
Aryan Kumar Shukla
It's Awesome
Henry Alvarado
Congratulations on designing such a well-rounded introductory course to bankng!
Jaganathan Saravanasamy
A very useful, concise introductory course for a beginner. Bite-size inputs that are presented in a paced manner engages the trainee.
Tejas Nanchahal
This course is like a life changer for me, by providing such a valuable information about banking and their business. So I would like to thanks CFI Institute for providing such a great learning experience.
Sabbir Rahman
good learning system
Ashna lal
I really enjoyed the course all the tools and materials that were provided were very helpful in learning the course.
Mosiuoa Ramabeletsa
I learned a lot from the course in a short time. Thank you, CFI!
Prajakta Kerkar
very useful
Somya Shrivastava
the course was really good and informative.
Kelvin Kamande Karanja
Vicky Shah
Kamal Datwani
Amazing course with all basic details of banking covered which is universal worldwide. Thank you.
anurag pandey
Md Faiz Hussain
This course was really helpful and relevant. Everyone should opt for this course. This would however give you the insight of the whole banking system. Thank You for making the Free certification Course. Nowadays this sort of free courses is needed. I hope we will get more free courses like this. I am going to share it with those who don't have money for the expensive courses.
Riddhi Jotani
Lee Anselmo Blackman
I really enjoyed the course. It was very fundamental and taught me the essentials and equipped me also with the knowledge that I will need in the banking industry. I truly endorsed this review and recommend the course to anyone regardless of age who is interested in a banking career.
ankita chavan
amazing course!!!!
Shiza baig
Its really helpful. I have learned lots of new things which i never know before ....
Manivannan Arulalan
The way the course is structured is really great and im being glued in to this program ever since i started.
Priyesh Mohite
The course throughout was intriguing and helpful. The knowledge I had about banking terms has definitely increased to effective extent. Would surely recommend this to my friends.
Arpita Singh
In this course, I knew a lot of new things about banks how they are structured in many types, how they work, how they earn money, what are the facilities they provided according to their industry. Thanks to CFI
Thank you very much . It's very helpful
Tanishk Sharma
This course is very well structured, and I'd recommend anyone looking to learn or get familiar with the generic activities of a bank must do this course!
Obed Aryee
The course was well structured and presented. The content is precise and cogent with the requisite details. I recommend that continuous research be made to improve more on the content.
Chinedu Prince Erigo
This course has really helped me in the knowledge of banking. I know it is a solid foundation for a banking career should I choose one in the future.
Iroda Norova
Thanks so much, I've learned a lot of new useful things on banking, even introduction free course is the best enough, I am really surprised what about paid certified courses, Inshaallah I will cover them as well soon)))
Bi Migoné Yves Trazié
This is a clear overview of the world of banking! I'm now working for a universal banking company and this course helped me know more about my job.
Blessing Mashingaidze
The course offered me with deep invaluable insights that gave me confidence as I am hunting for a banking internship. Really remarkable. Thank you so much CFI.
Koustav Mukherjee
A fantastic course . A lot to learn for a science background student like me
Utsav Jain
The course was very good and nicely developed With good explanation of terms and methodology
Fayez AlQahtani
Material is very good Presentation is nice Instructor talk is understood for non natives
Debabrata Das
The course is informative & engaging; it helps anyone in learning the concepts of modern-day banking in a lucid manner. Thank you all the members of CFI for this initiative.
Laxman Seth
Very good course..
Benedict Nor
89% great lessons achieved as entrepreneur
Chendra Haasa Kuthadi
Really I have learnt so many things from this course...And I would definitely suggest this course for all the beginners who are eager to know about banking..
Rajesh T V
Straight to the subject of study
Abhijit Das
Gabriel Bell-Gam
This was the most challenging prerequisite of them all (in my assessment), but fulfilling after completion. I now play the ‘type of bank game’ for any bank I see around me. 🙂 Thanks CFI 👏
Adolf Josef Yao
Great help in understanding banking and how its efficiency measured.
Jatin Hathiyani
This course helped me to understand the financials of banks which are different from other typical financials of other companies. This course has now encouraged me to gain more knowledge on Credit as a core function.
Karabo Gosenyang - CIMA, PGDiT
The course is informative. I will surely recommend it to people who want to know a little about banking. It is a starting point for those who want to venture into banking career. Corporate finance institute offer great courses at no or low prices.
The entires course provide basic knowledge and some example of a Bank's Financial Statement. How they earn & how they maximize their profit.
Rohan Gawde
Thank you
khalil mohammed haji
everything is explained so well
Hosny Tamer
I loved learning this course introduction to banking ,I know now how to calculate balance sheet of bank, income statement, net interest income, REO, definition of retail banking, commercial banking, business banking, asset liability matching
Tanmay Jha
this is one of the best and most knowledgeable coure on banking i have come across very compact easy to do and less time consuming. absolutely deligghted to have taken the course!
Ekansh Jain
Good study material which help to understand better

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