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Industry, Management, and Business Analysis

  • Analyze the external economy that a company operates in using PESTEL analysis
  • Analyze a company’s industry by looking at Porter’s five forces
  • Assess a company’s lifecycle, risks, and competitive advantage
  • Perform SWOT analysis to evaluate a company’s internal and external environment
  • Assess a company’s strategy and business plan
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each business structure
  • Analyze management’s attitudes, strategy, and track record

Financial Analysis

  • Read and interpret a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, financial reporting, and business taxation
  • Conduct a cash flow analysis and compare key metrics
  • Use the pyramid of ratios to explain what drives a company’s financial performance
  • Create a 3-statement model using historical figures and trends to forecast business performance
  • Calculate and interpret the key lending ratios such as working capital ratio, debt to equity ratio, debt service coverage ratio
  • Use a financial model to calculate key financial covenants

Risk Management

  • Compare different types of security
  • Determine the security value of different assets based on MASTprinciples
  • Identify common warning signs that a company has financial difficulties
  • Use predictive default models such as Altman’s Z-scores and EDF to determine the overall risk of the company
  • Identify problem accounts and apply different methods to handle problem accounts

Credit Evaluation and Documentation

  • Understand how the legal structure of a company affects the lending process and lending decisions
  • Evaluate credit risk and risk ratings
  • Identify financial and non-financial covenants
  • Complete different types of credit documentation
  • Identify cash flow considerations and credit considerations such as revenue, margins, Capex, debt level, and interest rate
  • Discuss account review and monitoring procedures

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Ihor Kukhar
Financial Modeling and...
Hey folks, After 6 months of studying, 19 courses, and over 900 lessons, I have finally completed Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI)’s Certification Program. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is looking to get a deeper insight into Valuation,...
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Stephen Moerane
Director Of Special Pr...
Today marks a very important milestone in my educational journey. I have been looking for a way to get into Finance but hadn't been able to identify a credential that would do the job without interrupting my work schedule. Thank...
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Adam Thiébaut
FMVA™ | CFA™ level 1 c...
Got it!! I've just finished to complete the 6 prep courses, the 9 core courses and the 3 elective courses to get the Holy Grail certification. I am already hyped about the other certifications that #cfi might be launching soon....
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Brandon J. Casama...
Bank Loan Settlements ...
Big thank you to Tim Vipond for this incredible course. After much hard work, I now possess valuable financial modeling capabilities such as building discounted cash flow models, building dynamically linked 3-statement models, and building multi-year forecasts to project income...
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German Rivera Per...
Corporate Finance Chief
After almost six months of courses, finally I have achieved the #FMVA ( Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst) Certificate from Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI) . I want to thank Tim Vipond, FMVA® Scott Powell and all people from Corporate Finance...
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The GCFS board regularly audits the CBCA program to ensure relevancy and industry standards are being met. By regularly examining course curriculum, the GCFS board is able to ensure CFI courses include the latest possible trends.

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