Banking Products and Services Course Overview

In this Banking Products and Services course, we will give an overview of all the major products and services offered by banks around the world. This course is designed to provide you knowledge of the various products and services you may encounter as you continue your career as a financial analyst. By looking into banking for consumers, banking for businesses, investment banking and corporate finance, you will be able to make better decisions regarding what sectors of banking you want to work in. This course is important for anyone who wants to start their path to becoming a world-class financial analyst.

Banking Products and Services Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the products and services offered by banks to consumers and retail clients
  • Recognize the products and services offered by banks to businesses and corporations of all sizes
  • Recall the fee structures of banks and how they make money from each product
  • Understand the product offerings and groups within investment banks
  • Identify how banks function in preparation for other courses and your own career objectives

Banking Products and Services Products is a Prep Course of CFI's CBCA® Program

CFI's Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)® Program offers skills including credit evaluation, documentation, and review procedures. For beginners to advanced users, the CBCA® program is designed to help you become a world-class credit analyst.

Who Should Take This CBCA® Course?

This Banking Products and Services Course is perfect for anyone looking to become a financial analyst. This course serves as a primer for all of the main products that financial analysts will need to be familiar with as they are deciding their career path. By familiarizing yourself with the various banking products and services available in the industry, you will be able to better choose how you specialize and what banking products you want to work with.

What You'll Learn

Banking for Businesses
Banking for Businesses
Business Banking - Operational Products
Business Banking - Financing Products
Financing Products - Working Capital
Working Capital - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Working Capital - Overdraft
Working Capital - Revolving Line of Credit
Working Capital - Business Credit Cards
Financing Products - Capital Expenditures
Interactive Exercise 2
Capital Expenditures - Term Loans
Term Loan Repayment Options & Fees FREE PREVIEW
Capital Expenditures - Equipment Financing
Interactive Exercise 3
Commercial Banking
Commercial Banking - Operational Products
Commercial Banking - Loan Finance Products
Commercial Banking - Cash and Treasury Management
Cash & Treasury Management - Payments
Cash & Treasury Management - Receipts
Traditional Supply Chain Finance FREE PREVIEW
Cash & Treasury Management - Cash
Trade Finance & Foreign Exchange
Trade Cycle & Risks - Contract Negotiation and Finalization
Trade Cycle & Risks - Bid Bond/Guarantee
Trade Cycle & Risks - Production
Trade Cycle & Risks - Delivery & Settlement
Trade Cycle & Risks - Documentary Collection
Trade Cycle & Risks - Import Letter of Credit
Trade Cycle & Risks - Export Letter of Credit
Trade Cycle & Risks - Bankers' Acceptances
Trade Cycle & Risks - Advance Payment Guarantee
Trade Finance - Risk from Different Perspectives FREE PREVIEW
Trade Cycle & Risks - Foreign Exchange Risk & Products
Commercial Banking - Advisory Services
Interactive Exercise 4
Corporate Banking
Corporate Banking - Loan Finance Products
Corporate Banking - Syndicated Loans
Corporate Banking - Syndicated Lending Fees
Corporate Banking - Bridge Finance
Corporate Banking - Project Finance
Corporate Banking - Acquisition Finance
Interactive Exercise 5
Course Summary

