Fundamentals of Credit Course Overview

Interested in a career as a credit analyst? This Fundamentals of Credit course will give an overview of the key concepts you need for a high powered career in commercial banking, credit rating, private lending, insurance, corporate credit, and much more.

In this course, we will discuss the definition of credit and the benefit of using credit as a source of funding for the company. We will look at different types of credit, interest and loans. We will compare the pros and cons associated with different loans.

From there, we will explore the possible career paths of a credit analyst. We will look at the roles and responsibilities of credit analysts for different employers. Then, we will go through the general lending process and explain how a credit analyst evaluates risk. We will provide an overview of industry analysis, business analysis, management analysis, and financial analysis.

This course can be used as a refresher on the topic of credit or for someone that has no prior knowledge about credit analysis.

Fundamentals of Credit Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Compare three different sources of funding for a company
  • Explain the benefits and drawbacks for different types of loans
  • Discuss the general lending process and types of credit analysis
  • Explore various credit analyst career paths

Fundamentals of Credit Is a Prep Course of CFI's Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)® Program

We are excited to launch our first course for the Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)® certification program. For beginners to advanced users, this certification program is designed to help you become a world-class credit analyst.

Who Should Take This CBCA® Course?

This Fundamentals of Credit course is perfect for any aspiring credit analysts working in insurance, underwriting, rating agencies, commercial lending, corporate credit analysis, and other areas of credit evaluation.

