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  1. Accounting Fundamentals
  2. Excel Crash Course

Financial budgeting course description

This financial budgeting course will teach you about the entire budgeting process from start to finish, including how to create a disciplined culture of budgeting in your organization, the various methods for building budgets, techniques to analyze results, and how to increase the chances of organizational performance improvements.

This interactive and applied budgeting course enables participants to:

  1. Adopt a disciplined approach to developing budgets
  2. Forecast results with quantitative and qualitative methods
  3. Effectively use variance analysis to track performance
  4. Present results with charts and graphs

budgeting course - how to develop a budget

Who should take this budgeting class?

This online budgeting class is designed for those who are responsible for financial management, budgeting, and forecasting within their organizations.  This may include professionals working in financial planning and analysis (FP&A), accounting, treasury, financial reporting, corporate development, etc.

What you will learn in this budgeting 101 course

By the end of this budgeting 101 class, participants are able to:

  • Understand the principles behind best practice financial management
  • Explain the importance of budgeting within a strategic framework
  • Build a robust budgeting process within their organization
  • Know when and where to use various budgeting approaches such as zero-based budgeting
  • Forecast future performance by better analyzing revenue and cost drivers
  • Use effective variance reporting to track organizational performance
  • Make use of Excel functions and tools that are particularly suited to the budgeting process.

Types of budgets - budgeting 101 course example

Financial budgeting class content

Topics covered will include:

  • Budgeting within a strategic framework
  • Building a robust budgeting process
  • Managing budget psychology
  • A practical guide to developing budgets
  • Common budgeting approaches (e.g. Incremental, value-based, zero-based, etc.)
  • Forecasting techniques (moving average, regression analysis, etc.)
  • Tracking budget performance with variance analysis (waterfall charts, etc.)
  • Applied budgeting tools and techniques (Excel, solver, pivot tables, etc.)

screenshot of scorecard from budgeting class

CPE Information

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Publish Date: Sep 06, 2017

Last Revision: Jan 18, 2018

Budgeting 101 class screenshots

variance analysis in budgeting class example

Budget Template Excel Model

Variance analysis in Excel - financial budgeting class

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Budgeting and Forecasting Course