Banking Products and Services

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Approx 4.0 hrs to complete


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What Our Students Say

Roxanne Byfield
In depth
This course is very interesting and covered all the main areas in banking. I would particularly recommend this course to persons just starting out in banking and is indecisive as to which area they want to specialise in.
Ahmed Nasr ElDien
Banking Products
it was an amazing course full of valuable info. extremely recommended to everyone interested in the banking filed
Tinashe Stark Mugabe
Fantastic Course
One of the best cape I have taken
Amar Nath Dubey
Nice excellent course for Finance student
Nice course much more information related to IPO, Asset Management and many topics.
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louis Gatete
Good and well designed
Hiu Tung Tang
Very informative with the right amount of details, have learned a lot from this course
Faisal al soltan
if you're curious how banking system is working , you have to enroll
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
This course is full of basic contents. It's to the point. For experienced professionals, it's good to recap and prepare themselves for the next level of related courses. For new finance professionals, it's absolutely necessary to complete this course.
Fahad Manzar
This course cover a lot of things such as fundamental knowledge of banking products and services also add on Investment and Corporate Banking sector its not deep learning but still a basic understanding which may give an opportunity to peruse career in Corporate sector.
Preet Parmar
Very knowledgeable and interesting course.
Siddharth Dave
this is very amazing
mohit gehlod
Nice courses
Neeraj patel
Very nice course
Aniket patel
Good to giving knowledge
Prachi Rathod
Best certification cource
Inzamam Ansari
I really recommend that course to my friends and colleagues, the overall look of this is good.
kunal patel
This is very nice course
kokil vijayvargiya
This is a very good course. This course will introduce you to the basic elements of banking & banking services.
Thomas Ivarsson
Very good course
Waleed Ahmed Eladly Ahmed
it is best course and place
Shinda Abigail Boston
This course was very detailed and the content remained relevant. whether you're unemployed, working, stuck at home or just bored I recommend this course if your interesting in banking or even if just curious about banking and how it works.
Theresa Okafor
This course is very loaded, informative and educative. I will definitely recommend to my colleagues and friends
Kena Deressa
Thank you
Kena Deressa
I am well equipped by this course!
Prashant Purohit
banking is a process to to flow money from thise who has enough to those who scarce
Shivani Lambhade
The course was well designed. I have got the basic knowledge of Banking products and services. Many new terms I got to learn which I was unaware of.
Lily Sein '
All the fundamental details are included in the course and I got to learn the products and services in a systematic way. I feel exciting to learn more to dive deeper.
Ashutosh shaw
Excellent work
Malavika K V
In this section of the course we can learn about different banking product and services used in a commercial bank. This product and service are useful for further information of a banking product. This course is very helpful to learn about different banking service.
Aiswarya p biju
The topic and content was very expecting.
Arvind Kumar
I liked the course precision and came across various industry terminology in a very simple and clear manner
Bonolo Nkhumisang
I enrolled for this course as an Banking and Finance graduate looking to expand her knowledge and i did myself a favour.Im so happy for this opportunity. Everything is perfect ,the instructor is exceptionable. Thank you
Abdikarin Ahmed Abdi
I am so happy for studying and completing this course and encourage for your help the new generation thank you again
Sifakubi Masuku
Excellent insightful program.
Narayan Gavhane
I think this course is very good and help me for growth my knowledge.
It was really extremely better course!!!
Wong Keat Soon
This course very challenging and need to think carefully when answering.
Geraldine Marlene Foualem Makamne
Thank you very. It was a very delighting experience to take such a well summarised course.
Francine Fabiola PETATO TEWO
Highly recommend.
Excellent content and delivery.
Tara Manandhar
The course is very useful and highly appreciable.
Cosmas Kanhai
The course is good for anyone who wants to understand and appreciate the various products offered by various categories of banking institutions.
Mohammad Jabedul Alam
This course is designed with an object of understanding the knowledge on the products and services provided by banks. It helps me a lot in understanding the concepts of consumer banking, private banking, corporate banking, mergers, acuisitions, sell-side and buy-side products and services. I am showing my gratitude to the CFI for offering the course.
Kaustubh Karwe
I gracefully enjoying & learning all the topics offered by the CFI. All these courses are making me confident each day. I strongly recommend to all the Indian Banking-Executives to under-go this topic to know "how the Banks Functions, what all different Products & Services they offer (in the global markets)" & finally enroll to complete the CBCA Certification.
Muhammad Ramzan Shaukat
I like the course and appreciate the instructor's effort to give such a detailed depth of every aspect, I like the business banking section and kind of my favorite. Thank you very much for your excellent work
Adil Kamal
Banking Products and Services is a must to certification program for a holistic overview of all banking and services across spectrum!

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