Fundamentals of Credit

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What Our Students Say

Johnny Daoud
Fundamentals of credit
I highly recommend this course. It gave me a clear idea of the credit process, types .. etc. The presentations were clear and easy to understand.
Yogesh Deshmukh
Very Good Course
This is a very informative course for those individuals who want to pursue a career in Credit Analysis.
Abugwu O'Brian Chimezie
Fundamentals of Credit
Very informative and engaging. The content was precise, clear, direct, and to the point.
Celestino Perez
This course is amazing!
It breaks down the purpose of credit at a corporate level as well as an individual side of the business. This certifies your overall learning of credit from a borrower's perspective and from a lender's point of view.
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Altaf Ahmed
It says that hardwork pays you back same thing applies here CFI helps to improve skills with visual representation. Each video present the concepts in more brevity way.
Adetutu Adebayo
This is my first credit course, it is very detailed that it broke my resolve not to specialise in Credit Risk. Looking forward to taking more CFI courses.
Cyril Kapty
This course deploys an ease of navigation and seamless, simple yet highly informative and efficient study and examination flow. I look forward to continue to upskill and refresh my corporate finance knowledge and skills going forward; refining and articulating myself as a professional, thus, keeping up with the ever changing landscape of the business and corporate finance world.
Prashant Purohit
every commerce students highly benefited with the basic knowledge also useful for every single person who wants to take credit from market
John Emmanuel Ojobo
From a third-world country like Nigeria, although filled with intelligent individuals, I was glad to come across CFI courses and would really recommend it to my friends and colleagues.
This topic is great and it enlarge my knowledge for many detailed items that I didn't use in my career
vidit kantharia
Great course
Arvind Kumar
Very good insight in a simple terms
Amruta Gavas
This course really helped me to understand the basics of credit analysis, now I am sure I am ready to learn in depth concepts of the same.
Dwayne Fraser
This is a very well structured course that has all the key points for someone that is new to credit and trying to get a good foundational understanding of what credits is, how it's used, how it works, and how financial intuitions assess credit worthiness. I have been in the Financial Industry for over 13 years and have done many courses and gone through hours of training on credit. This is hands done the best course I have taken thus far. The course provides a wealth of information on a very short time frame. The information was presented in a clear and concise way that made it easy to learn and stay engaged.
Khulkarkhon Nodirkhonova
I wish I could finish all 4 courses! They have a brilliant experience in making them interesting and engaging!!!! Thanks a lot!
Bakht Rawan khan
Excellent course . I realy learnt alot from it..CFI course are practical ...
Kouassi Serge Dammo
Never considered a course as clear as this one in Fundamental of Credit
Bharti Sharma
the course was very interesting at the same time informative too. it boosts my knowledge and learned many new useful terms with in-depth meaning.
Bagogi Moreri
Its really an informative course so far.
Vani Sharma
The course was very insightful.
Samson Ngambi
I have learnt a lot of fundamental concepts about credit and the credit process which will be very valuable in my career.
Deepesh Kumar
It was a great course there is lot of thing to know about very good to understand about the credit happy to do that course.
Darnella Calimlim
This is my first time in using the site for learning actually it is my first time knowing about it. Honestly, it helped me a lot to understand the topic more and the free topics are a plus because not everyone can afford availing the topics. I would like to recommend this if you want to add more knowledge for yourself. It is an easy way of self-studying.
Mellah Francesca Oandasan
cfi courses are so useful, informative, engaging and helpful for a student like me who wanted to know the basics of my course. the information provided by the lecturer is direct and specific with no complicated words making it easy to comprehend. the activities are short but it presents the gist of the lecture. the videos are 3 minutes or less and it is not boring. moreover, the topics discussed are complete and gives you a background of everything in between.
Jalen Palacio
As a beginner and a student, the course about the essential parts of credit made me realize how the borrowers and investors benefit from each other. There are a lot interesting concepts that are described here in one word with examples to back it up. Very well done! I recommend to anyone to take up this course who are interested to borrow or lend!
Caryl Cortez
This course was really great. The combination of videos, activities, and learning materials are very effective for my learning capacity. Definitely will try more courses here. Thank you so much!
Philip Azih
I found the course to be very enlightening and I' quite impressed with the delivery techniques used by the facilitator. Great Job!
