Economics for Capital Market Course Overview

In this Economics for Capital Markets course, we will go over important economic principles that impact financial markets, rather than worry about Micro/Macro theory. We will introduce economic events and cover how to differentiate between economic releases and economic indicators. 

Next, we will do a quick refresher on Central Banks and monetary policy, before we dive into specific examples such as The Federal Reserve (The Fed), European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of England, and Bank of Japan, and discuss these institutions and their policies in detail. After having learned about Central Banks, we will go back to economic indicators and give examples of some of the more important ones to be familiar with, such as: Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Consumer Price Index (CPI), Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), and Building Permits. Finally, we will end the course by discussing the impact on markets and how the markets should react to economic news vs. how they react in real life. 

Economics Course for Capital Markets Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Know how economic principles impact financial markets.
  • Classify & interpret economic releases.
  • Understand Central Banks, their goals, and role in the economy.
  • Perceive how specific markets are impacted by specific economic events.
  • Grasp how market practitioners use this information to trade and invest.

Economics Course for Capital Markets is a Prerequisite of CFI’s CMSA™ Program

CFI’s upcoming Capital Markets & Securities Analysis (CMSA)™ program will cover all the basic, intermediate, and advanced topics about sales and trading, investment banking, and asset management. This program will teach you trading strategies used in the finance and capital markets industry. It is ideal for students who want to learn how to trade different asset classes. The program is completely online so you can take it at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

Common career paths for students who take the CMSA TM are Sales & Trading, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Treasury, Risk Management, and other capital markets careers.

Students can sign up for updates and reserve a spot in the Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA)™ Program on the student dashboard.

Who Should Take This CMSA™ Course?

This Economics for Capital Markets course is perfect for anyone who would like to build a strong foundation on economic principles before jumping in financial markets as economics forms the foundation of our monetary system. This course is designed to equip anyone who desires to begin a career in fixed income, equity, sales and trading, or other areas of finance with the fundamental knowledge of economics.

What You'll Learn

Economics for Capital Markets Overview

Economics for Capital Markets

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Approx 3.0 hrs to complete


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What Our Students Say

farice Drabo
Economics for capital Markets
It's just a good and worth certification.
Jawaria Khan
Economics for Capital Markets
The course is too fruitful for learning. The overall lectures are excellently delivered through videos and pdf file and also the interactive session is so interesting as well. Will be recommend to others to take this opportunity through this platform the CFI is providing..
Economics for Capital Market
A Good course to understand the application of economics in capital market operations
Pankaj Gariya
Marvellous course
I came to learn a lot of advance economic policies and indicators that drives an economy all over the globe. Thank you a lot for availing course for free and I recommend you all to take this course and have a practical and core understanding about economic indicators impacts for the country's productivity outcomes all over the globe.
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Jeremiah Olarewaju
The course gave me great insight and knowledge on types of economic releases, how the financial market reacts to economic releases and how various market players trade on these economic releases to mention a few.
Abdullah Alshammeri, PMP®, eMBA
The course is impressive, Thank you It's good to have the quizzes and assessment in PDF form and we can download them.
Joao Higino
Real world tophics and analyzes in understanding the markets and central bank descisions make, trade, monetary policy and rate. Love it
Stuart Jason Knell
In this "Economics for Capital Markets" course, you learn a lot (an awful lot) about Central Banks, etc. And, you'll learn fascinating words such as "fastidiously", a word that I have never encountered even in the entire CFA L1 curriculum. Strongly recommend inserting toothpicks on outside of eyelids to keep them open and placing pillows around you on the floor just in case you pass out from utter boredom. This course is about as exciting as my first marriage... or watching a freshly painted fence dry. Good thing it eventually ends and you can move on to the next course which is much more fun. Enjoy! :)
Tesfaye Bishaw
Economic Event, Economic Indicator, Central Bank, BoJI, Trading around Economic release,
Handsome Wabataore
The guy doing the voice over knows how to explain the concepts and principles so well
Course is fine but despite completing entire course it's still showing 98 percent complete and no certificate is issued
Paulo Vinicius Caetano Fernandes
Thanks for the opportunity of participating as a student! Congratulations for the quality and for offering such an awesome product 100% free! By the way, the certificate is gonna get stunning in my wall!
Ibrahim Aljubili
very interesting course, unfortunately i try to download a certificate of completion but i cant could you help me please in this mutter?
Ikhtiar Ahmed Khoso
Excellent explanations
Nikhil Modi
Will surely give 5 star if this course had subtitles and more details along with pdf book

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