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Bloomberg Essentials Course Overview

This course teaches the essential functions of Bloomberg Terminal. Important functions related to economics, company overviews, company analysis, research, estimates, comparative analysis, and graphing will be covered, in addition to some other interesting functions.

Bloomberg Essentials Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate through various economic screens for economic data, statistics and forecasts
  • Identify key functions related to a company overview
  • Analyze a company through financial information and its capital structure
  • View earnings estimates, analyst recommendations, and equity research
  • Compare securities using financials and other metrics
  • Learn how to build a graph or chart on Bloomberg Terminal
  • Understand additional functions related to leisure

Bloomberg Essentials Is a Prep Course of CFI’s CMSA™ Program

CFI’s Capital Markets & Securities Analysis (CMSA)™ program covers all the basic, intermediate, and advanced topics about sales and trading, investment banking, and asset management. This program teaches you trading strategies used in the finance and capital markets industry. It is ideal for students who want to learn how to trade different asset classes. The program is completely online so you can take it at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

Common career paths for students who take the CMSA™ are Sales & Trading, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Treasury, Risk Management, and other capital markets careers.

Who Should Take This CMSA™ Course?

This Bloomberg Essentials course is perfect for students interested in advancing their Bloomberg Terminal knowledge. Knowing how to use Bloomberg Terminal is critical for a career in investment banking, sales and trading, and other careers within the capital markets.