Khalil Abdo Hassan Ibrahem
the material was useful and the videos were so simple to understand. It was a wonderfull experience.
Francine Fabiola PETATO TEWO
Highly recommend.
Shania Simon
Through this course I came to know about credit analyst and came to know that I have a keen interest in this.
Good content giving sound basic conepts and good presentation.
Golla Archana
Covered the depth topics in a simple way.
Bethuel King'ori Nduati
The course is very informative and has enabled me make a clearer picture of credit.
𝑴𝒂𝒏𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒅 𝒀𝒂𝒐 𝑨𝒕𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒑𝒆
As a starter and with the well explained fundamental of credit as delivered , one will be able to conduct the fundamentals of credit analysis as a potential credit analyst. This course is beneficial and serve as a guide to credit risk management of a company.
Aman Jinwal
I like this course ,which is very clear and sound conceptually well designed.
angeline chua
Good material!
Ahiduzzaman Joy
This course really has helped me to know clear and absolute concepts about credit. understanding the scope, opportunities, credentials helped me to drive to be a proficient credit analyst. I'm looking forward for other courses which makes me clear to choose my career path. Thank you to course instructor who simply explains, explores each item very perfectly.
Valenton Wallace
Nice introduction to Credit and Lending
Khaver Babayeva
İt is very useful and interesting course
Rohith Kondi
Good course to prove your knowledge and brushup your skills
Sunitha Iyer
Great heads up to those who are totally new to credit. It was a great recap for me as to what I learnt during my masters and the terms are being daily used in my Credit Administration Job. Thanks CFI Team
Cosmas Kanhai
A good introductory course covering all aspects required for a beginner to appreciate the area of credit
pema lhamo
It is very important to know basic fundamentals of credit being a credit analyst. Credits are source for the creditors to run their business and to carry activities. The fund can be raised through equity, cash and raise through debt. There are three types of credit provided by the lenders. 1) revolving credit, 2) installment and 3) open credit. There are two types of loan. 1) secured loan backed by collateral which consists of amotizing and non amotizing loan. 2) Unsecured loan which is given looking into crediworthiness of customers consisting amotizing and non amotizing loan. There are four types of credit analysis that lenders must look into. 1) industry analysis, 2) Business analysis, 3) Management analysis and 4) Financial analysis. Also, to measure creditworthiness we have to look into 5c's(Character,capacity,capital,collateral and conditions)
Alinaghi Saberidehkodi
This course gave me , for the first time, the good feeling of knowing what " Knowledge is Power" means. It is great. I recommend it to everyone who has " the will to know ".
Issam Saydi
As a former credit analyst in my home country, this course allowed me to learn more about the banking industry in North America and to figure out how each credit analysis process works. It's clear, easy to understand and so accurate. Thanks to all CFI team members.
Ibukun Lawore
I just concluded fundamentals of credit by Corporate Financial Institute, the course deliver was wonderful, and the insights gained are remarkable.
Babu R Neupane
With ample amount of information, examples and much interactive presentation, this course is a must try for learners, who want to excel lending skills and also understand business's borrowing need assessments.
Noura Fathi
this course met my expectation I have earned new information and knowledge from this course and it will help me in my career so I recommend anyone intends to gain and exceed his knowledge take this course
Mohammad Jabedul Alam
This course is very fundamental, easy understanding for the students. To get CBCA Certificate, this course is helpful.
Ibrahim Awad
Thank you CFI for having this opportunity, the material was very useful as well as the presentation and exam approach.
Tope Akinade
The modules are very informative and easy to understand. visual aids assisted to increase attention span. Great course... Highly recommended
Eli Loebenberg
this was an excellent course
Ogone Onamile
A very good introductory course indeed, I learnt more concrete explanations on concepts I already knew and on other newer concepts.
Vaishali Gangrade
Really very helpful course
Rehman Allana
Looking forward for completing some other courses.
Amit D Malviya
Course is extremely well designed for underwriters
Oluwafemi Adeleke
I give CFI five stars having gone through a course, i was greatly impacted and instructed professionally.
Kshitiz Agarwal
It is great that CFI is providing certification for fundamentals of credit course and also providing it free of cost to everyone so as to help everyone learn the fundamentals. Great course
amit singh
good learning curve on credit analysis
Tanya Coetzee
Sufficient for entry level
Rohan Singh
Very helpful for my career. Thanks to CFI.
Adil Kamal
good certification for conceptual clarity
Raju Giri
Kuldeep Dhamecha
I really enjoyed this course and the format it was presented in. I learn and retain much more through this course.
