Data Science Fundamentals Course Overview

Data science allows us to make data-driven insights. In this Data Science Fundamentals course, we will give you an overview of why data science and how it is used in the business and finance world. We will go through the data science cycle of how to build machine learning models to make predictions.

First, we will discuss exploratory data analysis, feature selection, feature engineering, and other common methods to understand and prepare the data for analysis. Then we will explore a few different algorithms used for both unsupervised and supervised machine learning models. We will also discuss how to use validation/resampling techniques to train and test the data. Finally, we will explore evaluation techniques to assess the model’s performance and improve the model based on the evaluation results. We will demonstrate the data science cycle using a real-life scenario.

A dashboard being built in Excel

Data Science Fundamentals Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Outline the data science cycle and machine learning process
  • Explain the commonly used feature selection and feature engineering methods
  • List the algorithms mostly used in supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Read the key metrics used to evaluate a machine learning model
  • Explain the techniques used to improve an underfitting or overfitting model

Chapter 3 learning objectives

Data Science Fundamentals is a Required Course of CFI’s BIDA™ Program

CFI's upcoming Business Intelligence & Data Analyst (BIDA)™ program will cover all the basic, intermediate, and advanced topics about business intelligence and data analysis. This program will teach you the quantitative methods used in the finance and capital markets industry. It is ideal for students who want to learn how to analyze complex data.

Common career paths for students who take the BIDA™ program are Business Intelligence, Asset Management, Data Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, and other finance careers.

Students can sign up for updates and reserve a spot in the Business Intelligence & Data Analyst (BIDA)™ Program on the student dashboard. 

Who Should Take This Course?

This Data Science Fundamentals course is perfect for anyone who would like to build up their understanding of data analysis and machine learning. This course is designed to equip anyone who desires to begin a career in data analysis, quantitative analysis, business intelligence, or other areas of business and finance.

Data Science Fundamentals

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What Our Students Say

aswin k
The introduction course on business intelligence and data science for finance professionals is an excellent course with relevant contents and effective presentation which makes learning easier and effective.
Abdur Rehman
Data Science Fundamentals
Excellent Course, It Gives Complete Insight & Upper Basic Understanding of Data Science.
Abdulazeez Oriyomi Luqman
Fully fundamental.
The training slides were delivered excellently. It fully engaged in an approach to studying further.
Alejandro Cantu Caballero
Great intro!
Great introduction to data science
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Lee Anselmo Blackman
I recommend this course for traders, fund managers or anyone professional in the capital finance industry with a undergraduate or knowledge in programming. It will make you more valuable within the company and a contributor in developing machine learning for the company.
Renzo Paolo Maldonado Burnes
Excellent course to develop a proper foundation in the world of data science and the use of its tools in domain expertise.
Wong Keat Soon
This course able to understand, the difficulty level is intermediate. Deemed ok to the extent to take the exam.
Michael Ochilo
Fantastic CFI I can't thank you enough, I had zero knowledge on data science but after this course i cannot say that anymore, I'm looking forward to BIDA i hope you will launch it soon,keep the fire burning. Not only are you guys kind enough to give us a free course but the way you execute your courses is outstanding, thank you very much.
Great content for Machine Learning in Business expertise
Probably the best course in online in recent..
Bakht Rawan khan
Good course for the beginners and intermediate level...
Avinendra Gannavarapu
Good to get brushed upon the basics with this course.
Anvar Hussain A
CFI is a good platform to learn Data Analysis for Financial Professionals
Tung Guangrong, Kelvin
This course is well structured that brings you back to the basics without too many technical jargons. Basic understanding of statistical models will be helpful but not mandatory. Course is split into short snippets of videos that are not time consuming to watch. Recommended

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