Bloomberg Essentials

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Approx 1.5 hrs to complete


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What Our Students Say

Ayush Srivastava
Informative and Entertaining
Didn't know there was so much to the terminal. Had a great learning experience.
Bloomberg essentials
Simple and easy to understand platform. Well presented.
Adrian Rivera Zevallos
Excellent course and quick learning
Excellent quick and interactive course on Bloomberg. It gives a complete overview of the potential of this tool.
Shania Simon
eye opener
This course was extremely useful for me . I didn't know about bloomberg and its uses . Thank You
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Roxana Trujillo Martínez
I learned many functions for a finncial analysis: global, macro, in company, etc. I've learned find more information regrding a company's a management team, about componet used for a company's weighted averge of cost of capital, económics forecast, earnings estimate, etc. Thank you very much.
Basmah Bawazeer
so recommended!!! I love it
Shwetank Sinha
This course helped me to get the exposure of Bloomberg terminal and to know how i can use and what information are available on the terminal.
Frank Kangwa
A great course for anyone seeking a career in the financial services industry. It makes the whole process of financial analysis a lot easier and enjoyable than would be the case assuming that the data were to be accessed from different data-bases. I strongly recommend the course to anyone hungry enough for knowledge. It was a worthwhile learning experience. My rating of the course is five stars.
Nikhil Verma
A must have certificate for all Financial Analyst job seekers.
Avik Ghosh
The course was good it helped me grasp the basics of bloomberg easily and i also became familiar with the environment.
Krishal Prasad
This course was simple and easy to understand. Highly Recommended!
Kwong Sang Yeung
The course provides the comprehensive information of Bloomberg system with good demonstration for the basic operation of Bloomberg.
Valenton Wallace
Excellent introduction to assessing companies and related securities
Akshay Singh
I'm working in Bloomberg terminal from one year and as I experienced that this is the most information and accurate software that use for financial analysis.
Meriyam Bekrashvili
I really liked the course as it was not difficult and very informative
Adrián Corredor Pérez
It has been a pleasure to take this course as a first step towards the bloomberg terminal, the lecturer explained all the lessons clearly and concisely during the course and last but not least the content was relevant. It would have been nice if the course had a taste of basic bloomberg terminal keyboard functions which I think its necessary for further study of bloomberg terminal functionalities.
Prem Sinha
The course is fantastic and must take to everyone engaged in financial market.I learned a lot in basics of Bloomberg Essentials.The instructor is amazing i like the way he is teaching.
Robert Hernández Martínez
I took this course and it was very helpful for my finance class. Now I know where exactly to look for information. A function glossary will help. Thank you.
Hicham Boukharsa
The course is clear and effective for anyone who wants to intergate the finance world
Kashish Gupta
This is good course to have knowledge on corporate finance from Bloomberg.
Sharné Reeves
Great short course for those wanting to learn how to use the Bloomberg terminal and for those wanting to refresh their memory on some of the functions that Bloomberg has to offer.
Alan Thomson
An excellent overview of Bloomberg Essentials, covering all aspects well.
Lee Anselmo Blackman
This Bloomberg Essentials course gave the best on-hands training and also tested my knowledge base of accumulated education from all other CFI courses combined. It confirmed that CFI has carefully and professional scripted the perfect road map for candidates that are truly passionate about achieving a successful career as certified financial analyst in the financial industry.
lokesh gordey
the course has covered all the basic concepts very easyily.
Uma Rani Tanty
this is the most informative and valuable course i have done till date.
Bryan Gonzales
This course has tools required that allow me to learn of Bloomberg.
A great basic course for learning Bloomberg terminal.
Shreenidhi Bharathi
The course was a short but concise one which gives you an insight on the various functions you can perform on the Bloomberg terminal.
Sushant Keshri
The course was very curative and intresting.
Sarah Al-Otaibi
I highly recommend this course if you want to learn the basics in Bloomberg. I'd for sure use all the information i've learned in this course in practical use.
amit singh
good expereince exploring bloomberg terminals for equity trading
Rohan Singh
Course was literally great.
Samiksha patil
Such a good course. Very informative
Aryan Kumar Shukla
It's Awesome
Javier Salazar Saico
learning bloomberg is one of my biggest dreams, as a finance student, the world of investments is great, and how you are structured the real-time financial markets make it unique, happiness for me
The course "Bloomberg Essentials" is needed by student as it helps you to know the different types of functions that will help one to evaluate an individual company based on various financial metrics and analytical tools.
Bhoi Sarabjit Singh
The information and teaching was very helpful
Adil Kamal
good course for hand on and awareness
Manoj Balakrishna Naik
Too good
Badhan Mazumder
This is such an interactive course that has provided me necessary knowledge about Bloomberg terminal & the relevant functions that will make my analysis quite comfortable. I am delighted to go through this course.
Aayushi Sheth
Very detailed and informative course to help young professionals advance in their career journey. MUST TAKE to understand the basics before diving in to the advance course
Renzo Alvaro Roman Amaro
It's a useful course that show us an important tool that is Bloomberg in order to analyze and verify companies and markets with their changes at all times.
Hirdesh Varshney
