Environmental Due Diligence for Credit


Level 5

Approx 2h to complete

100% online and self-paced


Environmental Due Diligence for Credit Course Overview

This Environmental Due Diligence course examines why the process is important and when it should be a part of the overall credit analysis, along with what elements and steps go into the actual ESA itself, and subsequently what information and recommendations will generally appear in the corresponding report. 

We will look at an example ESA Phase I to practice finding and interpreting key information in the report. Lastly, we will walk through a series of review questions to reiterate important concepts.

Environmental Due Diligence for Credit Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain why environmental due diligence is important in the credit assessment process;
  • Identify environmental risk factors at a property or within a business operation;

  • Conduct an effective site visit and complete an environmental site questionnaire;
  • Describe the different types of environmental site assessments; and
  • Read and interpret a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report

Environmental Due Diligence for Credit is an Elective Course of CFI's CBCA® Program

CFI's Certified Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)® Program offers skills including credit evaluation, documentation, and review procedures. From beginners to advanced users, the CBCA® program is designed to help you become a world-class credit analyst. 

Who Should Take This CBCA® Course?

This Environmental Due Diligence course is perfect for any aspiring credit analyst that would like to make a career for themselves in the real estate lending sector. This course explores concepts that will be useful for beginner and intermediate level banking and real estate professionals, or business and finance students seeking to better understand how environmental factors affect commercial real estate financing.

The exercises and tools explored in this course will also be useful for any financial analyst that wishes to work in credit analysis, business banking, commercial banking and lending, and other areas of credit evaluation including relationship management and risk management.

What Our Students Say

you guys are the best, I wish i were to afford the CBCA program fees so i can get benefited from your courses.

Ali Youssef

Environmental Due Diligence For Credit
Excellent course on Environmental Due Diligence!

Bradley Darville

Excellent Course!!
Great course that expand more on an important skill that a Credit Analyst can add to their belt. Will definitely recommend.

Bertram Ekwunife

Excellent contents and video lectures

Muhammad Dilshad

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