Excel Crash Course Description

In this free Excel tutorial, you will learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas you need to be an Excel power user. This free Excel course is designed specifically for spreadsheet users who are already performing professional financial analysis and financial modeling or are looking to prep for a wall street career. Take CFI's Excel Crash Course now to advance your career!

Build a strong foundation in Excel for careers in:

  • Investment banking
  • Private equity
  • Corporate development
  • Equity research
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Free Excel Crash Course

Excel tutorial on best practices

Learn industry-leading best practices. This free Excel course is based on real investment banking training programs at global banks. The quality of instruction you receive in this course will have you just as sharp as if you took an expensive, live Wall Street course.

Free Excel Course and training Online (screenshot)

Excel tutorial & training details

This free spreadsheet training course starts with the Excel basics and quickly progresses to a more advanced level where even experts will learn something new. We believe it is important to start at the bottom and build a solid base, which is why we review all the foundational skills you need before building more advanced spreadsheets. In this Excel tutorial, you will learn to leave behind the mouse and use keyboard shortcuts to dramatically improve and speed up your spreadsheet building skills.

In the second half of the Excel crash course, you'll notice that the functions and formulas get more sophisticated and the quality of financial analysis and financial modeling become much higher. This half of the course focuses on finance-specific formulas that you would use as an analyst performing financial analysis on the job.

Excel Tutorial and lessons

What am I going to get from this free Excel course?

  • Learn everything you need to know about Excel spreadsheets for a career in corporate finance and investment banking
  • Master keyboard shortcuts, functions, and formulas to save time and speed up your modeling skills
  • Follow industry-leading best practices; simulate on-the-job analyst training
  • Stand out in an interview or move up the ladder at work by dramatically boosting your MS Excel skills and confidence
  • Get an Excel Crash course certificate of completion

Excel course for finance professionals

Who should take this free Excel tutorial?

This free Excel tutorial is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced users.  The tutorial starts off with the very basics, but the training quickly advances so even power users will learn something new and have a great refresher. Start the Excel Crash Course now!