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What Our Students Say

Antulio Asdrúbal Tinoco Gutiérrez
Illuminating course
The course is a great tool to understand the practical know-how of Budgeting & Forecasting. It’s handy to apply technical tools in Excel that works for different scenarios. Little by little, a spreadsheet becomes more comfortable to use. There is no virtual theory of that process in companies and why it is done, just because there is no time to explain it. So, very welcome with the contents shown in this CFI’s course.
Steffen Beil
Yearly routine differently explained
I liked the approach to look at budgeting from the point of view of actually supporting the long term strategy of a business instead of just being a useless pain, justifying the pre-determined limits to the operations.
Moustafa Mohamed Aly Abdel Nabi
High skills had gotten on that session of budgeting.
Jeanne Kathleen Amoroso-Peña
Learned so much!
When you thought you already knew how to forecast - think again; you'll improve way more after this course, from the presentation to the various things you can put into consideration. It also feels like I'm taking this course in a classroom, or a live setup. The instructor made me feel like he was really trying to talk/teach me all throughout.
See More
Apurba Roy
The contents are so rich and it builds a wonderful understanding of Budgeting, Forecasting and Variance analysis. The instructors are great! This course will help me greatly to be succeed in the workplace.
Mikhail Powell
This was a very good and engaging course!
Richard Mwiinga
I found the assessment quite tricky but it made me to understand the topic well. To be come a budgeting guru, this topic is very good and would refer others to take it
Hendra Rakhmawan
I thinks this course already address all key points for basic understanding on Budgeting and Forecasting. The materials provided are very good...
This is a lovely course, I liked the way how new things are taught and let me always be interested to learn.
This course provide good material
Richard Anumah
I am giving five stars because the course is direct to the point no wasting of time
This course provides very practical and insightful application of budgeting and forecasting principles, best practices, and methods. It has transformed the way in which I think about budgeting and forecasting.
Paul Henderson
The Budgeting and Forecasting course provided by CFI is very well organized and delivered and it is delivered in a professional manner that is easy to understand. I am very excited about what I have learned.
Abigail Baffour-Atta
I am glad to have taken this course It has engaging contents that are broken down for easy understanding. I will recommend CFI to the world everyday! Tudos CFI!
Really i want to thank you for this very useful course , the course almost cover all areas of budgeting process and give you an advance knowledge of how to build robust budget.
Jose Olmedo
Excellent course
Benedict Acuña
Love this course. It keeps me learning!
Hendrix Chola
Information and illustrations came out clear. I have learnt a lot and this course give me great advantage at my place of work. Maybe you need to introduce more templates for Operational budgets
Gabriela Mackie
I am going to write a review on the whole course at the end of it, but I m so impressed by the practical applicability of the topics studied , thank you !
Excellent! God bless! All the best!
Odunsi Emmanuel
It presents an exhaustive eye opening defense in any case required should any presentation arise.
Lovingtone Mulika
I loved the course. I would recommend it to anyone who is tasked with creating, analyzing or even reviewing a budgeting process for any type of organization. I am looking forward to the next course.
Abdulrazaq Segun Ariyo
I sincerely appreciate this training.
Essam Taha El-Sayed
this course was very helpful to make you have clear objectives and give the way to plan how to achieve them thanks
Moses Kargbo
The methods and approach to performing budgeting in the course are incredibly relevant and useful for practice and application. Good work.
Hristo Nachev
The course should be used as the return point to the abstract. It was one of the best ones for me!
Abdellatif A. E. Ibrahim
Thank you, outstanding presentation, which is not unusual from CFI.
iulian Cojocaru
Very usefull
Ahmed Abdelaziz Abdelhakim
This course was very useful to me. It helped me to re-understand what the budget means, and how to prepare it scientifically in more ways than one. thank you ,
Vinodh Kumar Soundararajan
Mohamed Radi Mansour
very useful and informative course Than can be used in multiple ways and aspects
Neha Gupta
The course is very interesting. Not only did I learn about Budgeting and Forecasting, I learnt a lot about excel functions to be used. The best thing about this course is the pace; it is neither too fast nor too slow.
Angel Turnbull Jr
The content in this course was very relevant to real world Budgeting and Forecasting. I've worked in FP&A for 18 years at various types of companies in various industries and I still found this course very informative.
Mark Morse
Mandatory for a financial analyst
Van Anh Bolter
The course is practical, easy to apply in business life.
satheesh kumar
The course provide good inside to commonly used budgeting principle and enhance our knowledge to next level
Hesham Elsheikh
Great Course added a lot to me.
Botta Venkata Akhil
Well, the course is good and nicely structured. The course had very good points and summary it provided at end can be used as quick recollection of what we learned.
Shoumik Shahriar
Loved the way this course was planned and the way instructor taught us.
Very good course as an introduction, but expected to go through a more detailed budgeting process similar to the one you showed us at the end of the course for those of us running companies or involved in a start up. If this material is covered in detail in future courses then it serves the purpose.
I Wayan Subagia
No Need to be reviewed. all are easy, we may try and practice alot
Kuhepa Tjondu
As a lecturer my budgeting & forecasting classes will be more interesting and engaging for my students!!!
Marco Pelser
The likelihood of project achievement rests firmly on exceptional planning, budgeting, and forecasting skills, and the ability to action chosen initiatives. This course adequately covers these topics in expert fashion. It was very enjoyable! Specifically, I found the coursework on budgeting and forecasting to be extremely helpful, and also the easiest to follow that I've yet encountered. It mentions the importance of alternatives to budgets and discusses root causes, variance, and other forms of analysis that match best practices. I, personally, make use of scorecards on a macro and on a micro level, to drill down into detail for quality control purposes. I feel it is a great way to equip managers with a means of reporting on performance in a way everyone understands. To assess performance in terms of procurement, production, management, distribution, and several other administrative business functions, is no easy matter. There are indeed many KPIs available, and they are not that difficult to develop once you understand root causes, results, and their concomitant effects or influences (i.e. how it all chains together). Furthermore, this is a very important course—even if you are already an advanced budgeting, forecasting, and overall performance managing professional—because there is so much to gain in terms of just wrapping your head around these concepts. Multiple regression or correlation coefficient analysis (whether for linear or more complex nonlinear functions, variable-switched relations, etc.) is something I use daily! Data consolidation is crucial to accurately highlight and reconcile positive variance from what is negative variance, (solving root problems and understanding their core drivers). Beyond that, these methods of analysis enhance the utility of financial data. When I compile my research, I make use of population data, pharmaceutical data, financial data, and much more. Depending on your line of work the data differ greatly, but the techniques behind analyzing data, and extending data utility by finding relationships, all start with the same principles. That is why it goes without saying expanding the utility of financial data is the way forward. To utilize the system of environmental and economic accounting, to integrate a triple bottom line, to engage in PR, CSR, or CSI activities, and to execute even the most elementary business strategies all rely on understanding the relationships between real-world data and turning that into information for financial decision-making. This course was very well delivered. Thank you!
Boubacary Sogoba
I hope we will have access to this study materials as long as possible
Dimitri Mezidor
Learned some insightful tools when it comes to variance analysis. Refreshing my knowledge on regression analysis was also helpful.
Siddhartha Sen
The test at the end of the course makes you think about the content that you have just learned. Very effective.
Idriss Malike Ngari Ontsilambissa
I always thank god for coming across CFI because each time I watch these INCREDIBLE videos I am speechless due to the deep Excel skills and understanding that I gain from them. CFI boosts my confidence TREMENDOUSLY. You are the best ever. 5 stars.
What a nice course, I love it when it gets to linear regression, I could play around in Excel, with the charts and the most exciting part is the formula for y=mx+b. i.e revenue on the y-axis and the Excel application of "F4" for anchoring. I took linear regression so seriously that I feel the linear God in me. UUUH! I love it, CFI you made me a better person. Thank you.
Delbert Adivnovak
Very cool and very helpful.
Valerie Garcia
The course was very practical; with many documents provided and exercises in Excel well-explained.
Vithu Borkar
The best tool for finance professionals in knowing and understanding, analyzing and interpreting the data using various mathematical and statistical methods in Excel.
Blessing Lawal
This is a profound course. Very beautiful!
Saroj Kumar
Awesome explanation of budgeting and forecasting.

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