Advanced Excel Training Course - Formulas, Functions, Charts
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Recommended Prerequisites

You are expected to have either completed the stated prerequisite course(s) or possess the equivalent knowledge prior to enroling in this course:

  1. Excel Crash Course
  2. Building a 3 Statement Financial Model
  3. Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis 

Advanced Excel training course overview

Learn the most advanced formulas, functions and types of financial analysis to be an Excel power user. This advanced Excel training course builds on our free Excel Crash Course and is designed specifically for spreadsheet users who are already proficient and looking to take their skills to an advanced level.

This advanced tutorial will help you become a world-class financial analyst for careers in investment banking, private equity, corporate development, equity research and FP&A.  By watching the instructor build all the formulas and functions right on your screen, you can easily pause, rewatch, and repeat exercises until you've mastered them.

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Content of the advanced Excel course

This advanced Excel training course starts with a blank spreadsheet and quickly dives into using combinations of functions and formulas to perform dynamic analysis.

The main formulas & functions covered in this training course include:

  • IF with AND / OR
  • OFFSET combined with other functions
  • CHOOSE for creating scenarios
  • INDIRECT combined with other functions
  • XNPV and XIRR
  • CELL, COUNTA and MID functions combined together
  • PMT, IPMT and principal payment calculations

The main types of data analysis in this advanced tutorial include:

  • Data tables
  • Pivot tables
  • Column and line charts
  • Stacked column charts
  • Waterfall charts
  • Gauge charts

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What am I going to get from this advanced Excel training course?

  • Learn everything you need to be a world-class financial analyst
  • Received advanced Excel spreadsheet training
  • Master advanced formulas and functions
  • Create sophisticated outputs for financial analysis, including beautiful tables, charts, and graphs
  • Easy to follow video-based tutorials and lessons

For further CPE information, please read before purchasing:

Register now for our Advanced Excel training course and become an Excel power user!  For anyone working in investment banking, equity research, corporate development, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) this class will give you the confidence you need to be a leader in performing financial analysis at your organization.

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Financial modeling & financial analyst training

From beginner to advanced, this advanced Excel modeling course is designed to teach you how to be a complete financial analyst. 

This class is one of the 9 required "Core" courses for CFI's financial analyst training program, which grants the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification.

What You'll Learn


Advanced Excel Training Course

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Path to Certification

Prerequisite Courses

6 courses from beginning to intermediate level.


Core Courses

9 courses from beginning to intermediate level.


Elective Courses

Take 3 out of 8 courses at an advanced level.


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Students must complete all core and elective courses (12 in total) and demonstrate mastery of the topics through successful completion of course materials, quizzes, and assessments.
Within 48 hours of program completion, your Blockchain Verified FMVA Certification will be emailed to you.

What Our Students Say

Kudzi Samushonga CPA, CA MBA
Very Advanced
This is an excellent course for someone who wants to go into advanced excel, but I personally think it should be an elective rather than a core course so that it doesn't hold back someone who doesn't have the inclination to study excel at such an advanced level from completing the FMVA certification.
Idriss Malike Ngari Ontsilambissa
Advanced Excel Formulas
one word: INCREDIBLE. 5 stars.
Tafirenyika Choruwa
Advanced Excel
The course is comprehensive and touches on important aspects of modeling.
Advanced Excel course
It's a really amazing and powerful course helping in building future financial analyst in the industry. Thanks, CFI for providing good knowledge and material which was well-defined and easy to learn!!
See More
I appreciate it CFI, I made it, and it was so amazing.
Delbert Adivnovak
These advanced excel formulas and dynamic models were very challenging and exciting. I really learned new things with it even though I am already an advanced excel user
shital trivedi
akanksha sharma
My experience with CFI was amazing I learned lot of new things from the mentor thanxxx for your great help
Kaushik Agarwal
The course is indeed advanced in nature and harps upon the solidification of basics in order to progress beyond. The instructor was very, very effective in explaining the course material and he allotted proper time to everything. The course was indeed the best I have done till date in CFI.
Constantine Burrell
This is a great course. The Instructor makes the course so simple to understand.
Bienvenido Jesus B. Castro Jr., CPA, FMVA
Excellent course! I have learned a lot of ideas and understanding on the excel functions and its combinations, charts along with tips which are also amazing, thanks a lot CFI !
baia ouldsliman
I really appreciated the quality of presentation and information presented. I could easily relate the formulas to analysis that we need to perform. The only issue is the quality of video is bit low as sometimes it was hard to see the formulas but the content was so clear that it did not make an issue for me. Thank you so much for sharing your experience in analysis with us.

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