What You'll Learn


Free Excel Crash Course - Spreadsheet Tutorial for Finance

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Approx 3.5 hrs to complete


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What Our Students Say

Ishtiaq Jamil Khan
Very Informative and Beautifully Curated but could be better.
I think the course was very informative and very well curated by the instructor, but I did feel there should have been more formulas to be discusses for example, NPV or IRR. Other than that it's a very nice course.
Sahil Sharma
Great Course
Even if you are expert in Microsoft Excel, you should join this course which let us know about the basic and advanced techniques in wholly different way. The color coding, shortcuts, power functions, i'll say that i really enjoyed the course. Thanks to CFI Sahil Sharma
Harish Lodha
Quite lucid & effective crash course
atishay jain
See More
Dhaneshwar Kumar
This excel course is good , it can be learned by those who know a little bit but this course does not make sense of everything because it is a crash course. commerce students and those who want to know financial analysis can do this course.
Sergio Velasco
Extremely useful course
Efe Bakare
The Course for me was so engaging and the instructor took it from the scratch, which makes it easy for anyone to meet up and for those who already had the knowledge it was like a refresher course .Also, i would like to add that this course was so insightful, especially the short cuts.Thank You CFI for sharing .
Amlan Gosh Dastidar
This course is Excellent
Tracey Simmons MBCS, MCBA, MICA, MAAT, CIM
Needed a refresher on some formulas and was excited when I came across this course. Very easy to follow and interactive.
Apurva Samir Gandhi
This course entails a brief introduction to creating financial models and one can learn a number of shortcut keys for navigation easy.
Apurva Samir Gandhi
This course entails a brief introduction to creating financial models and one can learn a number of shortcut keys for navigation easy.
Apurva Samir Gandhi
This course entails a brief introduction to creating financial models and one can learn a number of shortcut keys for navigation easy.
Johnson John
The crash course program is so amazing as you do not need a physical tutor. Also, you can replay any of the classes. The course is simple to follow and understand. This is a wonderful course for beginners and anyone wishing to broaden his/her excel skills.
isha kandhway
The course is really worth five star rating. All the concept are covered very well by the mentor. Thank you for this great experience in lockdown!!!
Meet Dixit
it covered all the topics which are helpful in daily basis and it is also helpful in making use of excel more efficiently and effectively.
Dr. Anand Lakshmanan
I found this course to be very interactive, and very well explained. SInce the Instructor was explaining and at the same time demonstrating it with a Spread sheet, it was very easy to comprehend and also follow the demo by doing it along by myself. This is a MUST course for anyone who uses Excel for anything more than as a calculator.
Marilyn Salientes McCormick
I learned a lot taking this course-I love how it is organized ad very easy to follow. It is actually fun following the commands and doing the shortcuts without using the mouse. I enjoyed taking this course and felt that my Excel skills improved quite a lot.
Valenton Wallace
Excellent presentation. One interactive exercise "may" have a included a question that was covered later on in the course (possibly exercise 3 or 4). Beginners would have to pay closer attention as the narrator does not always narrate what is being done in detail if it includes a step that was previously explained in another instance.
K Vijay Venkataraman
I found this course very useful and I found that the short cuts are immensely helpful and also I came to know more functions and how to use them. Especially the way to use them as a part of a profitability statement was a great tactic of teaching.
Mohamed Gaffer
Excel skill improve
Emmanuel Banjo
The Excel Crash Course covers everything you need to know about Financial Modeling & Valuation at least at the barest minimum.
Himanshu Singh
This was a good quick course for a beginner like me.
Amit Shukla
I suggest all students and professionals who want to acquire/develop Microsoft Excel skills. Then CFI is providing the absolute platform.
Shruthi K
It was very practical and effective content for learning. A must course to take.
Raju A
Very useful course
Blaise Ibe
The teaching method was a very good one and very very impactful.
Drishan Vig
It was absolutely an amazing course.... If we want to excel our skills, go and grab this course.....
Sudheer Kumar Boddu
good learning content to improve skills and capabiulity of accounts
Mahesh Padhye
Really Good and helpful to know shortcuts
Gbenga Owoturo
Anamika Sharma
Go through this excel course, its really supportive and informative for your future concern
Rokib Hasan
Really amazed to learn this course. Thank you guys for this amazing course. Every section is short and well detailed to learn easily.
Shrushti Birajdar
The course covered core parts with a less period of time with effectiveness. It will surely help in long run. Thankyou!!!
Shefali Sathewal
Very nice course Got to know so much new about various formulas & functions and of course their uses their uses.
Joseph Iskander
The Excel crash course has opened my mind to a better way of using excel and how to design my excel worksheet in a better way. Thanks to CFI TEAM they have made an easy to understand course using examples covering most of MS Excel (shortcuts ,formulas , worksheet design ,...) , I have learned from the course and noticed how excel is easy and powerful tool for building dynamic analysis worksheets. I recommend the course for every one who works in the accounting/finance or needs to use MS EXCEL.
Christian Farven Dosono
Excel Tutorial made so easy, very informative, clear and concise.
Shikha Sinha
The course helps the student even they are new learners and a gives a advance learning experiences.
godfrey ouma ojiambo
no text to review
Zainab Olaiya
I will strongly recommend this course (Excel Crash Course) to other individual who require additional excel skills with limited time availability. The course was well organized, clear and easy to follow and the instructor (Tim Vipond) was very knowledgeable with excellent presentation skills.
Abdul Hannan Suhail
it was a very great experience to get to learn from this website. Really enjoyed it a lot. I rate it 10/10.
The content of this course is really helpful, during and after the course to keep on practising. I have learnt a lot of new techniques/ formulas to use in excel. The only suggestion I would like to give complimentary trial access to excel for the ones who cannot afford to buy the MS office subscription in order to practice while learning. The teaching method is very adaptable and easy to understand. Thumbs up to the team, you guys are doing great job. Thanks!!!!!! 🥰🥰.
Yuen Ling Au Yeung
Good course
Vatsal Lunawat
this course highlights the important formulas being regularly used in finance practices. formulas are well-explained. The instructor is explaining really well.
Eunice Wairimu
I have really enjoyed the course, it was very informative and engaging.
Kofoworola Arodu
Beautifully delivered, very easy to understand, the best part was the downloadable course materials, and it's all free! Thank you!
Ayodeji Ayileka
I learnt a lot of things from this course which has sharpened my knowledge of the excel application.
Dipika Agarwal
This was my first online course with CFI, absolutely loved it, very informative, shortcuts taught are so appropriate to work with. Would happily recommend the course to my friends.
Dimitri Kassouf
The only free of charge excel crash course I could find considering the other well-known modeling platforms such as BIWS and WSP. The instructor is extremely concise and clear on every aspect of the videos, and the course prepares you well for the more advanced stuff to follow in the paid packages.
