Financial mathematics course overview

This four module course demonstrates how financial mathematics formulas can be used to conduct detailed analysis on a set of data and variables.

Discounted cash flows

In this first module, we explore the concept of “time value of money”. The module focuses on how to calculate present values and future values using compounding and discounting techniques. Additionally, this module goes on to outline how the present values of annuities, perpetuities and growing perpetuities can be calculated. Each concept is reinforced with practical and applied exercises and case studies. By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of how discounted cash flow techniques are used to evaluate future cash flows.

  • Understand the concept of the time value of money
  • Explain terms such as present value, future value, NPV, DCF, annuities, and perpetuities
  • Use DCF techniques to calculate present values
  • Calculate the present value of cash flow streams such as annuities and perpetuities

Financial mathematics course online

Bond pricing and yields

In this financial mathematics module, we explore bond pricing and yields. The module begins by explaining how to calculate the price of a bond using discounted cash flows. Then, the module goes on to outline how various yields (such as the current yield and the yield to maturity) are calculated. This module also explains the relationship between bond prices and yields as well as how to identify whether a bond is trading at par, at a premium, or at a discount.

Each concept in this module is reinforced with practical and applied exercises and case studies. By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of how bonds are priced and yields are calculated.

  • Use DCF to find the price of an annual or semi-annual bond
  • Calculate the different yields used to assess bond returns
  • Understand the relationship between bond prices and yields
  • Identify whether a bond is trading at par, premium, or discount

math for finance course

Statistics & financial mathematics

In this module, we explore key statistical measures. The module begins by explaining how to calculate measures of central tendency including the arithmetic mean and expected values. The module then goes on to outline how simple and weighted moving averages are calculated. This module also explains how to calculate different types of statistical dispersion such as range, variance, and standard deviation.

Each concept in this module is reinforced with practical and applied exercises and case studies. By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of how to calculate key statistical measures.

  • Calculate measures of central tendency including arithmetic mean, weighted mean, WACC, and expected values
  • Calculate simple moving and weighted moving averages
  • Calculate different types of statistical dispersions such as range, variance, and standard deviation

statistics course for finance

Covariance, correlation, and regressions

In this financial mathematics module, we examine the mathematical relationship between two variables. The module begins by explaining how covariance and correlation are defined and calculated. The module then moves on to explain how regression analysis is used to estimate the value of one variable based on another. It also explains the regression equation, outlines how to interpret the coefficient of determination, and explains how to access the regression tools in Excel. 

Each concept in this module is reinforced with practical and applied exercises and case studies. By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of how to calculate and interpret covariance, correlation, and the results of regression analysis.

  • Use correlation and covariance to describe the relationship between two variables
  • Calculate covariance and correlation using Excel
  • Use regression analysis to describe the relationship between two variables
  • Undertake regression analysis in Excel and interpret the results

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Who should take this financial mathematics course?

This course is specifically designed for finance professionals working in investment banking, equity research, corporate development, investment management, finance, and accounting.

