Recommended Prep Courses

These preparatory courses are optional, but we recommend you to complete the stated prep course(s) or possess the equivalent knowledge prior to enrolling in this course:

  1. Introduction to Corporate Finance
  2. Building a 3 Statement Financial Model
  3. Business Valuation Modeling

Corporate & Business Strategy Course Overview

Strategy matters to all operating companies, as it is a major determinant of the success of their business. This Corporate & Business Strategy course will cover the most important terminologies, theories, concepts, and frameworks on strategy. The course is designed to guide you through a comprehensive strategic analysis process, and demonstrate the application of theories into real-world business situations.

Strategic planning course

Strategy Class Learning Objectives

By completing this strategy course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand how the strategic analysis process helps decision makers perform in-depth analyses and identify optimal strategic alternatives
  • Differentiate between the three levels of strategy (corporate, business, and functional)
  • Perform external analysis by looking at the supply chain, mapping out strategic groups, building competitive forces model and analyzing PEST factors
  • Perform internal analysis by understanding a company's core competencies, competitive advantage, value chain activities and ways to sustain competitive advantages
  • Assess a company's current corporate-level, business-level and functional-level strategies
  • Learn how to generate, evaluate and select optimal strategic alternatives through methods such as SWOT analysis, DCF analysis and multi-criteria analysis
  • Tie strategic alternatives to a company's mission, vision and goals
  • Apply all theories taught in the lectures into a case study and generate the appropriate strategies using the provided information

business strategy course

Why Take This Corporate & Business Strategy Course

CFI's Corporate & Business Strategy course is beyond just academic definitions, theories and concepts — you will take raw data and information provided in the case study, perform analyses as guided through the video lectures, and build strategic alternatives based on the result of your analyses. At the end of the day, you will be able to create a detailed strategy document, describing the entire strategic analysis process from external analysis to the recommendation of strategic alternatives, which can then be presented to the management board of the company.

As a professional financial analyst, the ability to demonstrate both quantitative and qualitative analytical skills is a valuable asset to possess, which allows you to stand out from the competition.

business strategy class online

Who Should Take this Business Strategy Course

This strategy course is designed specifically for financial analysts. While it's open to students from any background (consulting, sales, HR, etc), it's tailored to demonstrate how strategic analysis can be tied to a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model and other types of financial modeling. 

Professionals who will get the most value from this class include investment banking, equity research, corporate development, equity research, and private equity.

Enroll now to learn how to perform comprehensive strategic analysis of a business from scratch!

DCF modeling and strategic analysis

What You'll Learn


Corporate & Business Strategy

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What Our Students Say

Nadja Pyvovar
Highly recommended!
Great course! Thank you a lot for the time and all the efforts whilst putting together materials and linking them to practical cases. I would highly recommend this course to everyone looking to learn or refresh his/her knowledge on the strategy.
Dans Jurcāns
Definitely recommended for anyone
This course ties together the financial modeling from other courses with the thinking behind the assumptions, and will be useful to anyone, analyst or not. It also expands in detail on all the strategic theories (PEST, SWOT, etc) which were touched on by previous courses. It is a bit theory heavy in the first part, but has a wonderful, well-structured case study in the end. Definitely recommended!
Toney Boitumelo Mmebe
Review of corporate and business strategy
I loved how engaged I was through the course, and absorbed as much information as I could.
Hendra Rakhmawan
Highly Recommended
This course gives concise explanation about Corporate & Business Strategy and how to tying it with financial analysis, combine the quantitative and qualitative aspects so executives can make well informed and well considered decision.
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Saliu Damilola Raji
Having done this course for almost 3 times in my Degree, MBA and Professional Certification, it is as if only 70 percent of the course was covered back then. But after taking this course, i have covered the 100 percent.
Pinto Quizanga
hard but was good
Mikhail Powell
This was a very interesting read and it solidified a few things learnt in some of the required courses
Macdonald Ossuetta
Thank you so much for this wonderful course on strategy. I really found it valuable.
Syed Agha Suhail Haider
The course covers all the contents that can help a professional to succeed at work and contribute great value.
Ali Hassan Maratab
I really like the approach of explanation provided for each concept. the step by step practice with the use of spreadsheets breakdown each concept of the Strategy Planning process. Thank you for this incredible program.
Mahmoud Gad Elsaid Abdelhafez
Course is very Good and having more tracks
Charles Oghenerukevwe Boyitie
This course is amazing and informative. It was very practical and engaging. I did get value for my money. Good job from the CFI Team.
Nayan Goswami
Wonderfully designed content. I will really help me to be a world-class professional.
Moses Kargbo
The course provides a clear understanding of the concepts of corporate and business strategies. The case study creates a starting point in performing future strategic analysis exercises.
Simon Petitjean
Very good course, covering several aspects of the comany strategy. It will be a useful course for any professional since the strategy is an important part of running any business.
Evaristo Chauke
Trainer has expert knowledge and simplifies the subject matter including visual presentation. Straight to the point, makes the topic easy and enjoyable regardless of student background.
Abdellatif A. E. Ibrahim
Abdulrazaq Segun Ariyo
This is one of the best course, i had taken in CFI's program. It's a value adding course which i can recommend to anyone that wants to further its career.
Vinodh Kumar Soundararajan
Abhinav Anand
Thank You, CFI as this my final course of FMVA. In today's times of stiff competition in the job market, CFI courses offer superb quality training in Finance. I found CFI through Google Search by chance but got to know of its quality only after I started taking the free courses.
Mark Morse
Excellent review of my MBA
Kudzai Gumbo
This is an invaluable course for building a frame work on understanding Corporate Strategy.
Ziwa Hillington
I found the course very insightful, as it considered all business aspects such as the vision, mission and how they are related to financial analysis!
Amar Shah
I really enjoyed the hassle-free transition between different topics and the quality contents
Omar Shayboub
An extremely useful course for analysts or a business owners.
I recommend this course in the FMVA programme as it will sharpen the skills of a financial modeller in strategic analysis which is highly essential in building an effective financial model
Muhammad Azim
A very valuable and practical knowledge gained through the course.
Masood ur Rehman
This course allowed me to look at different concepts from a professional analyst's point of view. Normally, a business student is aware of these concepts, but to get a professional touch allows a student to match his/her understanding with that of an expert, thereby, gaining clarity and confidence.
I Wayan Subagia
No Need to review all done well.
Zahid Sameer
This course provides very essential information into company strategy gives you the stepping stone into analyzing a business for financial modelling.

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