Nikhil Deshmukh
I am deeply engrossed with this course. This course was excellent and mind blowing. The contents of the course is very beneficial for all Finance professional and students.
Oluwakemi Alabi
This course will help broaden your idea of Excel and encourage you to get better
Zeeshan Muhammad Aslam
The course was a worthy time management activity. During this pandemic, I find it a refresher and go practice to polish my excel skills.
Thanapong Limprasert
As I am a Business Administration student, the course has encouraged me to feel eager to create a financial model for business case competition which I can have more opportunity to be in more real business experience from my university. Even though this is a basic course, it enlightens me to seek more complicated financial model and practice the basic one to become more familiar with the use of my hands which has been already given in the course.
Ashok Bala
This is an excellent excel course. I have enjoyed it very much. The most important thing is I have now able to work with the keyboard with little help from mouse.
Kamlesh Kumar
Mark Morse
Just a great course for my career
Muslem Al Ahmed
Rashmi Shah
This course was a great learning.It helped me to enhance my skill.
Nikhil Thokal
The course is succinct yet comprehensive. Covers many MS Excel concepts that would make work easy for not just financial analysts but any person looking to keep a track of his personal expenses, mortgage repayments, etc.
Shyam Paudyal
It was fun learning excel with you. I really loved it. Looking forward to learn more course from your website. Thank you
Opeyemi Sanya
I had been struggling with some excel functionalities especially when working on large data, I am delighted that this course enlightened me and eliminated most of the knowledge gap I had in excel. Thank you
Stuart Long
Do not waste your time. The final exam is an endless loop. You will be spending hours trying to figure which question was missed in order to get over the 80% threshold. Go on to another CPE.
sudha k
Really excellent instructor,who takes class effectively and interesting.
Sai Samiran Das
This course covers all essential functions of excel.Very informative and well delivered by the tutor.
Shah Murtoza Morshed
This course is enough for learnig basics of excell.
Sarthak Saket
The course is overall informative for the beginner.
Very important very helpful and wonderful course I satisfied this course
very helpful course, reminding of various functions. At the same time brainstorming the appropriate use of many.
Kishore p
I got the knowledge upon the excel.
Rajeev Chowdhry
A very helpful and informative course on applicable formulas and how and where to apply them in financial models
Navya Balagopal Menon
Really liked the way of teaching Easy to understand and grasp the concept Precise and clear
Muhammad Kamil Kamarudeen
Very helpful and easily understanding
Shriti Satyal
Great course, was really helpful
Ami Htike
I do appreciate for offering this excel crash course for free. The explainations are traffic. Very useful for me as finance professional as it helped to fill the gap in my career.
Ishu kumari
elaborative and informative beyond expectation!!!
Ayoade Oluwaseun
The training and assessment are good for excel skills. I learned something new from trace dependent and precedent, how to use shortcuts to prepare a report on excel, and many more new skills. I'll recommend this course to colleagues and other teammates.
Muhammad Asim
Nice learning during this course. Excellent designed.
Olumide Adeyemi
The course modules was well itemized from basic to advance. I strongly recommend it for anyone who want to learn excel for the first time. Excellent and impactful.
Somukieni Billy
Love taking this CFI Excel Crash Course.It was just what I need to improve my excel skills. Looking forward to more courses
Anmol Garg
Worth your time.
Divya Goyal
Excellent course. Really a good addition to my skill.But I am not able to get certificate for the same also I am not able to share it on my Linkedin profile. Please help.
Asad Syedain
Fantastic course for aspiring Financial Analysts! You will definitely learn a lot of new things by taking this course even if you are an excel guru.
Lodu Anthony
Kindly include the most common if functions in financial modeling
Balasubramaniyan Velmurugan
Hi, This was a perfectly designed material for beginners. It has helped me to understand and work out basic functions of excel. The more you practice, the better you become.
Prateek Gandhi
Good content ,well explained and lot to learn, Thank you so much CFI team for providing online certification
Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan
Had an engaging experience attending the crash course on MS Excel.. All the functions and conventions explained are concise and clear. Could add on with some advanced excel features and tools to the existing curriculum.
Narasimha U
Nice experience
Mohamed Eldesouky
Although I am being said that I master excel, but I have added many points to my Excel knowledge when I completed this course. I strongly recommend for anyone who uses Excel to attend this course. It will show you some tricks that will make you work faster and more accurately.
Temitope Odubote
Great course. The course refreshes my memory of Microsoft Excel knowledge. Thank you CFI.
Jaiyeola Edunwale (AAT, ACA)
The crash course is very detailed and the instructor is good.
Niraj Dongol
i love this course
Riya Goyal
I didn't expected it to be so great. But it comes out to be..Thankyou for the knowlege.
suyash Gaonkar
I would i highly recommend this course as beginner excel learning to work on financial module.
Wayel Abdul-Elah
Thank You to all staff of CFI
Ankit Gaurav
i really enjoyed the course as a financial student ,Course really helpful in learning shortcuts and basic of financial modelling , questions are too good .
Ankit Kumar
Gives lot of exciting excel tips and shortcuts.
Apoorva V. S
Excellent course for beginners in excel
Manohar pal
This Fast Track Excel Course help me lot and improve my Performance.
Udochi Kalu
The course on Excel Crash Course was an eye opener for me in relation to my growth process in FMVA. The course was interesting and informative. More of this will be worthwhile for folks planning on developing their skills and career on FMVA.
Sai Santhosh Guptha palutla
Thank you is a small word to describe to your content .I was completely having zero knowledge on Formulae and all the keyboard shortcuts . Right now after doing this certification i am able to do all the stuff needed.
Altaf Ismail
Overall the course was very good. However, it content could have been further enriched.
Ramesh Raj
I had tried searching for numerous websites to find the best way to learn excel and especially the financial analysis part. I couldn't imagine that CFI kept was so attached that it kept me too engaging in its videos, interactive exercise, etc. It was a motivating and truly an academic course. I am excited to join other courses at CFI again. Thank You for this platform.
Rakhi Ghulaxe
This is Very informative course that u provide us thanku so much for great knowledge that u give us
hareem nayyar
The course is highly recommended to all those professionals who still have some issues regarding financial modelling
Hammad Manzar
It is very helpful for job. I learned new skills thank you
Mandeep Kaur
Excellent course
Vishakha Bhimrajka
Thank you for such informative course
Muhammad Amirul Arzahar
Frankly said, im a novice on using Excel but the way this course showed me that it is manageable and how easy to learn it makes me want some more. Mr. Tim Vipond as the instructor really help me as viewer onto understanding points of excel formulas and functions. I really hope I can implemented this in my next job. Thank you very much!
Muhammad Saifullah Khan
I am really thankful the CFI team for conducting this kind of course, looking forward to other courses.
Tanvir Ehateshamul Hoque