Jonathan Matilda
Priyadarshini Seal
Best course
Aryan Kumar Shukla
It's Awesome
Salem Binhafeez
The course was very clear and understandable, I highly recommend you to take it
Dheeraj Singh
Its nice course
Anand Prashad
By profession i am a banker from Nepal, i find CFI is the great portal to enhance learning finance and related topics. Thank you for wonderful course. Please come up with application for CFI so that we can learn courses on the mobile on the go.
Wai Ma
Very clear points, clear summary. Very useful!!
Pooja Kadam
The course is very helpful for the beginners to understand what is credit and how it is practically applied.
Lakshay Sharma
It is one of the most imperative course i have come across with reference to credit fundamentals because they have covered all the aspects and modules which will make a solid base for those who wants to pursue their career into credit analysts profiles. Thanking you
Afnan Iqbal, ACCA
This course is totally relevant to the topic and it has helped me to get my knowledge updated.
Jeevagan R
It provides clarity in understanding credit basics and insight to credit analysis.very useful for refreshing the lessons and also for beginners..
Clifford Munga
Covers Credit, Sources of funds, Type and features of credit, Types of loans, Credit process and anaysis
Obed Aryee
Course has industry-relevant content. Course presentation is very precise. The course enlightened me in the credit profession. I recommend continuous development of the content to always meet current requirement.
Anwan Sharif
This course helped me how to analyze a customer before giving him a loan
Needed a refresher on the fundamentals and found high quality and free videos with exercises on CFI. I wish there were more free stuff but I am sure the paid ones are of high quality, too. I might sign up for paid ones if I get a job in this industry. Thanks CFI...
kasthuri M
Thank you for your course. I got some knowledge about credit, loans...
Ramzy Ishtawi
Pretty much gives you a glimpse of the fundamental of credit.
Kelvin Kamande Karanja
good work and explanation. i shall be recommending
Mayur Kolte
Great to do with this course.
Mayur Kolte
Great to do with this course.
Vicky Shah
Ahmed Nagah Ahmed
I highly recommend this course to all people in credit field work.
Karamael Malisa
The course is relevant to in real world and I would recommend to all in banking/lending industry
Yogita Aggarwal
Amazing experience.
Samirah Azan
Extremely good
Dr. Sameer Shekhar
The course has been designed brilliantly that a layman or non financial background learner can easily learn the entire objective of the course.
Lokesh Kumar
I Lokesh Kumar have finished the fundamental of credit course and found it very helpful in understanding the crux and basics of credit lending and management. I think, one must go for the course to understand the credit mechanism very easily.
Abdulaziz alsahlawi
Chinedu Prince Erigo
A fantastic course. Very easy to follow. I totally enjoyed it.
Puja chaudhary
It is very much helpful to make career in finance.
John Obiam
I thank the corporate finance institute for this opportunity.
Aditi Bhadani
I am very happy.
Yogesh Todi
The course was good
Harsha sharma
It is great source of distance education.
Isaac Ametsetor
The course element is simple and conscience
Romaric Christian Tuwindpulongo Yougbaré
This is a must. It is a really interesting and exciting experience. Thank you
its a very good course. thanks
I have gone through the fundamentals of credit course, and I must say it is really helpful. Data is shorty but very much informative.
Abdul Gaffar Howlader
Thanks for teaching wonderful course.
Fuad Hassan
Very nice course
Himalaya Chauhan
The course covers the fundamentals of credit analysis. The course is good for a beginner as it states all the topics which are supposed to covered. However, since it is a free course the lectures are not detailed. A person who has done similar course before does not need to take this free course.
Sukanya Vankamamidi
The course was amazing and learned alot of new things. Happy with the course
Jatin Jindal
It is a very well designed course for beginners in financial and credit analysis.
Sujeet Kumar Dharma
Very informative course regarding the Credit Analysis and it will benefit in future to the people who want to pursue their career in the field of Credit Analyst or any other related field.
Syed Arhum Ahmed
This course has been full of learning especially for the finance industry. I would like to advance in this filed.
Manivannan Arulalan
The course structure is very comprehensive and nicely put together videos. Very engaging
The course provided here is a nice one, gives basic knowledge very accurately.
Divya kumawat
It is very knowledgeable course about credit.
Student must do it
Karima Touil
Good Course
Jatin Hathiyani
Amazing experience with the course, the content of the course was engaging and covered all the major aspects on the pre-requisites of credit analysis. Highly Recommended for people in Banking and Financial Services.
Its a must beginner course. The explanations with visuals and interactive exercises were very interesting and motivating to complete the course.
Fahd Al jomaia
Thank you and thanks to give this opportunity
Abraham Mathews
It was well presented with covering detail knowledge of the products.