Course is quite good for the beginner level and the overview of the terminal and provides a good amount of insights of Bloomberg terminal. Thanks for the learning.
Santosh Vyavhare
Good courses for the essential of capital markets
Jhon Campos Estrada
The course covers the main thing and immerses you on the world information that Bloomberg has. The methodology is clear and the information provided is accurate. Excellent course!
Enrique Albitres Vidal
I can only say that this course was better than I expected. I learned a lot and I will use these new skills in my college projects and, hopefully, in a future job. Everything was really clear.
Kelvin Kamande Karanja
Well explained
Kagiso Dieter Mahuma
Very Insightful On How Market Analysis Should Be Conducted. Short, Precise and Informative.
Rajvi Shah
This course has helped me to understand better how the Bloomberg terminal works and is clear and helpful!
anurag pandey
Brendon Olyn
best course i would recommend to anyone who is starting on the trading career,more informative and its even goes more into deps about finacial records about different companies.
Crispen Mutizwa
This was a very exciting and course with very important technical details
Sandra Melissa Llanca Cotrina
The course is outstanding and the instructor was so clear in his explanations and all the materials were good too.
Imam Asalie
The course will open your eyes to the wonders of Bloomberg's economic calendar and it is the start for you to see how Bloomberg can be a treasure for any business.
Quentin Ducrocq
Quick programme, very clear and interesting.
Romaric Christian Tuwindpulongo Yougbaré
This course is really a best way to understand how Bloomberg is used and how information is the key ! Thank you !
Suhas Pothedar
It is a great entry point to get Data points for analysis.
Deepak Gupta
The course is effective as it helps you gain knowledge about how to use the short keys on the software as well as efficient as it is time conservative.
Omotola Otukoya
The course is the best for a financial enthusiast.
Rebecca Ikoli, ACA
it was a very enlightening course
Mansi Sharma
I have recieved what I was expecting from this certification.
Joshua Odebisi
I've been using Bloomberg for a couple of years now so I was pretty familiar with most of the functions covered in this course. However, the instructor was able to show me some hidden functions which I'd never come across and would be very useful for my work going forward. Clear videos with simple explanations, I was very happy with the course overall.
Shashank Kalra
Easy to understand and very well structured delivered in a crisp and clear manner
Bhakti Waghela
Thank you for this wonderful courses
Nisreen Hatoum
Such a very useful course that can help me going further step in my career
Vinayak Inamdar
very good intro to Bloomberg. Thank you CFI for this
Jorge Concha Mendez
Great course, great teachers, and the data is excellent! Highly recomended
Shakshi Sodhani
This course is definitely worth taking. Thank you CFI!
Lama Alabdalaal
I had learned some of the important functions to use in Bloomberg.
Iswarya M
good learning
David John
I think this will play a major role in my interest for business building
Good start to know about Bloomberg Essentials.
Samita Mahapatra
It was an amazing experience...
Hussein kiggundu
Perfect course for beginners
Tejas Mulgund
The course gives an overview into the bloomberg world which is so vast and very useful.
Nathan Kimani
I enjoyed studying this course, It has made my comprehension of Bloomberg more enjoyable.
Venkata Sivakrishna Abburi
The course is precise and clear. The course focus on covering as much details as needed for finance professionals. I will recommend this course to professionals who are thinking to adopt Bloomberg terminal skills
Subhrajit Paul
The Bloomberg Essentials Course was very effective in giving a clear idea about the functions that are used to operate and analyse data of every company and doing in depth analysis on it.
Imtiaz Ahmed
This course was helpful as I expected. Learned a lot of terms on company overview, their process of work, statistics, shortcut way of command and etc. Hope that this course will also be helpful to those who will enroll in it.
Suim Kim
Great overall summary on Bloomberg lib.
Luis Alberto Vera Janampa
This course teaches the essential functions of the Bloomberg Terminal. Important functions related to economics, company overviews, company analysis, research, estimates, comparative analysis, and graphing will be covered. Also you know interesting functions.
Saloni Sahu
Helpful in increasing my knowledge on international basis.
Shailja Singh
it was really informative and helpful course.
Mayurika Bhar
Its a decent and comprehensive course.
Kanika Ghai
It proves to be a very good course to gather knowledge about the working of Bloomberg.
Pardeep Kumar
It is good to start learning about Bloomberg database.
Esther Macharia
The course was very easy to understand. It was detailed and to the point.
Gabriel Lubiato
The course was very engaging, and the explanations were excellent!
Vidhi Shah
I'm completely satisfied with the course and the instructor's instructions are completely clear and understandable. Learnt new terms and new about Bloomberg.Thank You so much!
Daniel N. Anowu
I find the course really helpful. I learnt a lot from the course especially how to adjust time frames and exporting to make personal Analysis. 👍👍
Kishore Srinivasan
Great Introduction.
Anselm Chukwuemeke Eboka
The tutor did a good job. I am looking forward to using this knowledge as i start my career Journey.
Ahmed Alshlash
At the beginning I thought the course would be hard and complicated, but I found out that the videos explanations were fun, easy, full of information and beneficial for my Job; in addition to that this kind of certificates would build and raise my CV as I work in the same field. I got a nice grade with 100%, and that extremely motivated me to get the other finance courses. Thank you CFI for making finance fun. Sincerely, Ahmed
Thato Mngomezulu
Great course, delivered in a well-structured way and gave a great foundation to the Bloomberg platform and how to navigate it effectively

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