I always thought I knew most of the things about excel. But after taking this course, I learned even more. Especially the keyboard shortcuts. Never thought that they would be so helpful & efficient. The instructor was very clear and concise about every topic he is teaching. It wasn't difficult for me at all to understand the course materials. I hope this is the same for beginners.
Nand Kishore Prasad
I am very happy to share that i have completed my first program, one of my friends suggested about CFI. The program material is very good and instructor's ability to teach us in very good. I am very thankful to CFI.
I would recommend everyone, who interested to know excel in advanced level, to complete this course.This is the best advanced level course which i recently attended.
Shivanand Masali
I am glad that my hands got on to this course through one of my friends. This is really wonderful if you're a beginner for the excel or if you just want to refurbish your excel skills this is the platform you're looking for. Throughout the session, I was a keen listener this helped we a lot just I would like to point out a few good things about this course, 1) Each topic is nicely sectioned. 2) Reviewing each lecture after the end of session. 3) Highly focused on the corporate analysis aspects.
Mudit Wadhwa
Ravikumar Kondaveti
It is very glad to learn this course. this course is very helpful to my day to day works effectively and fastly.
Deepali Pal
extremely helpful and the way of teaching is really really impressive. Highly recommendable.
Nikolina Lukić
Great way to refresh your memory and learn faster way of managing Excel
Nishant Gupta
The way this course and its structure is developed and presented, is just awesome. The lectures delivered and the knowledge i was able to gain through them sharpened my financial modelling abilities by using excel. I learned a lot about various shortcut keys, short ways to deal with formulas , functions and the best thing was operating Excel without with a single click i.e. completely using a keyboard, made me realize how much time one can save by not being dependent on the use of a mouse. It really is good course and i would like to recommend all others who read my feedback to avail this free of cost opportunity to enhance your skills. Thank You, Tim Vipond!
Santiago Herrera Guerrero
I am giving you guys 5 stars because the platform and the way the instructor explains each part of the course are really good and clear. I also enjoy and think that is a really good way of learning that on each session there is at least 1 quiz for us to prove our knowledge. I had a really good time learning and you can't say that about all of online courses and classes. You guys are doing a great work. Thank you! -Santiago Herrera Guerrero
Saber youssif Ahmed
An important course for every accountant
This excel crash course is a very sharp focused to introduce us to the best practices in building a interactive financial model. It covers the majority formulas, best practices, both tips to use Keyboard as well as mouse. The instructor (Mr Tim - CEO) takes us through the journey very smoothly and help in building the foundation. The formulas, formatting, examples, resources suggested and the recommended exercise are really very helpful in learning. The resources shared for this course are highest quality. Thanks to the entire team CFI for building this course & hats off your efforts, simplicity & quality. Best Regards Vikrant Waghmare
Ruchit Gupta
Amazing course for bignners.
Koustav Mukherjee
Learnt a lot of new things
Kamal Kishore Chandna
Thanks for the course, it really helped. Kudos to the team.
Need learn very clearly and properly. Nice topics are mentioned.
kratika dhoot
thus couse is very helpful in corporate environment
Daniel Orefuwa
Taking this course has given me the avenue to learn more. Thanks CFI
Abbas Adejonwo
Definitely would recommend to anybody considering going into finance, or who wants to improve their Excel skills. It is very clear, very informative, and quite frankly, very useful!
Karan Kapadia
I have fully completed the Excel Crash Course provided by CFI. The content is awesome & it clears all the basics of Excel. I was not sure about the toughness of English that will be used, but the English was so simple & easy to understand. I want to thank the CFI for making these course FREE. The content of the course was superb. CFI has won my confidence & i will try to do the FMVA Certification at the earliest.
Rohan Gawde
These excel crash course is really helping me a lot. as a student i'm working in broking agency after completing these course a lot of things i improved in my work.
Ankita Bhandari
The course is a must for those who wish to learn how to handle excel efficiently. I learnt many useful shortcuts and tricks from this course which would definitely make working on excel much easier and faster. I recommend everyone to take up this course to brush up your skills and learn new ways of using Excel.
Niladri Das
All the excel fundamentals, important formulas and shortcuts were covered and very useful
I think it is the best platform to learn excel whether you are a beginner or intermediate. i found it absolutely informative and addictive. I apprecaite all the efforts put in to design and implement this course
Ben Rose
Great Course! Very clear and enjoyable! Thank you
Amit Chandola
It was well designed course and every section was well explained.
Naman Khandelwal
It is a nice cources.
Khyzar Danish
Hi, I find this course a very well designed course, although I knew every bit of it but I still found it a good refresher. Must for all the beginners, I should add. Thanks for keeping it free of cost, for everyone.
Swasti Salecha
Very insightful and easy to learn course. This course consists of a lot of things that I never knew. It has motivated me to check out all the functionalities of Excel. Also, to all the Finance people out there, this is a must-do course that will not only enhance your knowledge but also sharpen your skills. Kudos to Tim Vipond :)
Perfect for beginners. Simple and perfect presentation. If you are beginner start without second thought. worth your time.
I find it very interesting and useful. All the topics were very well explained. Thank you very much.
Peter Marlow
Some of the formulas not relevant - min,max,small,large - Other than that Very Good
puja kumari kumari
This course is very use full for me, not only me any of student, those who have use in excel. this course is very satisfy.
Imtiaz Ahmad
Excellent course to learn keyboard commands
Terrence Claiborn
Excellent Course
Robson Garcia
Highly recommend it. I knew this course would be good because of the quality of the free content available on CFI's website and YouTube channel. CFI overdelivered in terms of content, quality of video & audio recording, structure of the course, interactive exercises that weren't trivial and the online platform itself. Will definitely pursue more courses and eventually the FMVA Certification.
Harveer singh bajaj
MY GIRLFRIEND suggest this course to me, this is very helpfull to me god bless you an your family. take care :)
Sonu sah
The course is very informative
Kishore Srinivasan
Nice crash course. Kudos.
Neha Saluja
The instructor is excellent , the way he explicited is dynamic . Thank ! you CFI team
I am trying to pass the exam but every time my score is 67%. out of 15 questions I have tried on excel and then answer , all answer is correct .from the video also I have checked again and put input on the excel which is provided in this course. if you don't want to give a certificate the why mention free certificate or else show the wrong answer.
Maria Indriyanti
Some material and the Quiz cannot be continued
May Mee
The course is very useful indeed for someone who is unable to join excel and other Microsoft software trainings. It's actually good for leaning oneself and instructions on training videos are clear. I am enjoying all the lessons so far and I am really amazed how fast I am improving by watching and listening to videos. I am just a beginner in excel and after finishing half of those lessons, I feel more confident than ever. Thank you. CFI.