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What Our Students Say

Dans Jurcāns
Course in math basics that's easy to understand
Explains the concepts of present and future value of cash flows, annuities, perpetuities, bonds, and statistical indicators like means, expected values, correlation, covariation, and regression well, with clear and engaging Excel examples. A bit on the short side, but a good grounding in cash flow and data analysis methods.
Numan Ahmed
Amazing course
This is an amazing course,
Macdonald Ossuetta
Great refresher
Thanks so much. A brilliant refresher course for Math for Corporate Finance.
Roberto Ramos
Good approach for math finance
Good summary of a lot of quantitative topics, great visuals and clear explanation on videos to introduce to deep dive in several topics
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Besonglache Paul Mbuie
I must admit this is one of the modules wherein I doubted I'll validate in the first attempt. It's just so simple, but not easy. I loved it!
Angus Rissik
Really useful content & concepts that I'm very pleased to now have a good grasp of. The progression through the modules is well paced but I found it jumps a bit quickly when you get to the correlation & regression module. Easy enough to just go through it again but it would be helpful if the concepts & derivation were explained a bit more comprehensively.
Jayesh Desai
Great organization of the content. Most of the parts were basic and really well explained. However, more detailed explanations could be given on the statistics part of the course. The speed of the same can be moderated too. At one point the concepts felt really heavy. Apart from that, it was really engaging and refreshed the concepts.
Nigel Minezes
Great and good variety with an in-depth calculational intricate course.
Before the course my concept clarity of NPV foundation of corporate finance was very theoretical, post completing the course and doing exercises I am now confident of my concepts I would highly recommend anyone taking core courses to first complete the foundation courses as they actually drill the concepts in the head.
Afamuefuna Chukwurah
Great preparatory course
Olga Nielsen, MBA
This course was very efficient! The information was broken down to very manageable pieces, the number of practice exercises and quizzes was more than adequate to digest it all. The best combination of clear instructions, comprehensive exercises and relevant to corporate finance topics!
Antulio Asdrúbal Tinoco Gutiérrez
It is a very content-rich course and so practical. You can work out the finance formulas.
rashid hussain
Its a good refresher course specially for the ones who have some previous knowledge of these concepts
Concept of DF cash flow, YTM and Covariance is a very useful part of the FMVA course.
Carmen Feliz
Excellent tool to fulfill the gaps in your professional career!
This course provide brief and fundamental math for corporate finance.
Hendra Rakhmawan
very good refresher or introduction of math or statistics concepts for corporate finance
Juan Armando Avila Barragán
Excelent material in the course, very didact and excelent explanation by the presenter
its a good course, but need some more examples for more understanding.
Axel Hassan
Cleared out most of the rust. I'm hoping my learning experience will get smoother as I progress.
Adithya Iyer
Amazing Course & Curriculum looking forward for a similar if not better experience throughout my FMVA course.
Gabriela Mackie
Great refresher !Thank you
The content of the course is good. There is should have been more numerical examples for regression analysis.
Abdellatif A. E. Ibrahim
Thank you
Lindelani Sirembe
Concepts well explained
Hany Elkholy
I was really surprised with the amount of information in this course though it's a Prerequisite Course - let it not fool anyone it's on par level of Core Course if not Elective unless you are hardcore finance professional not easy to pass from 1st time, i really enjoyed the Course and learned alot from it.
Easy to follow , lots of valuable info.
Moses Kargbo
The course was a great refresher, and it highlights the critical requirement needed for a financial analyst. It was easy to understand, and the information was precise to the overall objectives.
This course made a lot of concepts clearer. I love the explanation for the intuition behind the formulae for correlation, covariance, and regression. It is a course I really enjoyed.
Jose Olmedo
Excellent course! God bless! All the best!
Very good course
gasim nasser
That’s w very good course and an interesting one
Jonalyn De Leus
The Match course is very challenging yet very informative and I learned a lot on these. Highly recommended.
Sanjay Gupta
Very useful information & course material required for analysis of any kind of business performance.
Jessica Tjeng
Speaker speaks quite fast paced. Could be better if slow down a little.
Shittu Saheed Akande
Angel L Rivera Hernandez
cfi details every courses love it
Said Essam
Hossain Zaman Towhidi Khan
I wish to have 3 minutes of each video duration so that can focus properly.
Samuel Suárez Marranzini
The course was excelent because the formulas I know are very useful, in my case I had previous knowledge of those topics so I could understand in advance the uses of the formula. However, I noticed that the instructor was speaking too fast and most of the cases was only reading the presentation and not stopping to make a comment and to analyze the topic deeply, quite like a hurry recorded voice willing to finish fast. I wish next courses are more like slow-paced analysis and explanation of concepts. I honestly learned several things about annuity I didn't know before and about regression.
Simran Dassani
There were formulas of calculating the bond price from YTM and Coupon Rate which wasn't mentioned clearly in the videos, but a sum for the same was asking in the assignment.
Mohammad Bashar Al Barini
Thank you for the efforts you exerted kin the course. i learned alot from and i think that i need to study it one more time in the future. the information are new to me in general. thank you
I Wayan Subagia
All Are Excellence
Lenny Stanley Cedano
Thank you so much for this course. It clarified so much for me. I feel I have a better grasp of these topics. You guys are the best.
David Olufemi Oke
I enjoyed every lessons. The exercises were very helpful.
Matthew Kell
When you're done with this course, you'll be wondering why business schools don't teach like this. CFI has put together real world training to book or academic learning. Content is right to the point and doesn't bore you. It's powerful! If you don't sign up with this course, you'll be sorry! Good luck if you get better training anywhere else! Not only will this make you a better analyst, but you will build upon your business, understand investments, gain management insight and so much more with nothing but personal satisfaction. It's even better than 5 stars!
Marco Pelser
Thank goodness math and science are my strong suits. But for anyone who isn't strong in maths, I would not deter them from trying this because it is really practically laid out. You can learn from experience and practice. I found great value in this course, and the references to formulas are completely reliable. I've certainly come to trust the quality of the content provided here and can confidently encourage anyone to use this platform.
Jin Kai Woong
The instructor's voice is not clear and sometimes i can hardly heard what he said. I think it is best to put subtitle on all videos.
Priyanka Singh
Beautifully explained along with appropriate hands on... The course links the use of statistics with the shares and its prices.
Janani K.P
This Topic was interesting where as a Finance Student it helps in my research paper to draw my assumptions on share and stock price of different companies using statistical tool in excel such as regression, coffecient co-variance analysis and present my data with the help of scattered chart with trend line slopes. which helps the users of my report to understand it easily with any further explaination on my thesis.
sarwat jahan
This program offers several advantages to students. First, they provide them with a way to earn money while working within a position that is comfortable with accommodating the scheduling needs of students. Additionally, a work-study program can enable a student to gain work experience while they are going to school to further their chances for finding employment after graduation. Finally, a work-study program can help to fill in any financial gaps that are left over after a student utilizes their loans and grants.
Teka Derick Tikum
I mastered easy steps and methods to mathematically solve financial theoretical problems. I recommend it to anyone. Nice
Barbara Alvarez
This course helped me better understand the math concepts I'm learning in the MBA program. Extremely useful and highly recommended!
Richard Hastings
Brilliantly done overview of core concepts of corporate finance. Just enough detail. The only issue is that regression analysis was rushed through a bit too much. Other than that, very good stuff.
Vithu Borkar
It teaches about the financial math applicable in day to day financial operations. It is really essential for any finance professional who is applying analytical skills in his/her profession.
Omer khwaja
Great, short and concise exercise and clarity in explanation. Very useful to refresh knowledge.
Swan Aung
Math for Corporate Finance is useful for business owner and those who work in banking industry.
Jared Blum
The math concepts and formulas required for financial analysis are well explained in this course. Glad I took it!

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