Andi Dwi Nyata Gultom
This course help me to undedtand fundamental of credit
Pratibha Malviya
Easy explanations.... rhetorical presentation
It was practical and educative
Debabrata Das
I like to share a few things. First of all , the course is immersive & it involves lots of exciting contents & the it is engaging in nature. Secondly , I like to say that , this course will help the students , the freshers as well as experienced professionals like me. Lastly , I like to say that , adding some case studies with this course will sure add values . I like to thank the course developer & the course instructor for their great efforts.
Khushali Parmar
The course was informative & well versed
Nawal Jizani
Udochi Kalu
The course was insightful and educating. I strongly recommend the course to all students aiming to grow their career in FMVA.
Chukwunonso Ngobiri
This is recommended for beginners in Credit assessment/control and adminstration
Rashid Nasser
The trainer managed to draw attention to the main axes of the course and Program content display in an organized way
Sheila Barzaga
The course is a must for Business faculty and students. The tasks are very engaging. It is as if you are playing a puzzle!
Tanishk Sharma
This is well thought of foundational yet comprehensive course for all those looking for an introduction to the field.
Saber youssif Ahmed
The basics of credit
Gabriel Bell-Gam
The accuracy & simplicity of the breakdown of the course was perfect.
Kgatjepe Evans Ntobeng
The materials used to present the course were very straight foward
A.Z.M Sheikh Nazmus Saqib
duncan kogo
the course is well briefed and very informative
I am happy to be introduced to this course. it is well structured and well delivered. I recommend to all who are interested in becoming credit analysts. Thank you CFI.
Rohan Gawde
Nirjar Thaker
Financial aspect could have been more detailed
Adolf Josef Yao
This course is great. It helps me understand more the fundamentals of credit.
Andrew Manasseh
It was a good course with great materials for uture refereence The Tutorial was also good
Darshita Shah
It's truly very helpful to all the credit analyst.
very insightful
Ravichandran Rajagopalan
The modules are very easy to understand. presentation is also good.
Nathan Kimani
This is a must do course for any serious person dealing with Fiiancials
Dipti Bhamre
It's an awsome basic course, where light is thrown on basics of credit. During course it is realized that full course would definitely be a boon. Thanks a lot CFA. Dipti Bhamre
Gaurav Soni
Find it very informative to attend such course.
Amol Rane
Govindaswamy shankar pragadeess
The course was very interesting, If you provided with free online certifications. It will be morale support and gives us privilege we have done something useful.
Soham Banerjee
The course provides a clear, crisp introductory understanding of credit analysis and it is highly recommended for anyone wishing to brush up their basics or wanting to pursue the said certification from the Corporate Finance Institute.
Vaishu Dahapute
Best couse
Su Nandar Myint
This is perfect and can help you a lot to understand the fundamentals of credit fully.
Neeraj Soni
This course material is easy to understand even if you are not belongs to the credit, finally its best course
Mohammed al-agha
this course is the best knowladge source
Akshay Ponnam
Good course
Mamta Bhalerao
it's a good course
Oluwaseyi Odeniyi
The course is interesting and also added to my knowledge of credit.
Abhishek Gupta
This course is very helpful in understanding the basics of credit and I learned online. CFI Institute is very good.
Kishore Srinivasan
Nice introduction to credit terminologies.
Balaji R
Overall Good. Still we need in-depth knowledge of Credit system
get well knowledge and clear concept after doing that course excellent
Md Moinul Alam ( Ovi)
Now, I know many things regarding Credit analysis and how he or She works to find out loan of a company
Hesham Nosseir
For an introduction to credit this is course did remarkably well
Jay Dhamsania
All the required details are covered for credit analyst
Shailesh Shinde
good learning course
Manish Kumar Sharma
This application is very helpful to clear the credit doudts for understanding basic credit
Govinda Nanwani
An amazing course, which enables you good insights and key factors to look at as Credit analyst, Learning new through such platforms is very encouraging . Thank you CFI
Zishan khan
The course is Amazing for learning of credit. & Also support for job.
Vickhram Jadhav
This is really helpful to beginners or who is.started career in Credit and Risk
Ikhtiar Ahmed Khoso
Excellent course, beneficial for new employment in the banking sector of Pakistan. Specifically employed in the credit section.
Georgios Chalkiadis
It was an excellent introductory course regarding Credit and the process that banks follow. However, I would have liked the course to provide more examples or additional practise questions.
Allen Avadetsi
Immanuel Reginald
I enjoyed learning this course and appreciate the structured contents of this course. It is an excellent course to refresh the fundamentals of credit. Thank you, team CFI for providing this course for free.
Amr Mohamed Ismail Ahmed Badawy
Excellent Course & Very Helpful.

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