Racquel Bryan
Great refresher and a great start for beginners
Nikolaos Vlamis
I didn't like that the instructor used the keyboard so much in a prerequisite course like this. It was like he wanted to show off his knowledge (with so many shortcuts) rather than to help someone who tries to learn something because it is so hard to assimilate so much information directly something that makes the whole lesson difficult to understand and inappropriate. Within the course i suppose that the level will be more advanced and we will have all the time to do try more complex things thats why i believe that it would be very helpful to change it
Azhar Sayed
Teaching methodology & presentation was excellent, content was fairly simple & easy to understand, would definitely recommend this course for people who want to gain expertise in excel, loved every bit of the course.
Jana Alrubaish
Very Good
Apurva Deshmukh
This course is very helpful useful all my doubts is clear is very easy learn
Arpan Ghosh
I have completed this course and learned lots of shortcuts and different useful functions. Thanks for providing this course.
Krishna Chaitanya Marri. PMP
Best interactive sessions with highly expert teaching time.
pratik jadhav
Kaynos Chipangura
This has been an excellent course which has improved my appreciation and consequently utilisation of Excel.
Joyce Njoh
I had a nice time learning and I've gave so much insight. Thank you CFI
good excel course
Sulyman Taiye Ahmed
This course really transferred me to advanced user of excel from basic. Thanks CFI for this wonderful course.
Bonojit Ukil
Brushed up my skills, learned so many excel short cuts, not used till now. A good course both for beginners and skilled users
Utsav Luitel
I recently completed this course and I have some suggestions to you that might prove valuable, since I have been facing the great use of these formulas when using Excel. In the Advance Formula Section of the course [Sum, Average, Sum product, Median] Data from above the section has been brought down by value paste. You can do this by using Lookup formulas or Index and Match formula since these are not covered anywhere in course, would be of value to new users. While the random number are generated on your basis, you could use the RANDOM function and leave it or value paste since these data changes frequently while using Random. What you have done is great, I just gave up some ideas where more formulas could be added. I hope my suggestions get some valuable feedback and review too.
Text are awesome
Balaji R
Overall this course is easy to learn for beginner's
Devendra .
After browsing for lot of crash courses in youtube and other popular websites I got lucky with this one. The depth and interactive exercises at the end of each section are awesome. All lecture are very clear and precise.
usefull course
Shakib Ali
It was a great course, I learned a lot. I am a fresh graduate, I hope to return to CFI for further courses as soon I get into a company.
Anand Tiwary
I never thought I will learn this advance formula on modelling, forecasting and especially the keyboard shortcuts, in just a quick time, the content was awesome, the delivery was fantastic, and overall its was worth spending my time here, I learnt more than expected. Thank You
sneha narang
It's excellent course for all beginners and intermediate levels of learn .you learn so much things in this course. This course is designed very accurate and decent manner.i learnt so much things in this course regarding excel how to operate.what useful functions and their purposes etc...
Prathamesh Nikam
It was amazing, very easy to understand for someone who is not from excel background. Keep it up
Mubashira- Arifi .1st
stunning courses <3
Puneet Dhurve
Only buffering not openable.
Hefni Laithi-Al
John Platt
Just way to much info given to fast. Couldn't keep up. Should have ended before deep financial stuff happened.
Manmohan Rawat
Awesome content
Paul Mugeni
A very great and practical course to enhance one's skills in the use of excel for financial modelling.
Khunesh Kumar
Wonderful Experience..!!
Rawyah Alghamdi
Thank you so much for all the effort in this course, i learn a lot and I will make sure to practice everything
sanjay dey
Though I am not a novice in excel but I found this course extremely helpful for me. I had to use excel for preparing analytic datas and accounts. I got help through this course and many of my doubts got cleared.
Emad Alotainan
Abdur Rehman
Excellent Course with proper guidance and used appropriate tools for learning.
Akshay C Hangaragi
good experience, I'm happy because I have gained a basic and more effective knowledge .tx
Temitope Akinyemi
The delivery and content of the course was fantastic
CA CISA(Certified) Pankaj Kumar Choudhary
Very useful course. Learned a lot. Thankyou CFI.
Md Moinul Alam ( Ovi)
I like the chapter that you arrange hierocracy and especially I prefer how we use the keyboard rather than the mouse . This thing appeases me Most is the freeze option, which option I need to alter in file option prior to starting excel work, how to calculate weight average and also the voice is so clear. However, sometimes videos show vague . I think authority should think this matter .
I Wayan Subagia
All Are Excellence
Tracey Wilson
Ummet Avci
Very well structed course, If you have the ability to understand English no one should ever miss out this opportunity.
Jacob Kaindoh
It is the best I have taken in a hurry!! It has all thee necessary skills.
Mohamed Reda
This course will be the bestseller
Vimal Vekariya
I would suggest that all students, each and every person to complete this and because there is no age limit of getting more knowledge and we must learn something new every time...
ADEYEMI OLAWALE O. A (Anivs, Rsv, Mnim)
The course is very exciting but quite tedious for a basic excel user like me. I struggled to keep up. I am off to have quality excel training before returning to devour the course.
Rafsan Bin Sorwar
Beyond expectations for a free online course. Kudos to the content creators, they've done an excellent job. So much of Excel packed in such short package yet so effective following along.
Alessandro Maria Ciarla
Detailed and easy to understand!
Nikhil Modi
One who is planning to learn course from ground level you should opt for this course.
Mayoh Dorah
Excellent! Easy to understand and follow Most importantly I could get on with the course at my own pace. Loved it!
Disha Dudhal
I thoroughly enjoyed this course very well curated and explained. It has a sophistication to itself which I didn't experience with any other courses available out there. Thank you.
Erwing Mauricio Saavedra Vargas
Lastimosamente para los que tienen el office en español cambian totalmente los shortcuts y dificulta resolver el exámen
jawad hassan
Precise and comprehensive, covering all basics.
Salman Durrani
This course was designed so informative way. Also Instructor's guideline was just awesome.
Josef Asmin
To whom it may concerns. I really enjoyed the course and the content was great and easy to understand and very well structured. There was one thing that made the course a bit difficult. As all short cuts introduced as well as all the quizzes and test are related to the English excel version which made it kind of difficult. I am from Switzerland and I have the Germen Excel version which all the short cuts are different. I am aware of the fact that I am presenting a minority of the students. I just liked to mention that fact. However, I really enjoyed the course. Best regards Josef
luke lang
To the point, clear and easy to follow instruction. I only wish there were more test questions.
Hamse Dahir
This course of Excel Crash Course - spreadsheet Formulas for Finance is very essential course.
Muhammad Javed Shigri
excellent methods
Anne Nordlander
