Introduction to ESG Course Overview

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has gained increasing attention over the past few years, with many institutional investors investing only in those companies that provide ESG performance reporting. In fact, ESG has considerations relevant to analysts and investors, consumers and employees, and has become a key topic of discussion at the Board table.  This course provides an overview of an ESG framework and how it supports a company’s overall risk management. It examines each component in detail and provides insight into how they converge to impact a company and its stakeholders. The course also discusses how to look at corporate pressures & stakeholder expectations and their impact on risk identification and business success. Lastly, we look at key considerations from both the company and investor perspectives, before applying theory to practice in a final case study.

Introduction to ESG Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what ESG is and its relevance to making financial decisions;

  • Describe key environmental, social, and governance issues;

  • Explain how stakeholders influence corporate ESG performance;

  • Analyze ESG risks and opportunities;

  • Assess ESG company performance using publicly available information;

  • Translate ESG information to business intelligence.

Who Should Take This Course?

This Environmental Social Governance (ESG) course is perfect for any analyst who would like to better understand how a company manages risks and opportunities that shifting market & non-market conditions create in today’s world. 

This course explores concepts that will be useful for beginner and intermediate level research analysts, banking and investment professionals, or business and finance students seeking to gain further insight into ESG.

The exercises and tools explored in this course will also be useful for any business analyst that wishes to advise public market clients on ESG strategies and improved disclosures. 

Introduction to ESG

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Approx 2.0 hrs to complete

What Our Students Say

Michael-john Dippenaar
Introductions to ESG
Vey topical, great intro into other courses available. I tried the course to see the format of how other more expensive courses is presented, and it definitely got me more excited to enrol in other courses available.
Vanessa Matolla

A very insightful and well structured course!
Sergio Valentim de Azevedo, MBA, MCR
Great content!
I found it very informative and the course logistics very easy to follow. Site structure is also easy to navigate.
Andrea Petula D'Souza
Informative course!
This course was definitely worth my time and energy. Some parts may have been a little too complicated, but overall this course was short and sweet and ticked my box of gaining knowledge in ESG.
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Mariam Ibrahim
The course is very beneficial, clear and smooth. It has a lot of information, I just recommend having short pauses between one idea and another. It is my first course on CFI, and I am excited to take more courses.
Jean Bernadette Cheng
I am a newly hired ESG analyst and this is a great kickstarter for my job
Rugshana Madatt
Thoroughly enjoyed this course! Thank you.
Agatha Ewolor
The introduction to ESG course explained the basics and gave further insights to ESG, which one can build knowledge and applicability on!
Menu Nesro Mohammed
This course was insightful and equipped me with new knowledge and insights.
Subhojoy Kar
The ESG Introduction course is very comprehensive. An ideal course for an initial understanding on the basic concepts of ESG . Not only it talks about the fundamental concepts but also elaborates on the materiality issues, the risks involves both immediate and long term, the stakeholder expectations and how they are to be met. It also talks about the reporting transparency, its significance in the market and valuation of entities. Overall it is a very informative and helps in building the basic foundation knowledge on ESG.
Daniel Ibrahim
The review is basically how businesses can be run successfully without causing any harm to investors, our environment and attend to CSR.
Mwesigwa Samuel
I think its a must enroll course especially for those who do financial analysis and business monitoring, its quite a handy tool to have in C.V
Lots of relevant information contained in the course. And to crown it all - the PDF materials were graphically simplified & well expressed in words for better understanding. Thank you CFI!
Álvaro Hermana Donoso
Covers all the main aspects you should know to get started with ESG analysis. Well exposed and with easy-to-digest structure and content. I really recommend it!
Collins Musonda Katebe
I have learnt to understand that governance does not only refer to the political activists but can and is also applied in the corporate sector as the company's leadership, management, policies,regulations and ideologies or rather practices fall under it.To be honest governance applying in this case of study is new and insightful to me.Thank you!.
Temitope Adebowale
It was a very innovative and informative course. The Instructor simplified and demystified all the concepts seamlessly.
Bayo Solagbade
Very enlightening and interesting new take on how to access risk matrix around environmental, social and governance issues for organizations within the global economic industries.
Bell (Jongwoong) Kim
If you are looking for a course covering both the basic concept of ESG and how to practically apply such concept to real cases in high-level, this is the right course for you. The case study was quite helpful for me to digest the concept that I learned.
Tyler Richardson
The content here goes beyond JUST what seems obvious. Even if your career journeys lead you beyond being an "analyst', the content here helps you to find your voice in an analyzing world. It's one thing to have an opinion... it's another to have insight. You can learn how to have insight through this course. Majorly recommend!
Larissa Fawkner
This is a great course for getting all employees in the company on the same page regarding ESG. It provides a foundation of understanding for ESG, highlights the evolution of the ESG since the 1980s, and provides an overview of trends and tools used by ESG analysts and investors.
Mohammad Ali Rashid
Professionally prepared and very well organized introductory masterclass. Really, perfection means CFI!

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