Monthly Cash Flow Modeling - FP&A Training Course
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Recommended Prerequisite

You are expected to have either completed the stated prerequisite course(s) or possess the equivalent knowledge prior to enroling in this course:

  1. Building a 3 Statement Financial Model

Monthly cash flow modeling course overview

Master the art of building a rolling 12-month cash flow forecast model in our Financial Planning & Analysis FP&A class. In this monthly cash flow modeling course, you will learn to build an Excel model from scratch complete with assumptions, financials, supporting schedules and charts.

This FP&A course will look at how to forecast revenues, operating expenses and changes in balance sheet items to arrive at monthly cash flow. From there we will assess the financial impact of the forecast on the business, decide if capital needs to be raised, evaluate credit metrics, and create elegant charts to inform management and make executive decisions.

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Monthly cash flow modeling course objectives

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply a structured approach to monthly cash flow modeling in Excel
  2. Build up the assumptions and formulas required to forecast the business month by month
  3. Understand how to forecast the financial statements based on the business plan
  4. Calculate the monthly cash flow
  5. Analyze the impact of the forecast on the company’s balance sheet and capitalization
  6. Output relevant graphs to illustrate the cash flow profile to management

monthly cash flow modeling course for FP&A

What's covered in this FP&A Excel modeling course?

This FP&A Excel modeling course covers best practices such as building an organized assumptions section, designing better formulas, and creating informative charts and graphs.  More specifically, students will learn how to forecast the income statement, balance sheet, and resulting cash flow, as well as creating schedules for accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, property plant and equipment (PP&E), debt and interest.

Excel skills that will be emphasized in this course include conditional formatting, data validation, IF statements, and other formulas and functions required to complete the financial model.

rolling forecast best practices

Who should take this FP&A course?

This monthly cash flow modeling course is critical for anyone working in Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), accounting, or finance departments and is required to build monthly financial models in their job.  Career paths may include accounting, finance, treasury, and corporate development.

financial planning and analysis model

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From beginner to advanced, this FP&A training course is designed to teach you how to be a complete financial analyst. 

This class is one of the 9 required "Core" courses for CFI's financial analyst training program, which grants the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) accreditation.

FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Modeling

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What Our Students Say

Alvin Tezi
Easy to follow and understand.
Practical, step by step approach to learning FP&A Forecasting has no doubt been very helpful in understanding this concept. Glad I took this course
Master piece
CFI is my Master this was awesome. I went through all the excel calculations and got my certificate. What a master piece I love it CFI THANKS!
Delbert Adivnovak
FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model
Very good explanations and detailed models
Saroj Kumar
Awesome Explanation and Model
This is the best Model with explanation I have ever seen!!! Keep up the good work
See More
Kaushik Agarwal
The course is a win-win situation for all. Along with being comprehensive, it explains and breaks down everything in a very simple manner. Though, I do believe, some more content could be incorporated into the same, to make it feel like a Level 2 Course.
Andy Coleman
I work in Asset Based Lending where short-term financing needs are key. I used this template and changed it to a 13-week cash flow spreadsheet. I have been able to modify credits using the quantitative data this spreadsheet provides.
sanjoy roy
I am grateful to Tim for explaining to me such a complex concept in an extremely lucid manner. I can summarize what I had learned in this course in these words: What I had learned in this course would have taken me months on my own. It is very well guided, well crafted and well explained.
Teka Derick Tikum
Highly recommendable for my colleagues out there. Awesome Course in your day-to-day finance career
Mike Glennon
A great basic introduction to the rolling cash flow concept.
Olga Filatova
Dear Tim, I never leave any feedback. But in this case I have found your course just awesome! A long time I have struggled to find a course on the internet with the combination of high professional Financial & Excel modelling skills. Yours is a profound hallmark, and due to your practical background in finance, your model is in all aspects very highly rating. Not only the model, but the training organization itself is great - structure, logic is easy to follow, clear explanation. I believe it is worth much more than I paid for it and I feel myself very lucky that I have taken your amazing courses.
Yembondame Dahmtaré LARE
The FP&A Rolling Cash Flow Forecast Course was very helpful and a good review of the financial modeling in Excel course. I like the way the instructor used the First principles approach in the course. Awesome!
Barbara Alvarez
This courses does a great job at explaining how to build a cash flow model from scratch. Very useful information well taught.

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