Great for a crash course. The subject is well-paced, the interactive exercises & quizzes keep the student engaged and allow gaining feedback. I would suggest that there are minor tech issues with the functions keys for those in another operating system like Mac users. Overall, excellent and comprehensive course.
Darsh Rajesh Bhatia
The way this person teaches excel is just fantastic !😁👨👦🏻
jake moran
Even though I already knew 90% of what was taught, the other 10% was mind blowing. I already love using shortcut keys, but this encouraged me to use them even more. The material is also presented clearly and at the perfect pace.
Samuel Attah
My expectations were met to the extremely, the course gives an indepth and advance tactics in financial modeling yet easy to comprehend. Thank you CFI for this course
Husaamal diin Ruttun
Very interesting course!
Arnold Muyiyi
Great course for people who need to learn the basics function of Exel. Looking forward to take more of your courses
Evelyn Akpan
This course was very detailed and explanatory. There are quizzes at the end of each module which makes it perfect for ensuring that you are following. I enjoyed the course very much and feel a lot more confident in using excel.
Ahmed Abubakar Ndakene
Kalman Kelemen
To use Keyboard shortcuts are really useful and fun. The only problem pops up when You have different keyboard than the standard UK, and Your Excel is not English but f.e Hungarian like in my case. To complete a test about shortcuts a bit difficult :) but manageable on logical way. Anyway to use shortcut was one if the take aways:) I gave 4*, the course was good refreshing the BASICs.
ishika jain
I have tried many online courses for advanced excel but this one was the best. The way they teach us is very easy to understand and remember it. I am grateful to you for making this available for us.
Pritam Patil
I did this to learn about finance and boy I did learn about it more than when I took a "fun finance unit" at university! haha Plus the excel side of things are great too!
Jane Lin
Excellent teaching!! five stars.
Pat Taylor
I learned so much. I already love Excel but even more now.
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Chidiebere Okoronta
This is one of the best excel course I have under taking
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It has helped me to furnish my basic excel skills and also has enabled me to learn some new useful keyboard shortcuts.
Juan Jimenez
Nirob Mondal
It's very easy to learn, very informative and well decorated.
M.Zohaib Khan
Its was a very comprehensive and world class course fulfilling most of the learning objectives.I appreciate the style and approach of tutor.However, this course did not cover "Charts & graphs", "Macros", and "What if analysis" These items were mentioned in the learning objectives as well.Kindly pay attention to it.
Md Rijvee
Easy to understand and also a good work out . And this will help me a lot in future I wanna thank all the team members and specially the ceo of this website.
Sendhil Kumar
Good! I am happy in learning
Nadjib Cherif
I have never seen course like that in excel , I love this course because it is straight forward, sublime course .
Ashutosh Kukreti
The course was very well delivered and the content is amazing.The only think I would like to add is that it is easier to use 'Ctrl + Alt + V' shortcut of paste special than the one mentioned in the course. Also,Ctrl + G opens the Go To dialog box on both Mac and PC.
Fonville Atiagaga
Wealth of instruction at your fingertips to help you get more familiar with Excel
Busai Blessings Sithole
It was an eye opening course.
Margaret Robertson
A great course for those trying to learn the fundamentals of excel.
Geetha BG
due to Low internet speed will not be able to complete this course.
Jeremy Cohen
Excellent course, simple and covers all the basics good for beginners and as a refresher course.
Frederick Laberge
The best course on the market to learn excel basic.
Luiz Salomon
Clear and concise. Right on the spot. All the lessons were given in a calm manner and a steady pace. All the excel operations were done in a step-by-step manner. Couldn't be better taught.
Kingsley Ugochukwu
Essential for every Excel user
Beryl Thompson
So far I love this course. Its very helpful. However, when attempting to answer the exercise questions, I have the right answers, but it still tells me I'm incorrect. I guess I'm not sure how those little puzzle pieces go together. There should be some instruction on how to answer the questions. Only four starss because of the issue with answering the exercise questions.
Namrata ppatil
nice course for beginner's. as duration of each video is short learners doesn't get bore. he feels more satisfied with each successful completed video.
Natasha de Bruyn
This course helped me so much, the course throughout was very good, I enjoyed the study material and all was well explained and understandable.
Cheu Chansopanhar
It's such a good program that allow all the candidates can improve their excel skill with good introduction and shortcut key in the excel. It is useful for our tasks with the excel and we can enjoy with many shortcut keys instead of mouse. Thank for this free online course and I already completed it.
John Edwards
Horrible experience if you are a Mac user — the test questions provide silly shortcut keys that have absolutely no value to a mac user. There is no way to go back and find the shortcuts easily. If you are not willing to review the entire course again just to pull out worthless keystrokes you can't pass the exams. I was having a good time until the tests. I was looking forward to additional courses but I will have to say that I got discouraged after searching the internet for an hour to find keyboard shortcuts that have no value. I will come back if I am ever silly enough to buy a windows machine. Thanks, John
Attiya Sajjad
It helped me a lot in refreshing my excel skills. Thanks
Tanmoy Chakraborty
Thanks a lot.
Mphatso Mwale
What I can say is nothing other than thanking you for this free opportunity. The course is excellent as it is giving me a solid foundation to work with excel as I am preparing to do financial analysis and modelling in the near future.
Ayush Mangal
Good Overall
Gayatri Kiranmayi V
This is an excellent crash course. It's easy to understand and practice.
Rajesh Sindhu
Content is great and delivery is superb.
Syed Khurram Haider
Oumaima Karim
Effective course to catch up quickly with all preprequisites to develop financial models. The course is well paced and the explanations are very clean. I recommend !
Leon Spies
I use Excel 2013 and your keyboard shortcut instructions do not work. Very frustrating.
horace holm
Shan Mandal
This course is give a primary knowledge of how to do valuation of finance and i am very happy to part of this course and complete this course.
Nkosilathi Ncube
The course is of paramount importance to the evolving finance world and renders diverse learning models which equip one with necessary skills to perform financial modelling
William Ong
This course was done perfectly with step by step videos to follow. This course would have helped me when I was starting out using Excel at work. Very thorough and definitely necessary as a prerequisite. Thank you for the great course I am looking forward to the others.
MohammadAftab Maniyar
The course covers the basic and some of the advanced function. It will help to work faster in excel with shortcuts.
antoine ferrat
i learned a lot
Mariia Yukalo
I've been looking for high-quality excel courses for a long time, and this one is exactly one of them. Well-structured course will guide you through all important Excel functions and shortcuts, including real practice which really helps to memorise and use new skills afterwards. Many thanks to Corporate Finance Institute!
Juna Avarachen
very good . easy to understand and detailed. Good job.
Raffaella Conti
I can't go through this course with my Excel for Mac 16.26. Mostly of the instructions are completely different and useless for me. The comparing table is not updated (? I guess so, because my worksheet doesn't answer to the shortcuts at all or the result is totally different from the expected one).
Anik Kumar Mallick
yeap, helpful enough to learn the basics. but it would be very appreciating if "data validation was included in the course
Christine Pogoy
This is very helpful for me as a beginner. I have learned a lot for free. It's fun too. I really love this course.
Sebastian Castaño
I just made a big mistake, forget my prior review, thank you!
marc anthony van der linden
Ankita Kumari
I was searching for excel WhatsApp group and somehow I get into CFI site ,and what ever I learnt here is just just amazing... I am in middle of this course but ,I thought to rate this commerce,thank you so much... It's very interesting and I am just loving it..and thanks for the free courses. I want that you also provide free certificate for financial modeling 😅 with such great knowledge. I am from India can I get to know how much I would have to pay for financial modeling course.? It would make me clear , to pay right amount.
Mohammed Amjan
can learn lot from this course and gain fastest way to shortcuts in excel. loved it.
Barbara Kenny
This was a fantastic course. I am so pleased I have learnt so much. The programme is so easy to navigate, and the downloads to follow and learn. I think it is great, that CFI are encouraging those to learn, who perhaps may not be able to afford expensive courses. I will absolutely recommend to people. I actually already have. There are so many programmes to choose from, and another incentive is that if you are not entirely sure which career you want to work towards, these short free courses are a taster, to see if they are suitable for you. Thank you CFI. Kind regards Barbara Kenny
Abbas Ali Khan-ACCA
Excellent Resource
Percy Mphato Phaladi
Hello Tim,Insinsu, Thus far in the tutorial i have managed to consume,at my own pace of course....this is the best thing i have ever seen in my learning and education career!well done and keep kicking butt!!
This course has been helpful. I really appreciate it. Now I have a skill in excel and I'm gonna continue practicing it. Thanks
James Gwan
Overall very good presentation. Towards the end, the lecturer was not explaining formula in detail, so I had to stop the video and look at each cell that comprises the formula. But overall, great!
Sanket Meshram
Thank you for providing this course and it sure is a lot of learning experience!
Raman Garg
wonderful excel learning
Deepak Kataria
The Course That You have made us understood.... was good way... but do one more thing sir... put a new way to download your videos as well.. would be much better for us...
Otilia-Florina Nechifor
Hey guys, thanks for giving this precious info - key usage. The course is very well structured. I have been looking for something like this for some time :). Ok, maybe a little harder, with more complex If formula and combination of OR and AND, but this is a start. Again thanks :) Otilia
Ankita suryavanshi
This course gave a lot of information in a short span of time.
Ezenwora merit
I just got started and it's totally amazing!
Ankur Rawat
I think its a best course for the beginners who didn't use excel till now and want to learn about about the basics of excel. The best part of this course is that they helps to create habit of using excel without mouse.
Jacob Muvea
100% rating
prateek mantri
they use an easy way to teach and make things simple to understand
Girish HB
It is an excellent course that every commerce student has to complete on this competitive world. In my profession, this is helping in a Great way. I recommend this to all my family, friends and colleagues.
Joshua Stedford
Excellent training videos, learnt loads in just a few hours. However, it is quick-paced for those who are less familiar with keyboard shortcuts and I had to pause many times and resort to split-screen on WIN10 to keep up. Also, a few of the values that were entered in were unexplained (i.e the ones without a formula. Why did you choose this number in particular? even if the number choice was random, it would have still been nice to know about it). Anyway, I'm really glad that I took this course, and I have very few complaints. Will definitely be returning. P.S: I would critically review this course 4.5/5, but as this isn't an option, I've rounded the stars up, not down, as it was so helpful and free of charge.
Iva Kraljic
All the videos are very helpful . So thanks for the opportunity and helping me to understand the excel by itself .
Charles Lu
This was a great way to learn. it helps ma alot with my financing
Md. Abdul Farooq
This Crash Course is very enjoyable from lesson to lesson. Throughout the course I have learnt lots of Excel Short-cut which must accelerate my speed in excel. In-fact the material and exercises were good enough to learn some key short-cut and basic excel formula.
Marco Pelser
I'm already proficient at Excel without a mouse, and love for the first time (not kidding) hearing another professional with more experience than I actually say how important it is to be mouse free for overall processing, formatting, calculating and typewriting speed. I've believe that for so long but sadly all the places I have worked people don't encourage that enough. Often, patience is not people's strongsuit but it is so worth it. It took me two years to master touch typing and another year to touch type effectively all the Excel commands. It is so worth it, especially when seeing Excel continuing to expand into newer versions. It is a powerful skillset I have never regretted since acquiring. I did learn quite a few new shortcuts here too. Thank you!
Reuben Ansah
I have enjoyed my time going through this course. The course is well structured and organised. The facilitator is superb. I am looking forward to taking more courses from Corporate Finance Institute.
Esmail El Fadly
Tracing precedents and dependents Vid min # 2:33 show wrong short cut for trace Dependets which was Ctrl+[ , while it should be Ctrl+]
Camila Thais Higa Lopes
Great Excel course for basics and advanced users! I recommended it!
Daphne Matiza
Amazing course! Very well explained and very helpful for my day to day use.
Kelly O'Connor
Really displeased with this class. 1) Only Microsoft Office 2019 & Office 365 are available for purchase currently 2) Microsoft has announced that they will no longer support Office 2016 in 2020 3) There are not enough Mac prompts to show the Mac keys along with the PC keys popup 4) the PC to Mac excel short cut download does not have the shortcuts that the teacher is using There should be separate class that goes into how to do the PC to Mac shortcuts so we can follow along with the instructor. Or you all should upgrade to Office 365. There is no point in buying an Excel 2016 or Office 2016 at this point, because Microsoft will no longer support it. Really disappointed and don't know how to continue with the FMVA program.
Jasmeet Singh Bagga
Excellent Crash Course for beginners and moderate level excel users
Sagor K Saha
It was an outstanding course to build primary knowledge about spreadsheet formulas for finance. Hope that it will greatly impact in my professional career.
Ceceline Seale
In short, I am greatly impressed so far.
diane kern
This course was a excellent! I really needed to learn some basic financial formulas in excel. This took me through step by step. The instructor made it very easy to understand. And the shortcuts!! I was blown away! I never knew there were so many shortcuts!!
i would like to learn forecasting method & formulas. but in your videos not helping me. kindly advice
issac hoschander
This course on the excel shortcuts was great, however only for PC. Since the creation of this class MAC has updated and many the discussed shortcuts are now available on MAC as well. I think updating the slides to include MAC shortcut is in order.
Emanuel Thiago Lima dos Santos
Definitely, I'm not a master of an Excel, however, I was wondering a course training with more advanced skills. At least formulas, sum IF, Vlookup, Vlookup H, Index, Matches. What I do believe is not considered advanced.
Shovon Ahmed Rajib
i loved that course. thank for offering such a nice course.
Maggie Lee
Manali Jain
Very good for beginners and experienced professional too who are out of scope for some time.
Aishwarya Sathyanarayanan
Informative and Worth Learning
easy to understand and follow! thanks !
shaik shajahan
Ben de Nysschen
I have limited data to use, the content stream at 1080p that takes a lot of data we must able to set to lower streaming q.. so that it use- less data, I pay for the data use, I do not have uncapped
Anne Marie Kvarta
Very useful refresher to excel, with added information that is useful in finance.
syed haider zaidi
The course layout,description and exercises are excellent to Learn...
Héctor Cabrejas
Interesting in all its aspects
kabagambe sufian
The course is very informative and so interactive
Sambasiva Rao Kambala
It is a must do course for all the who want to be a good financial analyst.
Omar Shayboub
Amazing course for finance professionals.
Sani Garba
My excel knowledge is reasonably advanced, but this crash course has enriched me more than I had expected.
wilfred agyei
The course delivery and presentation is great. I rate this course five stars.
Muhammad Saqib Sultan
This is an excellent course for refreshing Excel skills. Its a well planned course and gives a deep and detailed insight to Microsoft Excel.
Nisar Ahmed
This is advance level expert training course. Come and try it now!
Raimonda Sidlauskaite
The material was good, but the instructor was way too quick. The final exam is to easy compared to material.
Bhupendra Singh
I am looking for opportunities in investment banking sectoe and I came to the knowledge of this course throungh one of my friends. The instructor as well as the programme was good and provided many things to learn. Thank-you
Maryam Rajput
Excellent opportunity for beginners to enhance their excel and finance skills
Nina Lukka
Hello, I really liked your course, but maybe you need to know that as the videos were playing, very often the headline screen of the excel video would turn black, so i could not see what the instructor was showing, but could only hear. It was ok, but maybe you could fix it. Kindest regards, Nina
Mubarak Nasser Al Mansoori
its really amazing course where i learned a lot. i really recommend this site for there quality information and usage
This excel course is for the beginners who has no basic knowledge of excel. It takes one through the nook and cranny of Excel
sarthak srivastava
This is a great course for beginners considering they are providing it for free. In fact it's a good refresher for people going for advanced financial modelling concepts.
Nischal Tuladhar, ACCA
It was really fun learning from this course. Much needed
Ashish Gupta
The course is well structure and formatted in easy to go way, it is very easy to navigate course content and progress. Thank you!
aymen issa
Hi.. sir/madam I like your programs and course that you given in this website... keep going and much respect for you guys.. good luck
Reinis Rudolfs Ozolkaja
I am using Mac, so I try and learn all the mac shortcuts presented in this course. It is, however, confusing that you ask in the quizzes to give answers about Windows hotkeys, which are not relevant to me. You could at least in the quizzes write in brackets the corresponding hotkeys to Mac, which shouldn't be too difficult. Also, it is a bit disappointing that you do not indicate some very important Mac shortcuts and only present Windows shortcuts, for instance, locking cell references (F4 for Windows) is Cmd + T on Mac, which I think is one of the most important shortcuts to know.
Helen Du
Hart Chukwuemeka
The Excel Crash Course is an eye opener to so many functions that makes work much easy and swift without using the mouse. I really enjoyed the course,I have gained a lot knowledge. Great One.
Kevin Sorrell
The course was fine but the certificate does not show CPE earned
Gouranga Sarkar
Very easy way of learning valuable formulas of excel. Thanks
Bhanu Kundra
Merge Crash course and advance modeling
Patrick Jnr Taloboe
Hi CFI, I am from Solomon Islands in the Pacific. I rate this course 4/5. It is the best training for me in excel so far. Great learning and has pushed me to take on the certification program.
Mustafa Khan
The teacher way of explaining is best as well as the course for starting with basics
Svetlana Maltseva-Baloch
Love this course. I have learned many keyboard short cuts.
Shami Kaur
The instructor was thorough and methodical in teaching the basics of financial modeling in Excel. Some of the tips and tricks that I accumulated over many years of financial modeling were shared simply and clearly in this course. I would recommend it highly to anyone new to the field.
Akshita Tiwari
Hi, I used this course to help me get started with the basics of Excel for financial analysis. The sessions were well structured and well-paced. The only issue I faced was the lack of keyboard shortcuts since I use a Mac. I suggest using Windows laptop to get the maximum ROI from this course.
Anirudh Agarwal
good with basic excel stuff.. since a lot of focus has been given to using just the keyboard and hence the shortcuts, the shortcuts needs to be updated for mac users as well, lot of shortcuts that are given are old dont work on the new excel..hence all the more confusions...
Tanvi Kapadia
For someone who is just testing the waters and gearing up for an in-depth learning of financial modelling, this is an excellent course. It has prepared me to take up a more challenging module. It has helped me grasp the essence of excel in financial analysis. This is an extremely important resource for those who have to build their finance career step by step.
aini moore
greatly help me!!
Pradeep kumar selvaratnam
My appreciation and gratitude for this free financial modelling course. It is short but well structured. Emphasizing on the use of short cuts, key functions , formulars applied to develop and control the model. Great opportunity to learn and improve your excel modelling skills. Have a nice day. Pradeep
Billie Li
Great start to understanding excel- very hands on and reinforces you to use the keyboard shortcuts more than the mouse.
Nice knowledge
Iha Pravin
Simple yet comprehensive content that moves on a good pace to make it easier to grasp.
Fadeni Tolulope
The video is not too explanatory it could be improvised on cos, it's too fast.
Ahmad Alhaddad
shin fei tan
I like how concise it is, simple and straight forward, and equipped with the right templates for practice. the model is apt, and easily adaptable to various model.
Zahid Sameer
By far the best!,The information taught and the interactive learning experience truly helped me in a big way. Looking forward in learning the other more advanced modules!.
Hany Soliman
Very good course, but i like to use the mouse and you build your exam on short cut, i don't remember them all, will not pass the exam.
Christopher G. Aghabi
The flow was logical, and the information was very helpful.
Oluwadunsin Ifelola
Very good course
noel santos
The course is good for students learning excel for the first time.
Kirk Budhram
very useful
sundhar R
Very excellent
Thank you for the teaching about financial excel crash course.
Joy Smith
I thought it was very informative. I would love to be able to practice along with the training so it would stick more in my memory. For free I think it was great.
Kelvin Gatembo
Kipkoech Korir Silas
Carla Thomas
It was a good course, but hard to follow at times due to the speed. Hopefully, the actual course speed with talking goes a bit slower with the certification and obtaining certificate.
Nobuhiro Sato
This coruse brings me next level of using Excel. I can use Excel more efficiently then ever.
Alaa Saif Eldin Mohamed Kheir
The videos were easy to follow & the material was explained in a very good way.
Chimba Mukosa
Being a beginner I thought the shortcuts were interesting
sutharsanan b
Akhilesh Patel
Narayan Gaonkar
thanks for providing such a good session. it was wonderful learning experience CFI.